Do You Use a HTPC (Home Theater PC)? What Operating System and Media Software Are You Using?

Do you use a HTPC (Home Theater PC)? What Operating System and media software are you using?

I have in the past. I was using the HP DEC (Digital Entrainment Center) Model number Z-558, and 565. The Z-558 ran Windows XP Media Center. The Z-565 ran Windows Vista Media Center. I install Lifewear to run the automation. I can control just about anything, (Light's, HVAC, CCTV, even answer the door from the Theater). HP drop the MCE from it's line. I had to find a replacement. I have not used one in my latest installs but am looking at a few model's using cable cards. I do not really like Cable as much as Sat. (Directv has 85 HD channels). The sad thing is. Now I have to operate the Sat receiver with something outside of my PC. I can use it to control a sat system. But only SD, not HD. I have heard some talk about someone trying to get a PC base system to record HD over Fire-wire from a HD Sat. But like I said. Just talk. Have not seen anything yet. Edit: I do not like using Desktop PC in My racks for Three (3) reasons. This does not mean you can not use them. I just do not for the following reasons. 1. They just look and are cumbersome to mount in a rack system. 2. A desktop use a operating system that runs more background files then that of a HT-PC. They end up slowing down the CPU. 3. HTPC are designed with larger heat sinks and fans (quite fans I might add). Do you really want to add a Desktop into a system that generates so much heat? I not trying to put down anyones ideas. But were talking about highend systems here. It's just better to buy something made for the application. Will I hope I helped you evaluate your satiation. With the right information… anyone can make the right decision.

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How many of you want to see Medicare replaced with a voucher system?

I want it replaced with a system where doctors can make a living. Whatever that is. More and more doctors are opting out. I am on Medicare now and you should see what the office bill is and what Medicare pays. Pathetic

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Would you support this gun licencing law? If not, how would you change it?

What we REALLY need is a system that would prevent the President from allowing guns to get to drug dealers

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When would you need "hundreds of thousands” of threads?

It might help to think of what Erlang was originally designed to do, which was to manage telecommunications. Activities like routing, switching, sensor collection/aggregation, etc.Bringing this into the web world - consider a system like Twitter. The system probably would not use microthreads in generating web pages, but it could use them in its collection/caching/distribution of tweets

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Why does centre of mass of ice-container system shift in absence of any net external force?

You can no longer consider the ice block as a system once it starts melting, so it no longer remains a rigid body. Consequently, you cannot apply Newton's law on it. Peace ;)

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Why do Muslims have so many 'idiosyncrasies'?

Because of Islam. Islam is not just a religion, but a system and a muslim is one that submits to this system. The system is a way of life, so everything has to be regulated

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Why are so many metros underground? Isn't that more expensive than an elevated system?

In Moscow, under former mayor Yuriy Luzhkov, it was built a line (Butovo line) which is mostly elevated. I think the practice was not considered quite successful as a result.There are many drawbacks:That said, there is also a system of electric commuter trains in Moscow, so-called "elektrichka". They are mostly ground-level, share the track with intercity trains and the lines may go far into Moscow region beyond city limits. But inside the city they can be used the same way as metro, and often are cheaper

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wii vs ps3 vs x box 360 which is the best?

It really all depends on your taste and what kind of games you like. I really love my 360 and it has more games as of now and has some of the top games of the year on it. THe PS3 is a nice system as well, and I have been a huge Sony fan for the last few years but the PS3 was too much money for a system that didnt perform up to par in my mind. The Wii is a nice system if you like Zelda and Mario games in which I do, also the system is a big hit for parties because of the Wii sports that the system comes with, it is just fun to play with other people. And you can download any Nintendo game you want from NES, SNES, N64 you want for a certain price that is awesome to me. For the best company in the video game sense now I would have to say Microsoft because they continue to make good games within the company as well as make great systems. Nintendo has great ideas and does well with pricing the systems so people can afford them, while Sony just loses a whole bunch of money everytime they make a system.

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