What Determines the Pitch of an Explosion?

If I had to guess at an answer, I would guess that it has something to do with the size of the blast. Lower frequency means a longer wavelength, which will be excited more effectively by a blast with a bigger displacement.You can see the sort of thing I mean by looking at a piezoelectric transducer driving a speaker. For a fixed peak-to-peak voltage, the sound produced will be louder at higher frequencies, where the limited displacement of the speaker is closer to the wavelength of the sound wave. Speakers that are driven by PZT's tend to have some electronics to boost the amplitude of lower-frequency signals for this reason (with old-school magnetic coil speakers, you get this for free, and the displacement naturally ends up being larger for a slower oscillation). This is also why woofers for a stereo system tend to be larger-- the greater size more effectively excites low-frequency, long wavelength modes. (We discovered this by accident one day when I was in grad school when we were doing an experiment involving a mirror on a PZT, and spent an hour or so trying to figure it out before one of the older staff scientists wandered in and explained it. It sticks in my memory as a result.)I could be wrong, but if I had to guess, this would be my guess

What Determines the Pitch of an Explosion? 1

1. Richard Dawkins took the flatworms as an example for his "scientific explanation" regarding Cambrian Explosion?

You are right - his argument is based completely on speculation (notice his use of the word "presumably") - hardly a "fact". Secondly, the fossil record shows few flatworms because they are soft-bodied creatures that do not easily fossilize. Thirdly, from a creationist perspective, ALL animals found in the fossil record did not "deposit their fossils" over a long period of time, but rather they were all buried at approximately the same time, during the Flood. Almost ALL fossils are found in sedimentary rock - rock that used to be sediment - FLOOD sediment. Flatworms are found at the bottom ("Cambrian") because they were already living at the bottom when the flood buried them in the sediment. "Cambrian" and all the other "age" names are not ages at all, but rather burial positions. The animals are found in the order they were buried, not the order in which they "evolved". Also, after 40 days there would be a good mix of dead animals to be buried in the 'bottom layers>> The sediment came from the topsoil of the pre-Flood world. Keep in mind there were no oceans before the Flood. Most of the Floodwater is still out there today, in the oceans. The rest is locked up in glaciers and surface water. What we find in the fossil record is completely consistent with burial by flood. The animals that live at the bottom (such as shellfish) are already living there when they get buried; then fish, then amphibians and larger/faster marine mammals and reptiles, then slower land animals, then faster/smarter/larger land animals, and finally, humans, apes and birds would be the last to be killed, because humans can figure out a way to stay afloat until the last minute, apes can climb to the highest treetops, and birds can fly around until they run out of gas. In all these instances, their bodies would float and rot and generally not be buried and preserved as fossils, and that's exactly what we see. Their fossils are very rare.

2. Does the Cambrian Explosion refute the claim of Evolution?

The Cambrian Explosion does NOT refute evolution. We can see in the fossil record changes over the millions of years over which it took place. In regard to some of your other comments, nothing in science is ever "proven". Science is not mathematics. Even Newton's Laws of Gravity and Motion were shown by Einstein to be mere appoximations. But evolution is as well established as anything else in science. There are some 20 different fields of science which have evidence confirming evolution and ZERO evidence refuting it. It also does not argue against God. It does refute some interpretations of a book - the Bible. But God is a supernatural being, not a book. There are also people who find no conflict between evolution and the Bible. I always find it puzzling that some people confuse the two things for each other.

What Determines the Pitch of an Explosion? 2

3. Help us figure out a way to handle the explosion of comments on Stack Overflow [closed]

I think that would be helpful in getting the comments under control. Another suggestion which has been discussed before would be to allow the ability to search through comments, even our own comments. I would love to have the ability to go through my old comments and clean them out...but I have about 4700 comments and the current interface to review them is not particularly friendly. Even if this was limited to searching your own comments, it would at least give each user a way to clean up their old outdated noise from the site. Ideally, we could expand the searching on all comments to work hand and hand with a comment review queue

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