Why Were Congressmen Giving a Standing Ovation Every Few Minutes to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin

The Republicans were playing to their base in order to get votes. Great politics for them, poor statesmanship and foreign policy for the country.Supporting Israel and negotiating a deal with Iran are not mutually exclusive.

This negotiation involved six nations who have a vested interest in keeping the Middle East stable in order to avoid disruptions in the global market and their own economies. The agreement with Iran will allow IAEA inspections of their nuclear facilities (the same IAEA which correctly told us that Iraq had no WMDs and which the Bush administration ignored). Every other country with a stake in the game is relieved and welcomes the deal because it is a step in the right direction to avoid military confrontation.

No such agreement is perfect, and future negotiates will take place to make it better.The US will never let Israel come under conventional or nuclear attack from Iran. Iran knows it, Israel knows it, the other P51 countries and UN nations know it, the EU knows.

It seems a small group of Republicans are the only ones who don't know it or are pretending otherwise for political reasons.The US has continued to support Israel under President Obama. He asked for emergency funding from Congress to improve Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense, and Israel has received over $1 billion for that purpose.

The Obama Administration has committed to giving Israel advanced F-35 fighters, and they will be the only country in the Middle East to have this advantage.To keep the Middle East stable the US does not have to be anti-Palestinian or agree with all the requests from Israel's government. A stable Middle East is in the best interest of Israel, the P51, the region, Iran, the Middle East oil exporting countries, the US, and the world.

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Can any person becomes so nervous while standing in front of people for a speech, that he/she can't speak a word and is visibly shivering?

Yes. Nervousness when being the center of attention of many people is entirely natural and deeply rooted in evolutionary biology.

Anyone whose fight-flight response is triggered in front of a large group of people will experience anxiety.Body sensations are generated when the fight-flight response is triggered. The most common sensations are: flushed face, dry throat, swollen tongue, breathlessness, pounding chest, stomach in knots, rigid body, shaking hands, shaking knees, sweaty and clammy hands.

There are other symptoms too, like dilated pupils, which make it difficult, if not impossible, to read notes. These are natural, common, and entirely human. It is these body sensationsu2014and only these body sensationsu2014that lead to the experience (& memory) of being unable to speak, and of shivering.

This video, Science of Stage Fright. is an excellent summary of what you need to know.The other side of the coin is exhilaration.

When standing (& speaking well, connecting well, and being in FLOW) in front of people, we can also feel exhilaration. This too is the result of body sensationsu2014also rooted in evolutionary biologyu2014and it is wonderful. It makes the entire struggle worthwhile.

Many speech coaches recognize that speakers who initially experience the most nervousness, transform into speakers who create true audience connection, have the most stage presence, and are most likely to experience exhilaration. So nervousness is an inner physical energy, which, depending on how it is harnessed, can be either a force confining, or a force liberating.I have spoken for many years and still occasionally feel speechlessness and shivers coming on.

I also routinely experience exhilaration. Please, never ever let the fear of public speaking prevent you from becoming the very best speaker you can be.I reiterate, nervousness when being the center of attention of many people is entirely natural and deeply rooted in evolutionary biology.

Nervous energy, depending on how it is harnessed, can be either a force confining, or a force liberating. GOOD LUCK!______________________________________APPENDIXTo overcome the fear of public speaking, technically known as glossophobia,See this QUORA answer.

Listen to a part of my lecture (minute 27:20 - 35:30).Read chapter 7 of my book Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking and Storytelling for Project Managers and Engineers for a far more detailed discussion and for multiple coping strategies. A gift pdf copy of this chapter can be downloaded here


Why did the military line up behind Donald Trump during his inaugural speech?

The soldiers walked up and stood at attention behind President Trump as he stated this:u201cToday's ceremony, however, has a very special meaning because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.

u201dI havenu2019t been able to find anyone that can explain why they were there. I certainly have never seen it before.It seemed like a choreographed warning by the President to the u201csmall group in our nationu2019s capital.

u201d In other words, Trump may have been saying, u201cI am the Commander In Chief now, and I have the United States military at my disposal.u201dGiven the theme of Trumpu2019s speech, this wouldnu2019t surprise me one bit. This wasnu2019t normal.

AdditionHere is at least one article by the Daily Mail that does not mention the handing out of umbrellas or plastic ponchos, but rather highlights how this was both unusual and still a mystery. The peaceful and orderly transfer of presidential power in America is an incredible thing. It has in many ways transformed the world by example since George Washington created the precedent.

It at last divorced the West from the executive legacy of Louis XV, and the docrine of divine right. This President, like him or hate him, is unlike any we have had in modern times and rode a populist wave to office despite all odds and incredible resistance. He likely faces challenges to his authority and legitimacy that none of us have seen in our lifetime.

Iu2019m sticking to my observation that this was a choreographed show of authority, and that he is warning the established Washington interests who both recognize and work through symbols, hints, and cerimony that heu2019s in charge.


When did Winston Churchill say, "We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle?" Is this from a particular speech?

He used it more than once. Here are three speeches where he used it.It is the theory of the Protectionist that imports are an evil.

He thinks that if you shut out the foreign imported manufactured goods you will make these goods yourselves, in addition to the goods which you make now, including those goods which we make to exchange for the foreign goods that come in. If a man can believe that he can believe anything. (Laughter.

) We Free-traders say it is not true. To think you can make a man richer by putting on a tax is like a man thinking that he can stand in a bucket and lift himself up by the handle. (Laughter and cheers.

) Churchill, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 19 February 1904, Complete Speeches I: 261To all questions and complaints his Majestys Ministers have a single answer, Send us back to office for seven more years, they cry, and we will shut out the foreign devils and the goods the foreign devils make. What a programme for the 20th century! What an appeal to a civilized nation!

What a new years greeting to mankind! (Loud cheers.) I am proud of the part I took in opposing the Government, that a country which tries to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and endeavouring to lift himself up by the handle.

(Loud laughter.)Churchill, Town Hall, Malmesbury, 18 December 1904, Complete Speeches I: 398. *The doctrines that by keeping out foreign goods more wealth, and consequently more employment, will be created at home, are either true or they are not true.

We contend that they are not true. We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. Churchill, Why I am a Free Trader(London: 1905); reprinted in Stead, Coming Men on Coming Questions (London: 1905; and Michael Wolff, ed.

, Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill (London, 1975, 4 vols.) II 23.

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