Wall Street Crash of 1929?

What happened during the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and give an example of a person affected. The stock Market crashed, many people became bankrupt. Cal Hockley lost all his fortune and put a pistol in his mouth.

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Any objection to my putting up nativity scene in our front yard, and dress baby Jesus in an elf suit?

If anybody notices it will only be an old lady who is walking so slowly down the street she can not help but to notice

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Seniors: What do you think of an Assisted Living Facility being built right across the street from your home?

That would be great! Then I could just move right across the street when time comes

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What are good learner bikes?

Man your still pretty young for riding on the street. I would first start riding a Dirt bike or something. I also agree with the previous poster do not buy anything that you plan on or may be tempted to riding on a road before you complete your Motor Cycle training class. As for the right street bike I would have to say Stick with something closer to a honda or a yamaha. they are a much more cost efficient motorcycle than a harley. Especial when you lay it down and you will lay it down.

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what is the street in san fran with all of the outdoor cafes and restaurants?

If the street was blocked off and had tables down the middle of it you are probably thinking of Belden Alley or Claude Lane off Bush Street. Beldin is one restaurant right after another, Claude Lane has about 3 restaurants with outdoor seating. If it was a single restaurant it could have been one of the two blocks that make up Maiden Lane off of Union Square. If it was a major street with sidewalk tables it may have been Columbus Avenue between Vallejo and Green.

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Would moving 2 floors higher minimize the noise coming from the street?

2 floors up wo not make a big difference unless it's on another side of the building or property which is further away from the street. If the windows of the 8th floor apt face the same direction as your 6th floor apt, its probably not worth the effort. See if you can keep checking with the manager for a unit facing away from the street. In the meantime, check the doors and windows and see if there is insulation in them. If not, just buy some soft rubber insulation from Lowes or HD and squeeze it into the cracks, do not paste it in, just push it in so you can remove it when you leave or open the windows. Get some heavy drapes as suggested above, and turn on some soft music when you go to sleep. You will get used to the noise over a few months and not notice is very much.

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My girlfriend left me after 6 months to go back to her ex. She left all her stuff and just took a suitcase.?

She thinks she can come back when she feels like it, maybe she knows it might not work out with her Ex and wants to keep you on the side. Call her and tell her to pick up her sh*t before you throw it out on the street

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What is the difference between street robbery and capitalism?

Actually, there are such vast differences that I am shocked to have to outline some of them.Being robbed on the street -- happened to me once: lost a passport, $200, and had to cancel all my cards -- is a really awful deal. It only subtracts something from you and adds something to the thief. It also robs you of your dignity and generates a feeling of distrust towards people you encounter on a public street. And it made me never want to visit Talinn, Estonia again in my life.Capitalism is just the opposite. It is a system that has the ability to create wealth rather than just redistribute it. Because of the capitalistic system, capitalists invest in ventures that offer something that is perceived as being valuable, either products or services, to people who either respond to their offers or do not . The whole system is based on free exchange, not coercion.They also offer us a number of ways to benefit from their venture. Some of us work for the capitalist and earn a salary that we use partly to pay for our living and partly to invest in our future. At some point, we may buy into a mutual fund or a stock plan that allows us to profit from future sales of that product or service. We have then become capitalists ourselves, enjoying capital gains. When capitalism is working, it is generally a win win proposition. Not everybody wins as much or the same way, but there is not the 100% guarantee that at least one of the parties will suffer a loss -- as there is in street crime. In general capitalism has the ability, as they say, to raise all boats. Street crime? Not so much. There were several attempts in the 20th century to create economies based solely on coercion. They invariably failed as coercion provides even fewer incentives than street robbery in that virtually everybody loses. That is exactly what is happening in North Korea

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