Show Jumping Team Name?

Since you are from different places and 2 girls/2 guys, how about: Double Date Diversity Leapin' Lizards Soaring Students (or Sophomores, Socialites, etc.)

1. Someone answer my show jumping question! ASAP!?

I am not too familiar with your system, but I know that many riders got their start when a horse owner with a very high-end horse asked them to ride it. IF ou do not have the money to buy or transport your horse, then you need to start networking with people who do. Many of the top riders do not own the horses they ride. Some do, of course! If you have the skill to bring a long a young horse with talent, then do so. Otherwise start getting to know the people with resources who can help you gain those top shows. It's a lot of travel and time spent not doing anything else. And it's expensive. Do you know how to make a small fortune with horses? Start with a large fortune....

2. POLL: Hunter Jump VS. Show Jumping?? which is better?

i prefer to do hunters. I love the fanciness of the hunter/ equitation ring if that makes sense? At the same time my friend does hunters and her and her pony kick butt! I am not very good at jumpers though i tried it and didnt like it :(. I have trouble remembering the complicated courses. I dont know if that sounds dumb but thats why. So i will stick to hunters Im much better at that

3. im a little confused about show jumping rules?

Knockdown - 4 faults (20 seconds) Refusal - 4 faults 2 refusals at the same fence - Elimination Rider falls off - Immediate elimination. Crossing your tracks means if you turn a circle, loose your way and you cross over where you've already been - 4 faults You cannot get faults for your riding, although it's nicer to have a well balenced, considerate rider, you CANNOT get marked down for it.

4. Show jumping name for this horse? thnx!!!?

I think u should name him NightFall.It's pretty but still sounds like a race horse.Hope I helped!

5. Should I plait for Show jumping?

you dont have to mainly because it is showjumping and unaffiliated, but it does look neater and is a good skill to learn. Provided you are clean, safe and neat then how you turn out for showjumping doesnt matter as you are only being judged on whether you knock them down or not.

6. Get stronger legs for horse show-jumping?

well regular squats well help. OH! stairs really help. But you can not just do a few once a week and think you will be good. You have do to a couple sets and just about daily for maximum results. Good Luck!! :D :D

7. show jumping and cross country boots....?

For cross country, I usually use brushing boots on all four legs. If your horse overreaches, you can use bell boots. I like woof brand. For stadium, I like open front tendon boots and fetlock boots. Eskadrons are good, and come in a set for $124 For schooling at home, I use dover galloping boots. They are not the greatest quality, but for 20 bucks, they are pretty good.

8. Can you use all purpose english saddles in showing, and show jumping?

All purpose saddles are for people who just want to comfortable in the saddle... this type of saddle does not help your position. It looks better on the horse and makes your position more professional...

9. Need some info on show jumping names? (please answer fasT)?

well most people fake the show names wen theyre not even registered and im sorry but i dont show pasos i do paints and warmbloods.sorry!

10. What precautions are taken to make horse riding safer? What about show jumping?

Wear a helmet. Even though they can't protect your entire body, it shields your brain. Speaking from experience.Although plain, non-cross country safety vests don't do too much, it can help you gain confidence and feel more secure on a horse. I have fallen off my 19 hand OTTB multiple times at an accidental gallop in a simple T-shirt and riding tights and only got a cracked helmet, sore limbs and some bruises here and there. DO NOT wear boots with shoe laces. Although some companies still make lace up boots, they are dangerous and annoying. I bought lace up tall field boots one year and totally regret it. The lace came undone, got caught and wrapped around the stirrup when my horse spooked. Wear special cross country vests when you get on the course. Don't scroll around on EBay for ripoff vests. Please. Cross country courses are getting more dangerous by the month, and one smack on the solid log, you're done with riding. Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, what can you say? But the thrill of it outpowers the fear.What precautions are taken to make horse riding safer? What about show jumping?

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