Design of Smart Home Monitoring Terminal Based on Cortex-M3 Microprocessor

With the continuous development and maturity of Embedded Internet technology, remote monitoring of smart home through Internet is becoming the direction of technology development in the industry. This method has the advantages of low cost, wide control area, high reliability, fast communication speed and simple operation. Its basic working principle is to design the information and control center equipment (control terminal for short) in the smart home system into a web server, and realize remote monitoring through the browser software on the remote computer to access the embedded web server. Therefore, the key to realize this system is to design an embedded control terminal that can access the Internet.

1. Overall system structure

1.1 system structure

Smart home system is composed of three subsystems: information appliance, security alarm, three meter copy and a control terminal. Control terminal is the core equipment of smart home system. Its main functions are: distributed management and control of each functional module of the subsystem; Realize information exchange and sharing with each module with the help of field network; As an embedded web server, it realizes remote communication and monitoring through Intenet. Each subsystem is connected with the control terminal through the home bus, which adopts ZigBee wireless communication mode. The structure diagram of the system is shown in Figure 1.

1.2 working principle of the system

The working principle of the system is that the intelligent control terminal implements distributed round robin management and control of each functional module according to the instructions received from the field or remote network, and transmits the status information of the smart home system to the remote control terminal. The control terminal works with the remote computer through B / S mode. The control terminal acts as an embedded web server, and the remote computer works as a browser.

Users can easily control household appliances at home through PDA embedded with ZigBee module.

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