Percentage in Lightning Components Is Not Working Correctly

Yes, when we get data in controller it is already divided by 100. If you want to get real you need to multiply to 100.

Percentage in Lightning Components Is Not Working Correctly 1

1. High Current or High Voltage that damages components?

A general answer is that electronic/electrical components are damaged when their electrical ratings are exceeded. Excessive current results in excessive heat which will destroy both passive and active components. Some passive components, such as capacitors have a max voltage rating, which if exceeded can result in failure of the dielectric (insulator) resulting in excessive current, and ultimately smoke. Generally, exceeding voltage ratings of passive compnents causes insulation failure. With active components, excessive voltage will cause a breakdown of the internal junctions of the diode, transistor, etc, which will also allow excessive current, heat and some smoke. However, in these cases the current will be quite a bit lower than when passive devices are overheated. My experience is that even a small spark on a transistors leads will destroy the component. The over-voltage condition breaks down the semi-conductor junction and it does not heal. The part is now just a lump.

2. help me choose computer components?

CPU: i might advise getting the ok variety. no longer merely is the clock a lil bigger, yet a small overclock could desire to upload abotu 10% overall performance sooner or later. yet while the fee distinction is merely too lots, i might keep it and placed that saved funds in the direction of a bigger GPU. GPU: Any clarification why you want a 7950? A further priced 660Ti has arguably better overall performance.... RAM: i might advise going for a twin card setup. It enables many better overall performance. HDD: Seagate is the way! My 2TB barracuda is a lot quicker, quieter and cooler than my WD 1TB. PSU: this is an exceedingly good PSU. yet you may bypass to a XFX/Corsair one in accordance with it, which may be somewhat greater fee-effective. video exhibit: i do no longer extremely understand, however the Sammy has a 120Hz refresh fee if that tickles your fancy SSD: those frequently have a lots shorter existence than a difficult stress, yet will extremely final 3 years, and maximum will stay long sufficient to alter into so sluggish they are going to could be swapped out for an improve. yet another determination is to apply ISRT which extremely ability the OS is put in onto the HDD, however the cache for courses is on the SSD - meaning courses load up with ssd-like speed. Rig seems seem guy :D FPS relies upon on your settings, yet i might wager close to 60. seem at comments of your video card on Tom's hardware, and bypass to the benchmarking area.

Percentage in Lightning Components Is Not Working Correctly 2

3. USB components converted to Bluetooth?

The issue with that is that the components that use USB to communicate with the computer also use USB to power itself. You would have to buy battery powered keyboards, mice, dvd drive and sound devices for it to even be possible.

4. gaming pc build need components?

That's one hell of a run on sentence and poor grammar for having a 4.0 GPA

5. Can I switch components for coaxials?

Yep, it's a FREE country buddy. We have our own rights and freedom to do whatever the hell we want.

6. Are windows compatible components compatible with Ubuntu? [closed]

As other answers have stated, unfortunately the moniker "Windows Compatible" promises only that the hardware will work in windows.Hardware support in the linux kernel is and has been very good for recent years.Most graphics hardware from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA will usually worth, but still check, sometimes drivers for cutting edge cards are a bit late on linux, and sometimes older cards have limited support. All intel and amd x86 based processors will work, and additionally any motherboards which support them, along with memory which is standardised and will also always work.Harddrives will always work.In general however I would still recommend checking online for each piece of hardware you plan to purchase, and see if anyone has mentioned any incompatibilities.If you plan to use wifi, I would defiantly suggest checking this, and any dedicated sound cards (rare these days), or any other obscure hardware you intend on purchasing. Be aware that any hardware which come with specialised software will probably, unless stated not work, or not work to their full potential (I am thinking gaming mice and keyboards here).Specialist hardware such as drawing tablets, also are worth checking first.tldr; If you care about wasting money, check everything just to be sure, but generally these days most things work on linux.

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