Does a 15hh Horse Have a Chance in the Show Jumping Ring?

Absolutely!!! I watched Spruce Meadows and there was a horse and rider from Ireland, the horse was 15.1 hh. Heavy built with lots of speed. Placed very well

1. Olympic or professional show jumping horse breeds?

Yes, it IS possible for ANY talented horse of any breed to make it to the big time. Movement, temperment, conformation, training, talent and HEART all play an important role in how successful any horse becomes in any given discipline. Taller horses would have some advantage over a smaller one when attempting very high jumps, but I have seen small Arabians with LOTS of HEART jump higher, faster, and wider. Does not seen possible somehow, does it?

2. What do you wear for Clear Round Show Jumping?

Yeah just wear what you normally wear, it's just basically going out and having a pop over some jumps - no need to look smart. I usually wear a hoody and then a pair of cream johds just so I look a bit presentable and my normal johds and chaps. If you are doing it more competitively than just clear round you will be expected to look smarter, though there is no actual rules for attire it's only respectable you look smart.

3. Tips for improving and advancing in show jumping?

Get lessons from a good trainer and practise, practise, practise!

4. what type of people compete unafilliated show jumping?

when i did unafilliated shows i went against a lot of young girls and teenage girls, I think it just depends in what area you are in

5. Best overall horsebreeds for show jumping?

Warmbloods, warmblood built thoroughbreds

6. Can I use this for show jumping in eventing?

If you go the USEA web site, you can look at the rule book for eventing and check any color requirements in the would ress and saddlery' section

7. How tall do you have to be to do Show Jumping?

There is no matter over height--- that's like discriminating tall people for doing what they love! I am 5'10'' and my instructors tell me I should show all the time... there is also no weight limit, even obese people can jump, as long as they do not hurt the horse. Anyway... that's only with racing, I think, the weight limit. But in racing it's only because the shorter you are, the more streamlined you are, the faster the horse can go because you are light

8. Show Jumping Barns in Northern CA?

Are you doing H/J or eventing? there's a blended practise (Dressage and stadium leaping) adventure in Hugo at Carrige abode in some weeks, and that i do not comprehend approximately H/J, yet, different than that, for eventing there is Otter Creek Spring Horse Trials that's in Menomine, Wisconsin (a pair of a million.5-2 hourpersistent from the twin cities) and that's approximately it till fall, whilst there is the autumn Horse Trials and Pony Cup (you are able to could be below 21) on the comparable place, and Trott Brook Horse trials that's in August. All of those are eventing. Now, if, like all different individual mentioned, you are youthful adequate (they have presently upped the age to twenty-5) you are able to connect Pony club. maximum golf equipment have their very own exhibits or rallies faster or later, and arising is "Mega Rally" the place you are able to compete in Dressage, instruct leaping (particularly Jumpers) or Eventing. Oh, wait, i comprehend of one H/J education instruct. (you are able to tell i do not compete in H/J) that is at North Run Farm in Delano, MN. i do not comprehend of whilst the subsequent one is, however the final one became into in March

9. Starting riding lessons soon: Should I study Dressage Or Show Jumping, and why?

I would do Hunter/Jumpers. Its soo much more fun than dressage in my opinion, and way easier.... I had a friend that tried out dressage but she said it was way to hard...plus I think the thrill of jumping is way more fun. Although, I would not complain if I had to do dressage... it would be kinda fun I think but jumpers is wayyy better

10. How to stop being nervous while show jumping?

Usually you grow out of this threw show experience. I remember I had to go on a diet last summer because I would get so nervous and my parents were not there so I would buy A LOT of food before I went in! But I was still nervous in the ring. I know you tell yourself not to be nervous, but then another half of you is telling you to be. Take deep breaths. And remember, you are at a horse show. Not something between life and death. I always go into the ring saying "What is the worst that could happen?" "It's just a horse show, so what if I do not do great!" And I got Grand Champion for year-end awards! Also you have to remember your horse looks for you for comfort. Imagine yourself as a parent to a horse. Because if you get scared at something, so are they. And if you really relax like I do, judges really really like to see that. But relaxed is NOT the same thing as being lazy so make sure you still ride your horse. Also, you may have a confidence problem. Ask your trainer if they have any "confidence builders" for you to ride for a while

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