What Are the Advantages of Da14585 Voice Remote Control Development Kit? What Are the Applications?

Voice remote controls and smart home systems, such as Google home and Amazon echo, are rapidly becoming popular. To be successful, these devices need to provide high-quality voice transmission in attractive systems at the right price. Dialog flexible smartbond â„¢ Voice RCU development kit can help manufacturers quickly and easily create cost-effective, powerful and differentiated voice remote controls for many applications.

The suite includes a complete hardware and software design for remote controls based on voice commands and gestures. It is based on smartbond, the Bluetooth low-power solution with the smallest size, the lowest power consumption and the highest integration so far â„¢ Da14585 provides high processing power and large memory for system and user functions.

The codec with adaptive bit rate control can automatically adjust the data rate (24-64 kbps) to ensure excellent voice capture quality under any air link conditions. The powerful performance of the suite can always provide more than 90% correct voice command recognition rate under all test conditions.

The suite supports integration with Google Voice and allows manufacturers to differentiate their products through user interfaces such as simple buttons, touch pads or "air mouse". The digital microphone is directly connected through PDM / I2S interface without external codec, which reduces the system cost.

SmartBond â„¢ The voice remote control unit development kit can realize low-power products, cover a large distance range, and only use a single or two batteries for power supply. It provides a flexible way for customers to design comprehensive market leading products.


Low latency, powerful codec, lower power consumption and lower cost

Less bandwidth is used in low bit rate mode, which has advantages in disturbed environment

Sufficient internal memory allows larger audio data buffers for more powerful links

Simple user interface, controlled by slider or touch pad interface


Voice command remote control

Smart home system supporting voice command

Speech recognition system using wireless microphone

What Are the Advantages of Da14585 Voice Remote Control Development Kit? What Are the Applications? 1

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