Oppor7plus HD Picture Appreciation

As early as May 20, oppo R7 plus and oppo R7 appeared together at the "ten years of sincere products" oppo new product launch. After nearly two months of hard waiting, oppo R7 plus, which is widely expected, finally ushered in the first batch of appointments for its listing today and will be officially launched on July 23. As a special reporter on the trip of oppo R7 plus 24 hours without flash shooting · Shangri La, the author is very lucky to get the first batch of mass production models of oppo R7 plus and bring you the following unpacking pictures.

Front of oppo R7 plus packaging box

Oppo R7 plus package back

Oppo R7 plus unpacking

Oppo R7 plus accessories

As a brother model of oppo R7, oppo R7 plus not only has the same all metal integrated fuselage design, 2.5D glass panel and global flash shooting function as oppo R7, but also has many characteristics such as 6-inch large screen, 4-color RGBW sensor camera, laser focusing, fingerprint identification and 4100mah high-capacity battery.

Oppo R7 plus front

Oppo R7 plus back

In terms of configuration, oppo R7 plus mobile version adopts MediaTek mt6795 processor, 3gb memory, 32GB body storage, front 8 million and 13 million pixel 4-color RGBW sensor camera, supporting laser focusing, vooc flash charging, indoor navigation and other functions. Moreover, it also has the title of the first screen of domestic mobile phones (the screen accounts for up to 80%). Using a 6-inch screen is like installing a 5.5-inch body, and the grip feeling is very excellent.

Oppo R7 plus handset details

Oppo R7 plus logo details

Oppo R7 plus camera details

Oppo R7 plus speaker details

In terms of software, oppo R7 plus is also equipped with oppo's latest color OS 2.1 system. Compared with color OS 2.0, it has the performance of "faster, more stable and more power saving", and the system also has built-in special content such as life yellow pages, music library, TV library, software store and cloud services.

Oppo R7 plus top details

Oppo R7 plus bottom details

Oppo R7 plus side details

Oppo R7 plus SIM card slot details

It is understood that the first batch of oppo R7 plus is only a mobile version, which will be sold online and offline simultaneously on July 23. The price is 2999 yuan. Interested friends may wish to make an appointment on oppo's official website, offline stores or major e-commerce websites now. Please continue to pay attention to our relevant reports on the follow-up evaluation of oppo R7 plus.

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