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Kami Catering Mapan (rumah sarapan)sudah berpengalaman memenuhi ORDERAN Nasi Box dan Nasi Kotak untuk berbagai macam acaraataupun hajatan.rumah sarapan MAPANMELAYANI :– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Kantor– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Wisata Jogja– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Ulang Tahun– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Wisuda– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Selamatan– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Syukuran– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Berbuka Puasa– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Reuni– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara Komunitas– Nasi Box atau Nasi Kotak untuk acara di Sekolahyuk tunggu apa lagi.?segera order Nasi Box dan Nasi Kotak untuk kebutuhan acara anda.

hanya di rumah sarapan MAPAN.

Hubungi Bpk ARIF WA/TLP 0812–9080–1259.


How should I word a wedding invitation asking guests to pay for their own meal? Iu2019m paying for everything else. That would be their gift to me.

Keep it simple and it will be simply beautiful. But feed your guests.My wedding all-in (dress and all) for 60 guests cost just under $3000 (In 1995). I’ve been to a lot of fancy weddings since; and mine is still my favorite.

I made a giant shrimp cocktail and a giant cheese and meat appetizer thing. The reception was in my country backyard with rented catering tents, tables and chairs. A good friend bartended as a gift (I bought the booze, mixers, ice and rented glasses).

A caterer was hired to drop off and serve a good but not fancy dinner. They served the cake too. Another friend’s hubby D.J.’d for a rediculously reasonable rate. I got the necessary flowers from a lady who did floral design as a side gig - They were beautiful. I hired a photographer for 2 or 3 hours. The cake was about $250. We had lawn games available and at the end of the night we had a bonfire.

The out of town guests stayed at my house (and watched my dog). My new hubby and I went to a local hotel for the honeymoon night. Oh, and I made and provided my sister’s royal blue maid of honor dress because control-freak-me couldn’t find anything cute at a reasonable price (I’ve paid way too much over the years for bridesmaid dresses that are relegated to Goodwill the next day - no, you can just about never shorten it and wear it again).

In retrospect, I should have hired a person to work in my kitchen to do dishes and generally help out (I found out years later that my cousins jumped into that roll). I can only guess that it was bar glasses that they were cleaning and the appetizer things. Otherwise it was all dispossable. My mom and sister pitched in at the last minute, to finish the appetizer creations, because there is only so much that an overly optimistic frantic bride can do.

I did clean the bathrooms a few times throughout the day (control-freak-me).The best part is that almost 24 years later I am still married to the same man that I married in 1995. We have two kids and we are so proud of them both.

We are currently planning a 25th anniversary European river cruise.Have and awesome marriage! The wedding is only one day

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