Advantages of Safe Classroom Furniture

One of the primary advantages of the right classroom furniture is that it goes beyond a child's muscular growth. Children don't sit in one place and continuously move around in the class. Rugged or pointy furniture can harm a student harshly.

Accurately designed furniture and flexible seating arrangements will allow children to propel about seamlessly without any fear of getting him/her hurt.Classrooms that are bright and cheerful build a positive learning experience in the children. Drab and colorless classrooms can make even the most exciting subjects boring and dull.

If you are planning to upgrade your school or design a new one, ensure that you choose furniture keeping in mind the aesthetics, convenience, area, size, and sturdiness. Below are some of the best classroom furniture for enhancing knowledge and performance:Sit-stand WorkspacesResearches have shown that children who have a sedentary classroom are more likely to fail than those occupied in an active learning classroom. Sit-stand workspaces provide immense movement throughout the day, giving sufficient exercises required by children and keeping them healthy.

Configurable Desks & Workspaces:These kinds of tables from the Selectfurniturestore allow teachers to customize the classroom according to the needs and purpose of that day/activity. You can make small groups or divide children into different sections of the classroom and provide them with separate stations for better individual concentration and training. Such classroom furniture will help students be more productive and develop original concepts individually and in a group.


The Bible says to feed the hungry and give shelter to those who don't have a shelter. Why is it that most churches don't allow poor, homeless, street people to sleep in their church?

Thank you for the answer request, John. The problem with housing the homeless and transient in the church building is that it's a never-ending proposition. The people we house tonight will not magically have a home to live in tomorrow, or next week, or possibly ever. We'd be housing them in our building for months or possibly years before they could find a job and save up enough money for a place to live.

So we work with shelters who can provide longer-term housing for people who actually want it. We support our local food pantry and host a soup kitchen ministry at the end of each month to help feed those in need. For immediate needs we provide assistance in the form of a voucher for groceries, a night's stay at the local motel, or a tank of gas... basic and immediate needs - food, shelter, transportation.

Unfortunately, we've had to set these policies due to some sad experiences. You see, our church and a cooperating church in the next town did exactly as you describe when Hurricane Katrina ravaged our area of southern Mississippi in 2005. Our church housed electrical workers who had come from other states to help.

Our facility isn't set up as a dormitory. We hosted a couple dozen workers for 6 weeks. Our building has only one shower (most churches have none), and our restrooms aren't set up for long term residence-style use.

But as much as our facilities were extended to the max, our friends at the other church had a much, much worse experience.Their church became a true shelter for displaced families. Sadly, the people who lived there for those few weeks completely destroyed their facility.

There were physical altercations with the church staff. The police were dispatched to the church several times a day. It quickly became an unsafe place for displaced families with children.

Door locks got broken and electronic equipment, classroom furniture, office supplies, and plenty of other items went missing regularly. Drug paraphernalia was almost daily found in the restrooms. And when those restrooms became unusable due to misuse, people just started using the floors to relieve themselves.

Then, once the waters had receded and people could begin to go back to their homes, they refused to leave. Law enforcement had to evict some of the people from the building. Walls, floors, hallways, and entire rooms had to be completely stripped and rebuilt after just a few weeks of this.

Like most ideas, it sounds good in theory to let people live in the church building who have no other place to go. But housing people in facilities not equipped to hold them quickly becomes an unsafe situation for all involved

Advantages of Safe Classroom Furniture 1

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