Video Games: Things You May Want to Know

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    Adrenaline pumps as you round the corner. Just in case, you raise your gun, ready to shoot. Before you know it, bullets are flying all around you and in a panic you ...
  • How Do I Get My Video Games Back From My 21-year-old Sister When She Steals Them?
    Get yourself a foot locker with a hasp that can be locked with a padlock. Put it in the bottom of your closet - somewhere the light is not that good and your dirty c...
  • Introduction to Erotic Video Games
    1. Moses Kalanzi of kids games Moses Kalanzi (born 23 December 1997 in Kampala) is a Ugandan professional football defender, who currently plays for the Danish 1st D...
  • What Would You Say Is the Most Iconic Symbol in Video Games?
    Are we talking brands, or are we talking symbols?If it is symbols and symbols alone, I'd probably guess it is this:The D-Pad.No matter what type of controllers we ha...
  • What Are the Most Widely Believed Myths About Video Games?
    I will start with the most obvious/common one.Video games cause violence - This has never been proven. Itu2019s that kind of phenomenon or hoax created by people who...
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