Why Was the Color of Street Lights at Night, Until Sometime in the 1990's, White Or the Color of Lig

There are several types of lights. One is incandescent, The light created by a thin filament that is superheated by electrical flow. Incandescent lighting is a mixture of wavelengths. This lighting is closer to sunlight and appears to be warmer in tone. Most of the street lights were incandescent before 1990. However, the more of this type of light there was in a city , the more likely most of the stars could not be seen.nAnother type of lighting is florescent. Which is created by running electricity through a mercury vapor which reacts with the specific coating inside the glass tube producing light. Florescent light is much colder and can bother some people exposed to it.n The latest in lighting technologies is the Light Emitting Diode or LED. A much more efficient and less expensive energy consuming lighting technology. It is LEDs that are being used to replace the incandescent lights throughout most cities. That is because LEDs have a less scattering affect than incandescent bulbs..

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What is the mechanism behind the workings of a light emitting diode?

Light is composed of photonsu2026 quanta of light. Each color of light is associated with a particular wavelength of light which in turn represents a particular energy of the photons. Visible photons, those coming from the light emitting diodes that you can see, have a range of energy between 1. 75 and 3. 1 electron volts, eV. Semiconductors can produce quanta of energy in this range by a mechanism called electron-hole or radiative recombination. This is essentially a single electron going from a free state to a state where it is part of a bond between atoms in the appropriate semiconductor crystal.Each semiconductor crystal has a different characteristic energy for this transition and therefore emits a distinct color of photon. By electrically causing the bonds in the crystal to break and create free electrons in large numbers, we create the conditions for these electrons to fall back into their bound states thereby releasing a quantum of energyu2026 a photon. Do this in large enough numbers continuously and you have the emission of light. A light emitting diode or LED.What is the mechanism behind the workings of a light emitting diode?.


What light is to be emitted in light emitting diode?

This depends upon the LED. All colors can be produced, but at different efficiency levels.Light, a generalized term, is a byproduct of photons. Photons have variable energy levels based upon their wavelengths. In humans, some photon energy levels emitted by LEDs are perceived as colors, other energy levels are not perceivable. For example, ultraviolet (UV) light is not visible by humans whether coming from an LED or the sun.Despite the invisibility of UV light, the UV energy of LED emitted photons can be used to excite phosphors coated onto the lens of an LED and result in lower energy, visible photons to appear. This is the method used to produce white LEDs; the LEDs used in virtually all human displays found in computers, TVs, smartphones, and tablets as well as the modern lighting of homes and businesses.Depending upon the phosphor coating, different color temperatures (read: colors) can be engineered.LEDs can also be engineered to work without phosphors. In those cases, the bandgap of the LED semiconductor junction must be designed to prioritize the production of visible energy photons of the desired color.What light is to be emitted in light emitting diode?


Do surgeons need hands-free surgical lights innovation?

Surgical lights is a technology used for operating theater lighting systems. These are generally lamps that demand less shadows and better clarity to the healthcare professionals while performing surgeries. Surgical shadowless lamps are generally used by surgeons and dentists while performing neurosurgery, endoscopic surgeries, dental surgeries, optical surgeries and others. Better surgical lighting enables doctors to perform superior and successful surgeries. In addition, surgical shadowless lamps are also used in outpatient and inpatient operating rooms. The surgical shadowless lamps can be classified according to technology into two types:By Technology:Halogen based surgical shadowless lamps. Light emitting diode (LED) based surgical shadowless lamps.Halogen based surgical shadowless lamps is an old technology which is currently being replaced by LED based surgical shadowless lamps. Halogen lamps cause environmental pollution and produces large amount of heat that leads to additional difficulty for the surgeon while performing the surgical procedures. On the other hand, LED based surgical lamps produce cold light, low temperature, high color rendering and long life term. Thus, owing to the above mentioned advantages LED based surgical lamps are preferred by the healthcare professionals over halogen based surgical shadowless lamps.Download Complete Healthcare Analytical Brochure: ly/2jp9ragDo surgeons need hands-free surgical lights innovation?

------ costume traduzir siglas no Portugus de Portugal

Na idade mdia era essencial a unidade lngustica e religiosa como forma de um pas manter suas fronteiras bem definidas. Todos os governantes tentaram, em maior ou menor grau, manter a lngua de seu reino livre de estrangeirismos. Os portugueses, como "donos da lngua" sempre zelaram muito mais por sua integridade que os outros povos falantes, a ponto de que em certa poca no se podia registrar um filho com um nome estrangeiro ou inventado. E aqui, uma correo: conforme menciona @Artefacto em seu comentrio, essa proibio vlida at os dias de hoje. Quanto a ns, brasileiros, verdade que somos mais abertos a estrangeirismos, at nos nomes prprios. Mas, mesmo assim, no tocante s siglas, tambm as traduzimos. E os exemplos so muitos: ONU, OEA, OTAN, UE, EUA, URSS, DST, TOC, UTI, IAM, DPOC, RTU, etc.PS No houve nenhuma inteno de sarcasmo quanto a expresso "donos da lngua". Realmente, no meu ponto de vista, os portugueses, espanhis, ingleses, franceses, etc. so os donos de lnguas que outros povos "tomaram emprestada" e que em alguns casos transformaram em dialetos


Do I need a resistor between the microcontroller and the battery? duplicate

A really cheesy way to drop voltages that might be good enough for a toy or other device that doesn't need to be terribly robust is to use a series of diodes. A typical silicon diode has a voltage drop of approximately 0.7 Volts. While this voltage drop is certainly not independent of the current draw by the microcontroller, it varies less with current than does a resistor and is often sufficient to make things functional when you are extremely resource limited.

