Zhao Ming, President of Glory: the Goal of Russian Mobile Phone Market Share This Year Is the First

On the 19th, "glory mobile phone circle pink overseas singer" boarded the microblog hot search. Glory president Zhao Ming then said, "according to canalys data, glory's market share in Russia reached 18% in the third quarter of last year, ranking second. In 2019, our goal will be first!"

According to the official microblog of glory mobile phone, in this issue of "singer", Russian talented singer kristiankostov Chris shows OP live, and the glory V20 of fancy Amway's 48 million AI ultra clear photos also said that "glory mobile phone is very famous in Russia."

Subsequently, when forwarding the above microblog, Zhao Ming said that glory mobile phone should achieve the goal of No. 1 market share in Russia this year.

In 2018, global smartphone sales fell for the first time. Several research companies preliminarily estimated that the global smartphone sales fell by 1% - 3%. Samsung and apple bear the brunt. The two smartphone manufacturers respectively disclosed that mobile phone sales decreased in the fourth quarter of 2018.

According to the 2018 global smartphone shipment ranking released by sunrise big data, the global smartphone market shipped a total of 1.456 billion units last year, slightly lower than that in 2017. The top three are Samsung, apple and Huawei.

In the domestic market, the of the smart phone market is also becoming more and more saturated. In the third quarter of last year, the phenomenon of "both volume and price falling" appeared in the domestic mobile phone market for the first time. Developing overseas market has already become the choice of many domestic mobile phone brands.

Russia has become one of the preferred targets of many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers because of its unique market situation and development prospects. In 2015, the release of glory changplay 4C and glory 6plus released the signal that glory mobile phone officially entered the Russian market.

Subsequently, at the end of 2017, glory mobile determined the global strategic plan of "focusing on the brand highland, covering a large population and becoming the top five in the world in three years".

This domestic mobile phone brand's entry into emerging markets is consistent with the trend predicted by many research institutions. Many institutions expect that driven by emerging markets such as India and African countries, smartphone sales may resume growth in 2019.

According to the "overseas tracking - Interpretation of the ranking list of smart phone shipments in Russia in August 2018" released by sunrise big data, glory mobile phone has a market share of 24.4% in Russia, second only to 25.6% of Samsung; Apple's market share is 14 percentage points higher than that of apple in the third place.

In the overseas competition, glory mobile phone takes the flagship model as the leading model. Previously, the sales volume of glory 10 in Russia exceeded 10000 in the first week, and occupied about 70% of the market share of mobile phones at the price of 25000-30000 rubles. In glory's view, glory V20, as a representative product of glory mobile phone globalization, is expected to achieve a new high in overseas sales this year.

Behind Zhao Ming's heroic words is the glory of the increasing recognition of mobile phone product strength and the continuous improvement of brand internationalization.

According to GfK data, glory's overseas sales increased by 150% year-on-year in the first half of 2018. According to canalys data, glory mobile entered the top 5 in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Italy and other countries in the third quarter of 2018, ranking first in market growth in nine countries.

According to the data released by glory, the number of global users and fans of glory has reached 120 million. Russian singer Kristian Kostov was honored after 00. Maybe circle fans are not an example.

Five years ago, the young users of mobile phones were mainly the post-85s and post-90s. Now generation Z (young people of the Internet generation) is standing in the center of the stage and changing the pattern of the mobile phone market.

While entering the overseas market, in order to meet the demands of young people, glory Mobile announced the brand upgrade on December 26 last year, put forward the new idea of "creating a new intelligent world belonging to young people", established the "glory youth school" to build a diversified and open community communication platform for young people around the world.

In Zhao Ming's view, generation Z has undergone profound changes in the four aspects of science and technology, aesthetics, community and life. Fashion can be young and fun, science and technology can be warm and interesting, and science and technology can be synchronized with fashion, so as to respect the individual will of consumers and honor the continuous strategic upgrading in globalization and technological innovation.

Source: China News Network

Zhao Ming, President of Glory: the Goal of Russian Mobile Phone Market Share This Year Is the First 1

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