How Do I Get the Slide Show on My 360 Page to Show Up for Ppl to View...i Put Photos in but Its Not

Make sure it is set to public and not private

How Do I Get the Slide Show on My 360 Page to Show Up for Ppl to View...i Put Photos in but Its Not  1

1. Need free swf slide show for web page.?

It desires to be further into the Flash report. i am uncertain approximately HTML5, yet you may check out HTML5, there are countless new additions so which you will possibly desire to in all threat artwork something out

2. Ideas of what to put on my slide show?

To make it interactive you could call on people to answer questions that you have on different slides. Possibly on a book you just read or a book you have read in the past. Another idea is to make a handout of all your slides this way they do not have to take notes. Just be careful when you hand it out because some people will just look at the paper instead of listen to you. It's best that you hand it out at the end so you have their attention the entire time. 1st slide - Title slide 2nd slide - The word antagonist 3rd slide - What is an antagonist? - Ask you class 4th slide - the definition 5th slide - examples of an antagonist in books (Harry Potter is one that is easy to know) 6th slide - Show a video clip from the internet about a bad guy heckling the hero 7th slide - Ask a question - which character in the small video clip was the antagonist and why? 8th slide - Can a story have two or more bad guys? 9th slide - Give an example where there are two or more bad guys in one book 10th slid - summarize your findings 11th slide - End Slide Blessings

How Do I Get the Slide Show on My 360 Page to Show Up for Ppl to View...i Put Photos in but Its Not  2

3. Im making a slide show with windows movie maker with a song in the back how long should each picture be?

first see how long your song is then see how many pics u are going to use then dived the number of pics by the lenth of the song and that answer is how long each pic should run hope it helped

4. What are good songs to play with a slide show for a 25th wedding anniversary?

do you no micheal jackson died but you can play butterflys bye him

5. how to make a video slide-show?

the easiest program for you would be windows movie maker, but if you have to create a good video use adobe premier and adobe effect. but it might be hard for you to get to know the interface of adobe. try movie maker it's much faster and easier

6. What are watermarks on a slide show? blog.com?

A watermark is a logo that will be on your video for advertisement purposes :)

7. How do you make a slide show of pictures with music in the backround?

mmm U can use Windows movie maker its for free and usually windows has it and all u need to do its import the pictures and music and then put them in the way u want ,............ its really simple

8. What r some good/sweet father daughter phrases for a memory book or slide show?

all that comes to my mind is that old song "butterfly kisses"

9. How do u make a video and slide show of pics with music...?

well you can use, Windows Media Player. If not you can search google and download software. Its all up to you.

10. Good Songs For A Firefighting Slide-Show? Easy 10 Points!!?

we are the champions- by queen

11. How can I make a slide show video with music to upload to youtube?

If you have windows XP or Vista loaded on your computer you also have a program called Windows Movie Maker. You can make a quick video with pictures and music with that software and it is really easy to use. 3 minutes ago

12. Which song would work well for a background for a baby's picture slide show?

"unforgettable" by nat king cole

13. I can't make my Desktop background a slide show?

Try this: -right click anywhere on your desktop & select 'Personalize" -near the bottom left of this screen, select "Desktop Background" Slide Show -select the slides you want to use (for this to work, you must select at least 2) -set the display time for each slide to the desired value in the "change picture every:" drop down box, 10 seconds is the minimum -make sure you select the "Save changes" button that should work.

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