How Would You React If an Emergency Vets Medical Treatment, Caused Something Like This Happened to Y

How would you react if an Emergency Vets medical treatment, caused something like this happened to your dog?

How Would You React If an Emergency Vets Medical Treatment, Caused Something Like This Happened to Y 1

awww, poor little bandit (he is super adorable looking :O) i hope he gets well very soon . i probably would have done the same as you, gone to an emergency vet and trust they know what they are doing . . and organize your thoughts before the call (just cuz it is an emotional situation where sometimes communication can break down) . and tell that vet where bandit is now, and ask why those drugs were used . see what he/she has to say . and write down what his/her responses are to your questions . . ask the emergency vet to call your vet to arrange for payment of the bill that is getting bigger due to the treatment they provided . and see what they say . if you can get your vet to put in writing what he told you about the drugs being too strong, or the wrong drugs, for a dog bandit's size, that would be beneficial . and even if the emergency vet clinic pays the bill, still file a complaint with the american veterinary association . . because it is not like you brought in a one pound dog, you brought in a chihuahua and a vet should know how to treat a small dog . so sorry for poor bandit and i will say a prayer he will be home with you soon

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California's proposition 4 and the Age of Consent?

Hi, I do not live in California, nor do I know how the election came out. But, since this question is still open, let me throw out my 2 cents worth. Having a baby, being pregnant, is not the same as giving a child an aspirin. There could be adverse reaction to even aspirin. Some parent's religious beliefs forbid taking any medicines for their children Most "illnesses", like headaches, are not life-threatening, as is being pregnant, or giving birth. Getting pregnant, or even being sexually active is a "privacy" matter for teens. Teens will not stop being sexually active, just because Prop 4 passes. More over, perhaps in 8 out of 10 minor aged pregnancies, the girl will share this information with their parents, they cannot hide it, not for long. Prop 4 is not necessary for most cases like this. If a minor girl does NOT want to give birth, can not afford to pay the bills, or drop out of school, she has to act. It's not like a headache, and will soon go away on it's own. She may fear the decision that the parent will force on her. The 2 out of 10 who are afraid to let their parent know the truth, or for some reason do not even want their boyfriend to know, perhaps a girl has several boyfriends, and cannot even identify who the real father is, is not likely to go public with her pregnancy. Up to now, the AMA has protected the right of privacy for "mature minors". If a mature minor cannot tell their parent, and cannot go to a medical doctor PRIVATELY, then the girl will try to induce an abortion, or deceive their parents too long, not getting any medical help, or care. These few will be putting their own life in danger, and that of the fetus. For decades, medical confidentiality has protected mature minors only for two reasons: for pregnancy and STD's. Most doctors today, will give treatment for STD's without parental concent, for the safety of the patient, and society. It's for everyone's benefit, but especially for the pregnant teen, who could be beaten or caused to conceive, deliver a baby against their will, and even name who the father may have been. Do parents really want to know about their mature teens sexuality, an how much embarrassment do you want them to go through? I believe that some teen girls may fear of seeking medical treatment, if Prop 4 passes. Things having to do with sexual relationships are different from broken bones, or headaches. Sexual problems do require professional treatment fast. While many parents may want to know if their teens are sexually active, I bet a few would support "dont ask, do not tell." And, I would bet more than 1/2 of adults in California had sex before they were 18, and most of them never asked parental permission, nor told their parents about the first time. When someone gets sexually active, they may not be 18, but it's truly an "adult" activity. I have two grown daughters. Both turned out well, and I do not know if either had an abortion, or an STD. It's not my business to know that. I do not have any reason to think they did. But, with better parental and child communications, it would not be necessary to try to legislate government intrusion into proper normal medical procedures. If my daughters had got into trouble, I would hope they would have come to me. But, it would be their choice. If not, then I would want them to be able to seek a professional doctor, not their peers, or non-licensed amateur to treat them. I am glad we do not have Prop 4 in Missouri, I would vote against it. I do not support Government telling doctors and mature teens that they MUST do in regards to seeking proper medical treatment.. Especially, if that choice is not really enforceable. Like government is doing a good job enforcing the no drinking, or no smoking laws for teens? It's not, and probably cannot. EDIT: Just did a google, and found that it failed. It was opposed by nurses, and many other groups., see link before for other reasons it failed.

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