Youda Unveils Innovative Display Technology

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With the panel industry entering the era of application innovation, the focus of competition among major panel manufacturers is not upgrading from generation to generation, but how to develop more innovative applications, bring consumers a new experience, and even bring unprecedented changes in living habits. Youda optoelectronics has grasped the opportunity of this trend and continuously launched a variety of innovative display technologies such as 3D display technology, touch technology and e-books, hoping to bring new sensory experience to consumers

Three dimensional display technology

Relying on its advanced R & D capabilities in the field of 3D display, Youda developed a full range of 3D display panels with different technologies from 4.3 inches, 8 inches, 17 inches to 65 inches without wearing special glasses in June this year. Among them, the world's largest 65 inch three-dimensional display has 12 viewpoints. By virtue of the parallax barrier type, the left and right eyes of the human body can produce three-dimensional effects at different distances from the image. In addition, the high brightness three-dimensional backlight design of Youda can increase the brightness by 140%. The vertical image effect of super large picture can be applied to commercial advertising, home entertainment, education and other purposes of public display in the future, Provide consumers with realistic experience.

In addition to being used for billboard applications, the 52 Inch Touch panel of Youda optoelectronics supports touch function and greatly enhances human-computer interaction

AU Optronics launched a 6-inch e-book with built-in touch function. It adopts sipix's exclusive microchip patented technology, which has stable display quality and is not easy to get tired after long-term reading

Youda optoelectronics is the world's first 2.8-inch QVGA mobile phone panel with dual functions of scanning fingerprint and image pattern at the same time

Youda optoelectronics is the world's first curved display panel made of glass substrate, with a curvature of up to 100mm

Youda optoelectronics is the world's first convex surface TFT-LCD display technology, and the convex curvature can reach 100mm

Youda photoelectric elliptical liquid crystal display technology application panel

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