Does Islam Oblige Muslims to Seek Medical Treatment?

Does Islam oblige Muslims to seek medical treatment?

Does Islam Oblige Muslims to Seek Medical Treatment? 1

Medical treatment is fardh on you if you are suffering from anything a sickness or anything like that. If you do not eat a medicine that will save your life, it will be treated as suicide if you die due to the illness and suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam. If you do not take a medicine that will improve your health, that is also not good.

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what is the standard medical treatment for starvation?

they would put you on intravenous for malnutrition and feed you i guess. P.S the intravenous is to pump you full of vitamins

Does Islam Oblige Muslims to Seek Medical Treatment? 2

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How do you think Medicare should cover patients who are non-compliant with physicians orders, non-compliant with hygiene procedures, and practice poor lifestyle choices that require very expensive and extensive medical treatment to counteract?

Figure that out and then for election and you have my vote! Simply said that is the issue in the nutshell. When the nation takes individual accountability for their individual care then we can shift towards medicare for all programs but as long as we currently expect the medical industry to resolve our failure to accept proper lifestyles we will all down in universal care for all.Dr. Dave

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Confusing, how is US medical treatment is the best?

that may be one company..I still want the freedom to chose my health insurance and not to be dictated to by the government

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Medical treatment for pregnant woman that jeopardises pregnancy

I want to fill in some alternative Halachik views.According to some Halachik authorities, one is allowed to sacrifice one's life to save another's. The mother may therefore choose to decline treatment in order to save the life of her unborn baby. This, of course, would be contingent on the child being expected to survive. More likely, the actual case contained uncertainties. The treatments may or may not damage or kill the fetus. The mother may or may not be able to deliver the baby and then commence treatments (I know of such a case; both survived). The mother's probability of survival with treatments might be very low. To quote, "The only certainty about the future is that the future is uncertain."In such a case, one might find room to enable the mother to choose her preferred course of action. It is accepted that one may risk their life in order to save another's. This is subject to extensive debate on the mitzvah of lo saamod al dam reyacha - do not stand idly while another is killed. While the authorities disagree, they all permit one to take a risk to save another's life. How else could we allow security guards, life guards, or a host of other potentially dangerous jobs? The authorities disagree on the degree of risk one may take for another. Some permit even a major risk if one so desires to take it. Just to be totally clear, ALL halachik authorities permit the mother to save her life at the expense of the fetus, even in case where the danger to the mother is uncertain. And of course, one should consult with a competent Rabbinic authority before making such major decisions.

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Is There Any Ayurvedic, Chinese or Alternative Medical Treatment For Hair Loss?

MOST SERIOUS CAUSE OF LOSS IS SHAMPOOS. Many have countless hair, scalp and even health harming harsh and toxic ingredients. See this site "Skin Deep Database -:A Feelgood Resource" and "Not Just a Pretty Face." Look in shampoos and you will see which are the most harmful.and others which are safe or only minimally harming. Read this testimonial emailed to me from: Mo Sratum(on Answers) Subject: HAIR LOSS! OMG! Message: Hi, "You may remember me, Mo Satrum, the guy with the constant questioning about the hair loss, well I've been doing it for 2 months now and it's working wonders! My hair loss increased the first few weeks but it gradually slowed down and my hair is gradually going back to normal as it were before. I was always told that hair loss was genetic and you could do nothing about it, but you've proved everyone wrong and even I had my doubts before starting your treatment but I cannot describe how much you've turned my life around! Thank you I do not know where I would be without you" In my teens I suffered severe loss. Then this NATURAL, safe treatment stopped loss almost straight away and forced new growth. It has helped others on ANSWERS. TREATMENT: Massage olive or any pure, natural oil into scalp, Extra virgin olive, coconut and grape seed work well. Then brush vigorously preferably using a palm held brush with short natural boar bristles.(Quite stiff bristles is best) You can see them on Amazon - they are known as military brushes. Brush strongly so you feel it stimulating/irritating scalp. Do 90 /100 strokes each day at beginning building up to more and focus on where loss is. You may be apprehensive about irritating scalp - believe me I was too. But this is what will force new growth as it unplugs the blocked hair ducts that sometimes cause loss - they are the painful small itching spots. As you brush some shedding and breakage may occur at first but will quickly stop as brushing makes hair better anchored and stronger. New hairs will appear.and will be weak looking and sparse. Keep up the brushing and do not be concerned if brushing uproots them, as they will re-appear even stronger. My hair has completely regrown on crown. Where receded at front regrowth was slower and sparse at first then each month it became denser. It demands perseverance week in/week out to get the same results. I only wash hair with a totally safe, totally pure soap bar with no toxins - no coloring, no fragrances, no preservatives, no harmful additives of any kind. You can find similar ones in GNC, Trader Joes, some Walmart Stores, Cost Plus, Wegmans, Earth Fare, and some natural & health foods stores. I believe I escaped the fate of my grandfather, my father, my two younger brothers and an 18 year old nephew through this treatment. All are, or were, completely, or very nearly bald. So I feel this treatment has disproved the genetics theory. SOURCE(S): Many years research, self experimentation using natural treatments for hair loss, regrowth and cures of skin, scalp and hair disorders

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