Touch the Inspiration of Smart Home Detonates the Touch Switch Market

With the progress of the times and the improvement of the quality of life, people increasingly pursue the safety, comfort and convenience of the living environment. The emergence of smart home meets all this and has gradually become the standard for the decoration of new homes of young and fashionable people.

What is smart home? It is understood that the smart home control system can enable users to digitally control any electrical appliances in the home, and organically combine various equipment related to home life with computer technology and network communication technology for centralized management, so as to make home life more comfortable, environmental protection, safe, convenient and artistic.

As one of the indispensable members of smart home, smart touch switch has been paid more and more attention. Although the current price of an intelligent touch switch is 10 times that of a traditional switch, the price has never been the primary consideration for users in pursuit of quality life. Just like the perfect use experience of iPhone and iPad, no matter how expensive users are, they are willing to pay. The same is true for intelligent touch switches. Compared with the traditional switch, the intelligent touch switch has many advantages such as "beautiful appearance, long service life, high performance, low power consumption, high safety, intelligence, humanization, energy conservation and environmental protection, and centralized control". It can realize the function setting of "single line double control" or "multi line double control" according to the needs of users, and can implement timing, delay and remote control operation, It is the first choice for the family pursuing high-quality life.

The multi-channel dual control single fire wire touch switch developed by Shenzhen ADA Electronics Co., Ltd., the first brand of touch application in China and the brand enterprise listed on CCTV-1, is the most cost-effective touch switch solution in the market. This solution solves the technical problems of single fire wire power supply and dual (dual control) touch function, and realizes multi-bit or multi-channel switch mode.

According to the International Electrotechnical practice, the scheme adopts the self-developed electronic circuit, which has strong stability, high reliability and good anti-interference. The standby and energy-saving lamps with almost zero power consumption do not flash at least 1W (according to the test results when the power grid is stable, in practical application, it is recommended to use energy-saving lamps with power higher than 5W, and in some areas, it is recommended to use energy-saving lamps with power higher than 10W due to power grid stability problems). It does not flash after initial power on and power off, and can be used as two-color background light with a wide voltage range of 60v-280v. At present, its switch products have also been on the market, and its appearance design is also creative and beautiful.

We know that many smart home products in China have many functions and good performance, but their appearance is not satisfactory, especially in the home design of high-end customers, it is difficult to meet the needs of customers. The appearance design of ADA electronic touch switch is very artistic, tempered glass panel design, very high-end, and blue indicator light creates a warm and romantic scene , it better caters to the trend of home decoration. Whether classical, luxurious, classic, fashionable, modern or simple, ADA electronics has suitable product panels for supporting. It is worth mentioning that ADA electronics has a strict and orderly after-sales service system. It is not to sell products, but to design perfect solutions for customers to realize their dream of smart home.

In addition, ADA electronic's touch switch is easy to install, does not need to change the original line layout, and is not affected by the type of lamps. It can connect fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, spotlights, LED lamps, low-power motors and other common loads and lamps; the service life of the switch reaches more than 100000 times, and the annual standby power consumption is less than 0.1 degrees, which is less than the leakage current and power lost by wires passing through the wall Low; high safety. The opening and closing of the single live wire touch switch is controlled by electronic devices, without any mechanical contact and spark. It has the gas explosion-proof function. It is an ideal indoor gas safety explosion-proof switch. The blue indicator light is used as the switch position indication. After power failure, it will automatically return to the closed state. It can also be set to mute, warm and considerate, and is very humanized.

In addition to completing the traditional switch function, this touch switch can also be upgraded to touch delay, touch dimming, touch remote control, touch with colorful background light, touch interlock, touch synchronization, touch linkage, touch timing, LCD pattern, remote control and other switches.

This is an era of intelligence. It is just around the corner for smart home to enter ordinary families. It has become a general trend for trendy and convenient touch switches to replace traditional mechanical switches. Although the price of smart switches is relatively high, the revolutionary appearance design and high performance are beyond value. The author believes that people who pursue fashion personality and high-quality life can try to apply them first and enjoy them first A smart switch brings warm humanistic care. For ordinary families pursuing practical type, we can wait until its cost is further reduced. In selecting the brand of smart touch switch, we must pay attention to its R & D strength and product performance (stability reliability) And after-sales service, because it will affect the service life, safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and easy warranty of the product.

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