Anyone Know Some Sad Songs to Listen to When You're Sad?


1. What is something sad to draw?

Anything can be sad if it is painted or drawn with the right mood. I suggest deep shadows and muted colours. Perhaps your subject could be something like a dead tree with a bird nest in it, all of the eggs have hatched, except one which is cracked and has the yolk oozing out. Or you could do a picture with juxtaposition, which shows something like a child at a birthday party, all of the kids are playing but he is away from the group looking at , oh i do not know... a hearse across the road or a dead animal on the roadway or something like that. Even a picture of a wilted rose, a burned out candle stub and a sliver of dried up wedding cake can be sad. Just keep the mood of the picture somber and it will work out fine. Good luck! Hope I've inspired you

2. What are some sad songs?

fleet foxes mazzy star band of horses phosphorescent

3. can you tell me a sad sad love song?

This might be a bit "old-timey" for you, but "You Do not Bring Me Flowers Anymore" by Neil Diamond is a heart-crusher. Listen to his solo, and not the one with Barbra Streisand or ones that anybody else sings. Neil Diamond is one whose songs are so powerful that only he can truly sing them. God Bless you.

4. is my betta sad or something ?

It all depends. How big is the tank? You can not keep him in a dinky little 1-3 gallon tank. They get depressed. I would not be very worried though. Just make sure he has room to live. And feed him daily! Contrary to popular belief, they do not live on roots and stuff like that

5. Sad movies?

Lilo and Stitch 2 =P (k, i know, kinda young but w/e =PP)

6. what are some sad songs?

sad songs? you mean happy up beat songs?? wait.. OH, you wanna cry. sorry got the question wrong way. hmm.. sad songs.. I recommend Way to Blue (Nick Drake), Angel of Harlem (U2), Autumn in New York (Billie Holiday) and Already Dead (Beck)

7. Does Anyone Know Any SAD SAD Songs?

Alyssa Lies - jason michael carroll Concrete Angel - martina mcbride Butterfly Collector - john gold Lost Cause - beck The Conversation - motion city soundtrack Miserable at Best - mayday parade

8. Is this a sad love story?

no because it's way to cliche

9. Sad Day Sad Day for WWE?

Umaga will most defiantly be missed in wwe and he was maybe planning TNA reported rumors :(. WWE was also planning on resigning him. Goodybye Umaga R.I.P thanks for putting your body and time on the line every time you went into the ring R.I.P Umaga let the lord be with you The most memorable moments I remember was that his speed for his size was great. It's a shame he lost his wwe match.He will be missed. My favorite Umaga match was the one with John Cena cant remember exactly but I will miss him no one can replace Umaga.

10. Should I still be sad?

Dear Kate Gunn, What your feeling is very normal and your friends probably wo not understand. See you knew what he was all about, but yet you gave in and slept with him anyway and now he moves on about his merry way and you feel like crap. Again, Guys are not stupid, we are opportunist, we are like vultures just waiting for the right time to strike. We seem like we are not interested and then you chase us even harder. I once knew this girl that said never, I would never sleep with you. The challenge was on. Now I knew what I had to do, I had to be cool and act like I was not interested and I played my cards right and three weeks later, we were in bed together. Once I got what I wanted, game over and I moved on. I apologize for being so bold and so honest, but it is the way it is. Life is not always fair, but to be honest, you chose to play the game, now you have to deal with the feelings that go on after the sex is over. Statistically there are 5 women to every one man. So the best thing you can do, if stay busy, stay so busy with sports or school or friends that one day he will pop into your head and you wo not even remember his name. Good luck Kate Gunn

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