Is This a Sweet Video Game Idea?

i do not know if you could make a video game out of just that, but its a good idea if you add more too it. it sounds kind of like the mist. and that's a great movie.

1. Sweet 16 Ideas for November?

I think a huge party lots of people , a good band , and then like norm music you like would be awesome , common but FUN

2. Are gherkin pickles sweet or dill?


3. sweet 18 for boys?

so might and some dont it just depends

4. Sweet sixteen help?

get her a giftcard to a store she likes

5. sweet sixteen party themes?

All of the sweet 16 parties I've been to have just been 5 guys sitting in a basement playing video games all night

6. Are you sweet?

sweet me no way bear has many taste from bitter to just plain nasty :)

7. How sweet are you?

I am sweeter than all that and THEN SOME

8. Poll: Sweet Tarts or Smarties?

Sweet Tarts, but I like them both

9. What is a good, sweet Chardonnay?

Definitely Rieslings. Anything German is usually sweet as far as wine goes. Sauvignon Blanc is a nice middle ground between Chardonnay and Riesling

10. party favors for a sweet 16?

Ya get a lot of drugs and invite me over

11. Guys... would this be dorky or sweet, or maybe dorky AND sweet?

its dorky as hell but he will think awe she was thinking of me last night and got pencils for me thats sweet

12. Looking for a sweet white wine?

If you must buy Riesling, look for "late harvest" on the label. This means the wine has more "brix" or natural sugars. Otherwise, a sauterne is the wine for your date. It is actually a dessert wine and is too sweet for some people. If your date truly wants a sweet wine, a sauterne is the way to go

13. How sweet are we :')?

ooooh snap!!! How i hate arsenal and i have to say that is nice stuff. thats right, rub it in arsenals face

14. Ideas for a sweet sixteen party?

I will assume that your 16th will include boys as so often they do. For my 16th I had a special 3 layer cake with a fountain inbetween layers. My mom made it and probably cost her $40 including the fountain. These days you can rent a fountain as well and they really are not that difficult to do. You can even incorporate you red roses in the cake decor. One thing that kids tend to remember the most is the food. Chocolate fountains, favorite foods like pizza made in different shapes for example are also neat. An area for a dance floor with popular music, different color light bulbs to change the mood of the room. Good luck

15. Recommendation for good sweet moscato?

The Primo Amore is available at many stores in the Northeast. (NJ, NY and CT), but it may take time to find many of them, even if you live in that region. If looking for something similar, look for Moscato from Italy. There are many available. More common labels are: Marchese dell' Elsa Moscato d'Asti Il Duca Moscato d'Asti *BEST Cardinale Lanata Moscato d'Asti Castello del Poggio - Provincia di Pavia Moscato

16. Would it be sweet or tacky?

Well actually - My mom & I both have the same middle names , Its Ann . So if your friend likes her surname then its fine to name her baby the same as hers :) Hope this helps

17. Road Trip for sweet 16?

$1000 is not a small funds. LoL. yet, 6 people is kinda small. on the different hand, i've got not got many close acquaintances that i could invite to hold with me besides reason people lie and are 2-confronted. besides, if it have been a great party, i could have a site visitors subject. you comprehend people arrive wearing eco-friendly(unmarried & waiting to mingle), yellow(possibly unmarried, no longer likely finding), or pink(taken so pumpp the brakes on spittin pastime). yet, in view that its no longer, throw that ut the window, lol. i think of possibly have a limo force you and your buddies around in San Francisco. of course, save, bypass to the flicks or something, have dinner, and spend the night in a remarkable hotel, and have relaxing relaxing relaxing!!!!!!!! lol. Eh. i wo not be able to think of of the rest, yet as quickly as I had $1000 to spend, i could in simple terms bypass buying and carry out on a distinctive day, tht way, it may almost be like having your candy sixteen on the sly, till your dad and mom does no longer permit you do this. wherein case, it relatively is not an determination. lol. i do no longer think of that truly helped, yet howdy i attempted!!! happy early candy sixteen, and sturdy success.

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