With the Improvement of Global Automation, China Began to Occupy a Dominant Position in the Industri

According to the report released today by the new international robot world robot Federation 2017 industrial robot report, more than 1.7 million new industrial robots will be installed in factories around the world by 2020.

By the end of 2016, there were about 1.8 million industrial robots in operation, and the annual growth rate is expected to be 14% from 2018 to 2020.

"Robots provide high precision, and their connections will play a key role in the new digital manufacturing environment," President Joe Gemma said in a press release. "More and more availability enables more and more companies of all sizes to automate."

In fact, the trend driving this growing adoption is that small and medium-sized manufacturers are also looking for automation. This is achieved by introducing robots that are easier to program and more versatile, which allows manufacturers to have fewer professional in-house engineers to run robot production lines. In addition, as robot manufacturers consider leasing models, industrial robots become more and more accessible.

"Robots are now more feasible for small and medium-sized manufacturers because there are obstacles to the capital investment cost and programming complexity of industrial robots so far," Gemma said in a prepared statement. "The increasing availability and competitive price of collaborative robots - small, mobile, dexterous and easy to program robots working outside the cage, usually with manual work - enable manufacturers to achieve the vision and processing capacity of short-term or hybrid production automation that requires high precision and complexity“

Estimated annual shipments of industrial robots by country

With the improvement of global automation, China dominates the industrial robot market. In 2016, the output accounted for 30% of the total supply and the sales volume was 87000 units. After China, South Korea has the highest robot density in the world, with 41400 units in 2016, 38600 units in Japan, 31400 units in the United States and 20 units in Germany in 2016, 039 sets, the largest market in Europe.

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