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Stylus Pens is regarded as the star product of FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD. It is a product designed adhering to international standards and is found to conform to the ISO 9001 requirements. The materials selected are known as eco-friendly, thus the product meets environmental protection requirements. The product is continuously upgraded as innovation and technological change are implemented. It is designed to have the reliability that spans generation. SANDUN Furniture products prove to be of long lifespan, which adds increasing values for our long-term cooperative partners. They prefer to maintain solid strategic partnerships with us for a longer period. Thanks to the continuous word-of-mouth from our partners, the brand awareness has been enhanced greatly. And, we are honored to associate with more new partners who put their 100% trust on us.To provide customers with on-time delivery, as we promise on SANDUN Furniture, we have developed an uninterrupted material supply chain by increasing collaboration with our suppliers to ensure that they can supply us required materials timely, avoiding any delay of production. We usually make a detailed production plan before production, enabling us to carry out production in a quick and accurate manner. For the shipping, we work with many reliable logistics companies to ensure the goods arrives at destination punctually and safely.
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