Sensor Market Outlook: Only Technological Innovation Can Solve the Worry of Development

Although China's sensor research and development has gradually moved from relying on foreign technology to independent innovation, there are still many challenges in the development of China's sensor market. Facing such an industrial development situation, domestic sensor manufacturers should be based on themselves and devote themselves to forging the sword of technology.

Sensor Market Outlook: only technological innovation can solve the worry of development

Sensor is an important hardware for equipment to feel the external environment, which determines the ability of equipment to interact with the external environment. It is the hardware foundation of equipment intelligence. Especially in many intelligent devices, sensor determines the core ability of equipment. It can be said that the innovative development of sensors is the key to the information development under the national innovation driven development strategy. Although China's sensor industry has gradually moved from imitation and introduction to independent design and innovation, there are still many challenges in China. So, how should domestic sensor manufacturers lay out their own development in the coming 2017?

Material, structure and performance improvement

At present, sensors in China can be divided into four categories: industry, automotive electronics, communication electronics and consumer electronics. Among them, in China, sensors for industrial and automotive electronic products account for about 42%, and the fastest developing market is automotive electronics and communication electronics application market. It can be divided into force sensor, heat sensor, humidity sensor, magnetic sensor, gas sensor, acceleration sensor, biosensor, etc.

With the development of Internet of things technology, new requirements are put forward for traditional sensing technology, and the products are gradually developing in the direction of interdisciplinary integration. In the future, the development and innovation of domestic sensor technology will focus on three directions: material, structure and performance, that is, the development of sensitive materials from liquid to semi-solid and solid; The structure is developing towards miniaturization, integration, modularization and intelligence; The performance is developing in the direction of wide detection range, high detection accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance and long service life.

Improve technology, talents and production

At present, the main challenges that sensors still face in China are: not mastering the core technology in the high-end field, lack of high-end talents, low automation and large-scale capacity of production, packaging and testing, lack of leading enterprises, and low sensitivity to new technologies, new products and new applications.

In this regard, some experts said that the sensor industry is easy to get started, but it is difficult to form a large number of products. Sensor manufacturers with real development examples are inseparable from talents in product design, core chip, signal processing software algorithm, packaging and testing technology and process. The improvement of China's sensor competitiveness should focus on the system. The signal processing and transmission of the sensor should be done together, and the system should be traction. From tracking and imitation, laying a solid foundation to the demand side's system demand later, it should lead the development of the industry.

M & A, integration and aggregation go hand in hand

According to the analysis of the report on China's high-end sensor industry by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the current market scale of the global sensor industry is close to US $200 billion. The unlimited possibilities brought by the Internet of things and smart city in the future will bring huge innovation space to the sensor industry, and sensor related industries have become the focus of investment. In China, the three factors of market, technology and policy drive the development of sensors into the fast lane. Automobile, high-speed railway and consumer electronics have opened up a broad application market for sensors. In the next five years, the total output will exceed one trillion, and China's sensor industry will gradually develop in the direction of M & A, integration and aggregation.

At present, China's sensor manufacturing industry is in the primary stage, and high-end sensors and chips basically rely on imports. How to get out of the dilemma? Experts believe that there are two routes, namely aggregation and integration M & A. In fact, China's sensor industry has formed four industrial clusters: growth triangle, Pearl River Delta, Northeast China and Beijing Tianjin. In addition, industrial integration and M & A are also in progress, such as Neville technology's acquisition of MEMS chip manufacturer Electrolux and the construction of MEMS production line in Yizhuang, Beijing, and Junzheng's acquisition of Howell. In the future, more and more listed enterprises will cut into the sensor field through industrial M & A.


At present, the development of China's sensor market is mixed. What we like is the strong support of policy and market for industrial development, and what we worry about is the lack of core technology in product R & D. Therefore, although the prospect of domestic sensor market is promising, there is a large gap between domestic and foreign products in measurement accuracy, temperature characteristics, response time, stability, reliability and other indicators.

According to the prediction of market research institutions, the scale of China's sensor market will reach 207 billion yuan in 2017, the average annual compound growth rate of the industry will be about 30.14% in the next five years (2017-2021), and the scale of China's sensor market will reach 593.7 billion yuan in 2021. In the face of such a huge market cake, domestic sensor manufacturers should be based on themselves and devote themselves to forging the sword of technology.

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