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Narcissus is a 1983 Canadian short musical and experimental film directed by Norman McLaren and produced by David Verrall, visualizing the legend of Narcissus in a modern way. It was produced for the National Film Board of Canada

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Conservation initiatives of professional video camera

Conservation for the sake of conserving not only wildlife habitats, but also forest community dominated landscapes near such ecological habitats, providing alternative and yet low-impact livelihoods has always been a long-term goal for Nirmal and has been achieved in many areas. While working with communities his team has supported young sparks and trained them to become entrepreneurs, skilled employment and eco-warriors in field.

He has inspired volunteers, students and professionals to join in various capacities for field conservation by sacrificing time and toiling hard to collate data, conduct outreach programs and influence policy. His work has inspired and motivated many to choose conservation as full-time careers, while others have supported with resources and guidance. As part of his scientific pursuit - He has headed and contributed to several research projects: National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan studying man-reptile relationship in Sattari Taluka Sahyadri Ecologically Sensitive Area documenting and compiling reptile species Indian Herpetological Society creating a detailed database of snakes in Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra for an e-guide Goa Forest Department participation in three wildlife census Habitat monitoring and impact on the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles at Morjim beach, which ultimately led to the conservation of their nesting areas Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan independent study on the impact the Mahdei river diversion will have on the Herpetofauna Compilation of basic biodiversity checklists of sacred groves in Sattari Taluka Archeological Society of India documentation of heritage iconography in SattariHe has significant discoveries to his credit - Goan caecilian (Gegeneophis goaensis) Sattari District, Keri Village, Goa Mahdei caecilian (Gegeneophis mhadeiensis) Chorla Village, Khanapur Taluka, Karnataka Chorla Giant striped Ichthyophis (Ichthyophis davidi) from Chorla and Castle Rock in Karnataka Range extension of sub-species of the Pit Viper (Protobothrops jerdonii xanthomelas) the Jerdon's Red Spotted Pit Viper Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal PradeshIn addition, he has worked as a volunteer with the Wildlife Conservation Society for estimating prey for tigers in the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka, and as a group team leader on a Conservation Programme at the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh.

He is also involved in data collection and consultancy services on eco-tourism and wildlife research projects in six states, including Goa, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal. His experience in setting up and running Wildernest Nature Resort, an eco-tel in the heart of Chorla Ghats, holds him in good stead. Nirmal's growing role as an activist can be seen in the successful Save the Frogs campaign against the local consumption of Indian Bullfrogs, which he led along with co-campaigner Clinton Vaz and the Goa Forest Department.

The campaign included awareness-cum-law enforcement activities. He was also part of a team that worked on conserving the Bhimgad Forests in Karnataka. Their efforts ultimately led to the creation of the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary.

The efforts by his team under Nirmal's leadership also have helped declare the Mahdei Wildlife Sanctuary as a Proposed Tiger Reserve and bring attention to the Mahdei Dam Project that is slated to irreversibly damage prime Western Ghats habitat. He is associated with and connected to multiple state and national-level organizations which focus on ecological and wildlife conservation. Most notably, he is affiliated to: Goa State Wildlife Advisory Board Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology Goa Heritage Action Group Indian Bird Conservation Network and Goa State Bird Conservation Network Western Ghats Core Group Goa State Bombay Natural History Society Mahdei Bachao Abhiyan Sahyadri Ecologically Sensitive Area (SESA) Committee Katraj Snake Park and Uttara's Ark, a Wildlife rehabilitation center cum snake park at Katraj, Pune TigerLink network, a national network formed to conserve the tiger and its habitat Conservation and Livelihoods network, a network formed to protect community rights as well as natural habitats in the country Indian Herpetological Society, a body working in the field of reptile conservation in the country Vivekanand Environment Awareness Brigade, an NGO involved in spreading conservation awareness in the stateHe was assisted, and mentored by stalwarts in the field of biodiversity research and documentation, most notably Dr.

Claude Alvares, Dr. Manoj Borkar, Dr. G K Bhatt and Dr.

M. K. Janarthanan.

Nirmal and his team work with communities, both urban and rural, with youth and children, with professionals and tourists and in all these target groups the approaches are different and depend on issues as well as needs. The confidence building measures include providing sustainable livelihoods to over 200 families directly or indirectly, reviving age old green traditions, documenting intellectual property issues and providing platforms for communities as well as individuals to rise. The Children's Outreach Programme is the backbone of their initiatives and touches 30 schools across 3 states, which has been acknowledged on a national level by wildlife conservation groups as well as by the media.

Nirmal Kulkarni was invited to the Philippines in August 2013 on a series of lectures and talks. He was invited to speak on Engaging youth for conservation through field research training in India by the University of Cebu and the KAS Environmental Law Talks committee. He was also a speaker at "Nurturing Biodiversity Protection among Children" that was organized by the Philippines Earth Justice Center and Dept of Education, City of Cebu Province.

Nirmal also engaged with Forest stewards of the Tabunan forests and with Councilor archival at the Eco House on issues ranging from conservation and recycling to wildlife documentation. He was also a speaker at the Forum on Eco Tourism that was organized by Cebu City government and Grassroots Travel. Nirmal was also interviewed on a local television channel by the Cebu lady lawyer's association and his work was covered in local newspapers.

