How Do I Get Threw This? My Sad Past.?

How do i get threw this? my sad past.?

:-( Really sad to hear all of this. The one thing you must realise is that you need to forgive your dad for yourself...You need it hun, as for your stepmother just keep her at arms length and let go of all the resentment you feel for her but do not let her verbally abuse you ever again. I kow its cliche but you need to see a shrink and always remember you've got a loving father who heals all wound, put all your faith and trust in the Lord.

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Husband is sneaking around but not cheating. Y?

I was married to a liar too, I caught him in so many lies. If they lie about one thing they will lie about other things as well that is not good. They can be so good at it too ! How can you know he does not cheat if you do not know where he's really at ? That's where trust comes into play but he lies about where he's at. I do not trust a liar at all ! Good Luck !

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The role of store image, perceived quality, trust and perceived value in predicting consumers’ purchase intentions towards organic private label food

The trend of introducing organic private label (OPL) products aim to attract health-conscious, environmentally concerned consumers and create store loyalty. Within this context, this present study sheds insights on how store image (SI), perceived quality (PQ), trust in OPL, and perceived value (PV) influence consumers' purchase intentions (PI) towards OPL food products. Empirical data were collected from consumers with self-administered questionnaires in Istanbul, Turkey. The suggested hypotheses were tested utilizing structural equation modeling. The findings of this research reported that SI has a positive impact on PQ and trust in OPL. It was also revealed that PQ, trust in OPL contributes to perceived value. In addition, both PV, trust in OPL and PV was found to have a positive influence on consumers' PI. Moreover, the empirical findings also supported that the impact of PQ and trust in OPL on PI is partially mediated by PV. Some implications are also presented at the end of the study.

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Trust is key in a relationship but is it possible to trust anyone 100%?

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Im in the same situation of my bf of 5 years, and I did something that upset him that hes had a hard time letting go of. When he even seemed over it, he would use it in arguments as leverage. Hes starting to completley let go of it now though, it just takes some time. Hang in there and just take the blows.

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Trust gpg key via script

get fingerprint for key "keyname": FP=$(gpg --list-keys keyname | head -n2 | tail -n1 | tr -d '[:blank:]')trust key: echo -e "5


" | gpg --command-fd 0 --edit-key "$FP" trust

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How can I make my boyfriend forgive me for cheating and make him trust me again?

You can not make your boyfriend forgive you for cheating and make him trust you again because you shattered any and all trust that your boyfriend had in you the second that you decided to cheat on him

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Im still with my babys mom who ive been on and off with for three years. shes niw pregnant with my second kid?

Be real with her, your not forced to be with her because you guys have a baby or two. Not even a 10 babies force anyone to be together. However, if you love her you need to be straight out and tell her she needs to learn to trust you, because without trust. .believe me its not going to work out. If you guys are around eachother too much your going to argue a lot and get sick of eachother and the love is going to die out. Seems to me like its dying out if your confused

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Divya Deepa Charitable Trust

Divya Deepa Charitable Trust is an NGO established in Mysore, India which runs Kaliyuva Mane, an alternative school for the underprivileged children in and around Kenchalagudu village where it is situated. The mission of the trust is to create a replicable model of educating out of system - opportunity deprived children.

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