How Do You Retighten Wooden Dining Room Furniture?

super glue it

1. Does your living room furniture match or is it all random pieces?

It is pretty much the refugee look ...lol....fleeing the homeland (Robin Williams....Mrs. Doubtfire)

2. how long should living room furniture last?

With three boys, I would say 5 years is a pretty good amount of time. Without kids? 10-15 years

3. Whereu2019s the best place to buy luxurious living-room furniture online?

According to my personal experience, it all depends on what type of furniture exactly you are looking for, the budget you have to invest, the time of year in which you are going to make the purchase, the type of store, among other factors that influence the search for the ideal place. In my case, my wife and I wanted Mid-Century Modern style furniture; patented designs, not exactly the original products, but decent replicas: the Eames Lounge Chair, the Noguchi Table, the Arco Lamp, etc. After searching on several popular sites, we found two online stores where we found very good-quality replicas at affordable prices: Manhattan Home Design and Barcelona Designs. The advantage of buying furniture online is that you can take the necessary time before making the purchase, compare prices, and order at any time, from the comfort of your home and receive the products at your door.Where's the best place to buy luxurious living-room furniture online?

4. What kind of living room furniture do you think would look good with a rug that looks similar to the one below?

have a look at this picture here

5. is there certain living room furniture that is more kid friendly than others, we R going shopping this weekend?

dark colours the kids re going to make a mess no matter what you do unless you go psycho and plastic wrap it all other than that it doesnt really matter, dont let your babies crawl around high furniture on their own, dont blame the furniture for the baby getting hurt when you werent watching it

6. Help with room furniture placement? Expert advice?????????

I am a bit confused by your question because you tell us where the furniture already is without indicating what is wrong with where it already is. And I can not figure out where things are in the room from your description. Try describing the current furniture placement clockwise from where you walk into the room.

7. does anyone have free living room furniture in the st. mary's ohio area?

Some large churches have a donated centers that help people in need....Also put a add in the local swappers guide (newspaper) people will give you stuff if you would just come pick it up

8. what is the best place near raleigh nc to buy living room furniture?

Carlton & Company in Cameron Village Center is a very nice place with some very attractive furniture. If you are open to used furniture, Shelton's on West Morgan Street is a good place to look.

9. How do you coordinate different types of wood in a home?

A good rule of thumb is: if you cant match it exactly, then dont attempt to match at all. otherwise you end up drawing attention to the fact that it doesnt match. group the wood in your home into 4 categories: (1)Furniture..(2)Trim and moldings (including doors and staircases)..(3) Cabinetry.. (4) Hardwood or laminate floors. As long as you match or closely match within each category, that is fine. And there are sub categories too: ie. living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture. no one expects to see the bedroom furniture match with the living room furniture. I would try and get very similar colored wood for the bookshelves and entertainment centre as you have in the coffee tables. Using a brown-based palette (anything from taupe to terra cotta to espresso)for your wall paint and carpeting can also help to harmonize differing wood tones. would probably be best to go with a mid-tone finish on your floors.

10. Does anyone know where to buy affordable living room furniture?

thrift stores or markets or garage sales or pick em off the street

11. I am wanting to sell my living room furniture, that is 4 years old but not sure how much to ask.?

I would say, if it's in good condition, you calculate how much you paid for it all, then take off two thirds. If it's not looking too great, polish and clean the tables (you could even varnish them if they are real wood), and buy some suede cleaner (although you have to be careful, it must be exact or you will really muck them up!)

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