6 silicon diodes would give us a forward drop of roughly 4.2 Volts which is about right to get us from 9 Volts down to 5. You would simply put the diodes in series with the battery.

Red light emitting diodes (LEDs) have a forward voltage drop of about 1.5 Volts making them good alternatives if you would like to use fewer than 6 diodes. Light emitting diodes towards the bluer end of spectrum have higher voltages and are becoming inexpensive and plentiful. You can find diodes with forward voltage drops approaching 4 Volts. The newer extremely bright LEDs cost only a few bucks and can also carry rather high currents, in the hundreds of mAmps


Why does my circuit work only when I do not use the Serial port?

Your circuit is wired improperly.

It will be easiest for you to simply follow this official tutorial that will show you how to use a push button to turn on an LED. Even though you have a mega, it will work fine for you.You will see a wiring picture there that is simplified:

Plus, the correct code is there:Schematic Is Quite Important

also, as you attempt to look at the picture and build the circuit you discover how difficult it is to see how things are connected.

That leads you to understand how important a simple schematic can be.

I've attempted to turn the pic from the arduino site into a schematic and my interpretation may be wrong or the actual circuit that the Arduino site has built may be wrong. If anyone has comments I will take them into account.Trying to build from a picture of a circuit is terribly difficult and trying to debug your circuit from a picture is also. That's why when you submit a question you should submit a drawn schematic of how you have wired it up.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLab


What is a digital clock made of?

A digital clock can be as simple as a mechanism using numbers on wheels or flip panels, operated by an electric motor or a mechanical clockwork mechanism. Stored energy from electricity, springs, weights, running water, sand or other source can be used to run the mechanism. Mechanical clocks whether digital or analog will have some sort of governor to keep the mechanism running at the correct rate,Electronic digital clocks can be as basic as a crystal or other type of oscillator that drives a counter whose value is interpreted into digital numerals with logic circuits, the numbers usually represented as 7-segment numerals and can be made using anything from simple light emitting diodes, light bulbs or solenoid driven flip panels for each segment. A digital clock can also be as sophisticated as a computer that displays the time digitally on a display, such as the ones mentioned above or even on a computer display.In closing, a digital clock can be any device that used stored energy either mechanically, electronically or with electric motor to display the time using lights, wheels, panels, or other method to display the time digitally.What is a digital clock made of?


What are simple projects for ECE 1st semester in 1st year?

Greetings for choosing ECE as a career! :-)First year 1st semester is the time when you get introduced to the basic concepts of electronics. You also get introduced to the basic electronic components like resistors and their types, diodes, transistors, light emitting diodes(LEDs), etc. in your lab sessions.For having a good foundation in electronics, one must clearly understand how the transistor works. Unless and until you use a transistor in a practical application such as a switch or as an amplifier, you won't understand its concept throughly.How about making an automatic dark sensor using transistor?Sounds fun right?Yes! its easily possible to make one with the bunch of components which you are currently studying!This circuit diagram above shows how to build an automatic dark sensor.With the potential divider created by 100k variable resistor(R2 ) and the LDR, you are controlling the biasing of the transistor so as to make it work like a switch. The output is indicated by the blinking of the LED.When you assemble the circuit on breadboard, it looks something like this:For more information visit this:LDR Circuit Diagram - Build Electronic CircuitsHave fun! :)What are simple projects for ECE 1st semester in 1st year?


Physical meaning of polarization

An electromagnetic wave in vacuum can have two polarizations. In your figure it is polarized along the $x$ axis, since the electric field is directed along this axis, while the magnetic field is along the $y$ axis. Another option for the wave propagating in the same $z$ direction is for the electric field to be along the $y$ axis and for the magnetic field along the $x$ axis. Any combination of two polarized waves will be also a polarized wave - in fact, one often chooses to work with specific combinations called circularly polarized waves rather than with $x$ and $y$ polarizations.When speaking about unpolarized light, what is meant is that this light does not have a well-defined polarization, that is it is a mixture of waves running in different directions and randomly polarized. This is the light that comes from conventional life sources, such as light bulbs, as opposed to quantum light sources, such as lasers and masers. Light emitting diodes that we encounter in our daily life are, in principle, quantum light sources, but they are usually of too low quality for their light to have a well defined polarization

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