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Catering Kebumen — Sedia Jasa Catering Untuk Tasyakuran, Ultah, Pernikahan, Aqiqah serta segala Paket Catering Enak Di Kebumen.Jika Kawan semua ingin mencari catering Nasi Box di Kebumen, sangat pas apabila anda menggunakan jasa catering kami sebagai solusi alternatif untuk acara ataupun keperluan makanan untuk anda semua seperti contohnya kebutuhan bagi acara tasyakuran, aqiqah acara pernikahan, ulang tahun dan acara lainya.Teti catering menyediakan aneka paket Catering Enak Di Kebumen contohnya paket nasi tumpeng, box snack, acara prasmanan ataupun paket catering untuk acara lain.

Pada tulisan artikel ini ini kita akan mencoba memberikan deskripsi tentang aneka paket nasi bok yang sudah kita rinci di penjelasan paket nasi box di bawah .Kami sedia macam paket nasi kotak untuk catering harian maupun acara-acara lainya. Jangan hawatir jika anda memilih kami untuk penyedia jasa catering untuk acara anda, karena kita telah berpengalaman dalam hal masak-memasak dan sebagai jasa penyedia makanan.

Menu makanan yang kami produksi merupakan produk rumahan dari warga Desa di Trikarso yang secara kwalitas rasa tidak kalah dengan penyedia jasa catering di kota besar tentu. Untuk harga per kotak catering yang kita bandrol juga sangat terjangkau. Ada beberapa paket nasi kotak dari kami. Contoh diantanya adalah:Paket RP 14.000 (Free Ongkir min pemesan 40 box)Isi Paket- Nasi.

- 2 macam sayur (kacang serta kering tempe)- Ayam Bakar- Sambal- Kerupuk- Buah MelonPaket RP 13.000 (Free Ongkir min pemesan 40 kotak)Isi 1Kotak- Nasi- 2 aneka sayur (kacang serta kering tempe)- Ayam Goreng- Sambal- Krupuk- MelonPaket RP. 10.000 (Free Ongkir min pemesan 40 box)- Nasi- 2 macam sayur (kacang dan kering tempe)- Lele Goreng- Sambal Lalap- Krupuk- Buah MelonPaket RP 9.

000 (Free Ongkir min pemesanan 40 box)- Nasi- 2 macam sayur (kacang dan tempe kering)- Ikan Bandeng Goreng- Sambal- Krupuk- MelonPaket RP 9.000 (Free Ongkir min pemesanan 40 box)- nasi- 2 macam sayur (kacang dan kering tempe)- Telur Goreng- Sambal- Krupuk- Buah MelonJadi untuk kalian tunggu apa lagi, jagan ragu untuk pesan jasa catering pada kita, bagi kami pelayanan konsumen adalah terutama. Untuk info lanjut tentang pemesanan bias hubungi nomor yang ada diatas atau bias juga menghubungi nomor whatsapp di 0889–8006–5665 atau 0858–0385–8674.

Dari Kami ucapkan selamat kepada anda karena sekarang anda telah menemukan Catering Kebumen yang pas untuk solusi dari aneka keperluan kamu.Alamat Lengkap : Kebumen, Sruweng, Trikarso, Dukuh Sokawera, RT 05/RW03Terimakasih !!!


What is that one moment in your life when you felt "I am awesome"?

It was 27th February 2016, the day our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to visit my city Belgaum to meet the farmers. I was all excited from past a week. Finally the day arrived. There were lakhs of people to see and hear him. So here it goes ! MODI MODI.. Was all set to have one glimpse of him. Missed by the skin of the teeth a VVIP Pass which one friend of mine had but I got separated from him due to the stampede which took place when I went to park my bike near the venue ground.

The pass was right in front of the stage where Modiji arrived and right in front of his eyes. Heart cried when I missed it. Got in through the general public stand (mostly all were farmers) and tussled in between Police and people just to have only one glimpse of King Modi !! I really dunno on who's shoulders I stood on and whom all did I stamp to have a look of him. That look of his was mesmerizing. He was looking no less than a Messiah. Was satisfied after looking at him once. So thought of quitting back since it was densely crowded and after every single second there was a stampede.

While on the way back, I saw fire just besides the venue and I along with some other boys and some BJP Karyakartas got in with buckets of water of the used plates from a nearby catering tent, in an attempt to extinguish the fire and also to wet the dry grass heaps through which the fire found its way to advance way before the fire fighters arrived. It looked like a wave of fire running towards us just like the tides rush towards the shore.. Thanks to that one guy who started this and inspired me and other guys to join in.

Then came the fire fighters into action.

I really dreamt of this day of meeting PM Narendra Modi and getting a tap on my back from him. But there came one firefighter or a policeman ( I don't really remember whether he was a policeman or a firefighter ) in a Khaki uniform and tapped me on my back and thanked me. I really couldn't see his face as the place was smoky and I could hardly open my teary eyes nor could I breathe.

I returned home full of ashes on my body right from head to toe. My parents and grandparents were proud of me for doing this act.Some News Channels also recorded it. May be it was telecast later, I don't really know that too ! Life is all about finding happiness.

. That moment of the person tapping my back n thanking me gave me the very same pleasure and pride which I would get from meeting Modiji. I hope I can meet Modiji sometime in my life, but if I would have got the VVIP pass, I would have missed this opportunity of helping the firefighters and moreover getting a tap from them

Catering Kebumen(Teti Catering): 088980065665 1

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