Does My System Specs Fits and Will Be Compatible with All the Other Components?

perfect mate and i have that case it should fit since that the motherboard is ATX and the case supports ATX motherboards and the motherboard does have onboard audio and it does not have built in wifi

Does My System Specs Fits and Will Be Compatible with All the Other Components? 1

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Google Play services for Instant Apps downloads/installs itself without authorization, downloads/updates other components, how to disable?

As the name suggests, it's part of the Google services apps. PlayStore uses it to run apps without installing them (new service). It is possible to disable but not remove (as far as I know it will just keep installing it self as being part of the core services). To disable, go to Settings Google Instant Apps and switch the toggle switch (Reference).I believe this will be a system app on newer devices as they come out, for the rest of us with older devices they will just force install on compatible devices.Edit: Due to the fact the question was amended after I answered. This answer applies to none rooted devices. With a rooted device it could be possible but I can not think of a solution that's easy or permanent

Does My System Specs Fits and Will Be Compatible with All the Other Components? 2

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Adjusting pedal / crank / other components to account for different leg sizes

I've done the same thing in the past, heel shims, cleat wedges, pedal washers, insoles, etc. The one thing I can say is that it's a slippery slope once you start fiddling with these things. One small adjustment effects all the others and it's very difficult and time consuming to get it right, which you probably never will without 3rd party perspective and expertise. No to mention there are a bunch of other things that can be causing your pain besides leg length difference; fore/aft foot tilt, knee alignment, saddle position, etc. The real solution is to get a professional bike fitting

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Will adding a second car battery put a "strain" on the alternator or other components of my 97 Honda CR-V?

get regular battery charger for that setup/expect premature batt failure/that constant recharge and discharge is gonna cause problems

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I'm palnning to buy CCNP lab kit, can anyone recommend how many router/switch and other components i will need

Try to get one that allows you to swap interface cards. Then you can play and re-configure until the fragmented packets come home. Other than that try to a simple ethernet in and out box.

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Other components

Fuel InjectionFuel injection and computer engine management systems are now normal on middle range and larger motorcycles and are increasingly being incorporated onto the smaller machines, partly driven by better emission control and lower maintenance but mostly by manufacturing cost considerations. Turbo and SuperchargersSuperchargers, or blowers, were common in the GPs, until they were banned. The first supercharger on a production motorcycle was the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R. The big four made a turbocharged bike, and Honda made two, mainly as an exercise in technical expertise and later discontinued them for more conventional methods. Bolt-on superchargers are available for street bikes and are essential for performance applications such as drag bikes and land speed record streamliners. Most sports bikes now use a ram-air induction system where as road speed increases, more air is forced through ducts in the fairing to pressurize the airbox. The first on a production motorcycle was the 1990 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11. Not to be confused with the original Ram-Air system where an air scoop/cowl was fitted to the top of the cylinder heads of Suzuki two-stroke engines to aid cooling.

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What other components do I need foar a gaming pc?

you will need a good power supply. i suggest the gigabyte odin with at least 600w. and also the case. and an os.

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What other components do I need to set up my Yamaha NS-6490 speakers?

Please amend your question. You have only provided a model number of a single pair of speakers. How many pairs do you have? Do you have a surround receiver? If so, what is the brand and model number? Do you have a sub-woofer? What other equipment are you integrating? What kind of room are you putting this system in? Room dimensions, is there a basement/crawlspace or an attic (directly below or above the room)? Without these answers, there is no way to answer your question. I would love to help do please let us know.

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