While capacity building in rural areas is the focus, in urban areas the community is urged to look around their own surroundings through a network of social and visual media campaigns, through a volunteer network and of course through personal interactions. While parallels are drawn, it is essential to note that humans and wildlife do have specific needs and to balance these, we address them by working with planners and policy makers. This aims at helping communities as well as forests in the long run.

His efforts in the Goa State have been covered by CNN-IBN, BBC Open Country, NDTV, Zee News, Sahara News, ETV Marathi, Star News and other local media. Also, his personal databank of professional images of Goa's hinterland and diversity is used by various NGOs, individuals, and institutions in the state as well as nationally for education and creating awareness.


Storylines of professional video camera

Hannah arrives with her parents for Todd Landers' (Kristian Schmid) funeral but the family are lost along some country roads.

When Hannah remarks that she sees Helen Daniels, her parents ignore her but on the way back, they find Helen who was held hostage by Todd's father Bob and abandoned on the roadside. The Martins are going through financial difficulties and Hannah struggles to make friends at school and begins hating the area. However, she befriends Toby Mangel (Ben Guerens).

While selling Lollipops for charity with Toby after school one day, Hannah is grabbed by Raymond Chambers (Greg Parker) who attempts to abduct her but Toby foils him. Further drama comes when Hannah discovers Chambers is Julie's old boss. Julie and Philip initially disbelieve her but they report the matter to the police.

Further drama ensues when neighbour Cameron Hudson (Benjamin Grant Mitchell) represents Chambers and he is cleared. However, Chambers later confesses after trying to abduct another young girl and the matter is resolved. Michael, Hannah's half-brother returns home for the school holidays and there is a deep animosity between the two as Michael resents Julie for marrying Philip so soon after his mother Loretta's death.

Michael then spikes Hannah's orange juice with Jim Robinson's vodka and is soon packed off to boarding school. On Michael's next visit, Hannah is so scared after he attempts to kill Julie, she calls the police and Michael is arrested and imprisoned for six months. Hannah finds her life in danger when she and Beth Brennan are trapped in a burning cottage behind Lassiter's and are rescued by Brad Willis.

When Michael is released from paroled, everyone is willing to make an effort, however Hannah resents his presence and tells him she does not want him in the house. Michael decides to leave but Hannah apologises and agrees to give him a chance they put the past behind them. Hannah experiences tragedy when Julie dies after falling from a tower while away on a murder mystery weekend with Philip and Debbie.

She blames herself for Julie's death as well as Jim's, as he had been playing with her before he died. The Kennedy family move in next door and Hannah befriends the youngest son, Billy and develops a crush on him. Billy becomes uncomfortable with Hannah's attraction to him and in order to take a hint, he begins seeing Nicole Cahill (Andrea McEwan) which Hannah witnesses, leaving her hurt.

Philip begins dating again, seeing Molly Harrison (Robyn Hughan), a woman he met in the newsagency. Hannah goes out of her way to break up Philip and Molly to the extent of spiking her dinner with chilli causing her to have a bad reaction to the mixture. Hannah's behaviour worsens and she begins treating classmate Robert Dong (Nelson Leongue) badly.

Philip realises the effect of his relationship with Molly and stops seeing her and Hannah realises how selfish she is being. Hannah responds positively when Philip begins dating Jen Handley but the relationship lasts a short while. Hannah begins seeing Lance Wilkinson (Andrew Bibby) but ends the relationship when he brag about how far he has really gone with her.

However, Lance and Hannah find themselves back in each other's lives when Philip begins dating Lance's mother, Ruth who treats Helen after she suffers a stroke. Helen dies the following year, leaving Hannah devastated. Hannah struggles to adjust when Philip and Ruth marry, and Lance and his sister Anne move in.

She feels Ruth is trying to replace Julie and is constantly hostile towards her despite reassuring she isn't. Hannah decides she wants to spend time in France with her friend Claire Girard (Adele Schober) for six months. Philip is against it at first but agrees.

At the airport, Paul McClain (Jansen Spencer) declares his feelings for her and they share a kiss. On her return, Hannah has visibly changed, sporting short hair and bringing a new attitude home with her. It takes several weeks for her to readjust to life in Erinsborough and she and Paul resume their relationship.

However, when Paul obsesses over BMX riding, Hannah breaks up with him takes an interest in John "Teabag" Teasdale (Nathan Phillips), much to Philip's chagrin. Hannah is shocked when Philip and Ruth decide that they plan to move to Darwin and refuses to go, and is determined to stay when she realises Lance and Anne are staying put. Teabag offers to let Hannah stay with him but after she sees his place, she declines.

On the night before the Martins' departure, Hannah is distressed when Helen's ring goes missing. Ruth finds it and Hannah is overjoyed. She and Paul spend the night in her cubby house in the backyard and discuss old times.

The following morning before the Martins leave for Darwin, Hannah and Paul share one final kiss and agree to keep in touch. In 2005, Hannah makes a brief cameo in Annalise Hartman's (Kimberley Davies) documentary where she is revealed to be living in London and discusses her experiences of living in Ramsay Street.

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