I Love Sweet Wines and Have Questions?

I Love sweet Wines and Have questions?

I Love Sweet Wines and Have Questions? 1

The Gwersterwiemers are very sweet. Rieslings are also really sweet. Sauvignon Blanc is a fabulous white wine with some strong citrus and green tastes. Viogner is alos another great one. Reds tend to have a certain tartness. They can be complicated. Pinot Noirs can be very sweet and Syrahs / Shiraz is spicy. Dessert wines tend to be the sweetest, Ports, Late harvest wines (Reislings, Muscats, Sauterenes), Ice Wines Generic / Cheap wines tend to be very metalic. While price may be indicative of quality, more importantly grape origin does. There is a system known as Appelation System. It specifies the where the grapes came from. Nappa / Sonoma is a very specific area as aposed to California. Salud!

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What are good sweet wines to have on a honeymoon?

arbor mist taste llike soda with a fizz...yummmmmmm

I Love Sweet Wines and Have Questions? 2

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Recommendations for good, very sweet wine . . .?

If you want something really sweet, try a Japanese plum wine

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Dry wine... how do you sweeten it??

I actually ran across this question bc I have a few bottles of dry wine left from my wedding that I want to drink but just can not get past the bitrerness. usually I would mix with a fruit juice or a sweet wine but it's late and I am low on supplies so I broke up a grape and a cherry popsicle and used them as ice cubes in the dry wine. We shall see. So bad.

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Do any one know of a sweet wines that's not to bitter, I'm getting into wines and I need to know HELP!!!!!!!

buy Wild Vines Wine, they have alot of different flavors like strawberry, raspberry, wild berry, and some others. Its really good and sweet, i know, cause i hate anything other than sweet wine. It's also pretty cheap too, around $2-$3 for a normal sized bottle. You can also buy this wine in a 1. 5 liter bottle too. That one runs about $4-$5 a bottle.

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I need to know a lot about wine for a job interview tomorrow. What should I know ?

The best thing you can do is be confident and speak as if you know what you are going on about as, lets face it, you can not become an expert in this field in a matter of hours - let me help. i am guessing they will give you a glass and ask you to tell them what you think - here's what you do: If they give you a glass of red, swirl it around in the glass, hold it up to the light and have a look at the colour/clarity of it and then give it a good sniff - all the while have a 'concerned' look on your face so they think you are deep in concentration. then taste the wine and wait a few seconds before you describe it using the following words/phrases: deep,rich,aromatic, full flavoured, hearty, fruity, flavours of rich strawberry/cherry/blackcurrant (even thought the wine will never have seen a blackcurrant, this is how the experts describe the wine) warming,glowing, woody,smokey. A dry wine is one where all the sugar has fermented out wich leaves your mouth feeling would ry' when you have tasted it - it is basically a sour taste. A sweet wine is the opposite i.e - still contains sugar. You can also impress them by telling them that a lot of wines are named by the location the grapes were grown like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Sancerre for example. Also Champagne - unless the grapes grow in the town of Champagne, you cannot call it so - you have to call it a 'sparkling wine'. Other than that, all i can suggest is use the power of the internet to read up on as much as you can - Good luck, i hope you get the job - Let me Know how it goes. Dom

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Trying to find a nice sweet wine for dessert?

I would go for a late harvest riesling. Riesling is usually sweet, and "late harvest" means there's more sugar in it, but not as much as there would be if the grapes were left on the vine until late fall/winter to make an ice wine. Additionally, it's not quite as expensive as ice wine. Ice wines are like honey, so if you do serve one you will want small cordial glasses of it rather than big wine glasses.

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