Why Do Some People Consider Jimmy Carter One of Our Worst Presidents?

I used to believe this too.

Then I actually studied a thing or two in grad school about economics.First... Carter inherited a very, very unique time in U.S. History... Millions of baby boomers coming of age all at once; Entering the credit market, buying houses, getting jobs, buying cars, all basically within a couple

of years. It actually started with Nixon, but came to an absolute goat-rodeo with Carter. The results were really not manageable; there was an unmanageable demand for very short-supply of goods. Including gas. I was in those lines in the 70s. Cursing Carter every minute.second... He was kind of smug. Those fireside chats were SO condescending... While we were waiting in lines, cold because we couldn't afford oil in the winter while he was dressed in a sweater in the White House.Third... Many, many millions of people were greatly uninformed about some things.... "Giving away" the Panama Canal, the Iran hostage crisis, the misery index (yes, it was real).Looking back, I have the following statements of forgiveness...1. He didn't give away the Panama Canal... He allowed the Panamanians to manage it. Chalk one up to the GOP for stretching the truth.2. The Iran Hostage crisis.... A royal up... But there were many successes too.... But you're always going to be remembered for the one royal up.... Something that Carter should give a lecture in.3. The economy... I saved the best for last. Paul Volker... Carter's Chairman of the Fed... May be the single most important hero of the 20th century. By making us suffer through the most horrific inflation, he eliminated inflation in our lifetime. Something Nixon and Kissenger didn't have the guts to do. Nixon, the biggest anti-communist flame baiter there was, put us in a mandatory "price freeze".... Basically he arrested the free market.Yes, it (Carter) was a horrible time to live through. So is college, divorce, getting fired, cancer, losing those you love, going to war, and a thousand things... But Carter had the real, hard guts to put us through the meat grinder so that we became a strong people once we were through it.Screw Reagan.... He just reaped the benefit and took the credit; WE THE PEOPLE, led by Carter, made it through and became a strong and mindful nation because of Carter. Sometimes the only way out is through. Rhetoric, bullshit and lies may win elections. But in the end, it is us, the people, that do everything from pull the knobs, to lifting the boulders that make a nation.Carter (and Volker) will never get credit for being the guys that were there, and sacrificed their careers to be there when nobody in their right minds would have been there.

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Did Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" rip off "Ride the Sky" by Lucifer's Friend?

I had never heard of Lucifers Friend or Ride The Sky, so I had to give it a listen... And Google it Heres a link that dates sessions and release of both songsr/TheSongRemainsTheSame - Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (1970) vs. Lucifer's Friend - Ride In The Sky (1970)And WOW! Yes, there is a lot of similarity Hearing both brought back an odd memory of a feeling I had before When I first heard The Immigrant Song That Immigrant Song intro bugged me for weeks at the time!(Funny story about that Listening to the beginning of The Immigrant Song once threw my sleeping cat into a spastic fit! I guess some sort of kitty nightmare, since it does sound a bit like cats fighting. LOL!)ANYHOWComparing Plants intro vocal to Ride The Skys intro horn, that old memory suddenly snapped into place and made perfect sense! Hearing it as a horn instead of a vocal made my rusty old abacus of a brain finally come up with the answer that eluded me back then, now forty nine years later!Both of these songs have the same intro figure as the Get Smart theme music! And a similar quick tempo... The timing of it is just the tiniest bit different, but! Give it a listen hereThis link has the Get Smart episode datesList of Get Smart episodes - WikipediaSo Get Smart was definitely out way before either!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -This reminds me a lot of one of my pet peeve copyright gripesHuey Lewis I Want A New Drug Vs. Ray Parker Jr.s Ghostbusters.While Ray Parker Jr. settled out of court, in reality, Huey should take the money he got from the suit, double it and give it to The Bar-Kays. Just give a listen to their excellent hit track, Soul Finger!Done in 1967! I Want A New Drug was done in 1983, and Ghostbusters in 1984. Soul Finger is a little slower, but still nearly the exact same groove as for both! And when you hear the chant of Soul Finger and compare it to the chant of Ghost-Busters, its like listening to a Laurel-Yanni hearing check.Regarding Led Zeppelins Stairway To Heaven ripping off Spirits Taurus MEH! Im not convinced.

Everything goes around and comes back around. Im sure if you dug deep enough, youd find previous versions of the melodies in all of these songs and also earlier versions of just about anything you currently hear or have heard in your entire life


What was/is the common factor that contributed to the fall of great empires throughout history?

First, I am by no means an expert. Please keep in mind that this answer will be pure speculation and strictly my opinion. An "educated guess" one might say.Throughout history empires have risen and fallen almost like clockwork. Some lasted a little longer than others but at the end of the day they all came crashing down. "Crashing down" would be hyperbole, as once your sphere of influence/control reaches "empire" status, nothing happens overnight.You asked for a common factor that contributed to the fall of empires. Although many of the answers below are great, I will add my two cents. Imperial overreach/over extended I would say is probably the most common factor.Overreach in itself however would not constitute demise. The great empires fell because of a combination of factors. These factors on their own would be manageable once identified and new strategies put in place. Once these factors begin to compile their management becomes difficult and, as we witness throughout history, impossible.A brief list of factors off the top of my head.

Overreach - extending territory beyond your ability to defend and rule.Loss of morale/disillusionment - once your society and soldiers begin to lose morale for whatever reason, motivating them to keep expanding becomes difficult, especially once the original visionary of expansion has been removed. Eg. Ghengis Khan ( sp?), Alexander the Great.

Corruption- the larger your empire it becomes most difficult to micro manage. You are forced to rely on others and they may or may not have the same visions as you.Uprisings- depending on your disposition as a ruler, peasant revolts or rebellion in conquered territory can prove catastrophic.

Greed- as the wealth from other nations pour in from your continued onslaught, the tendency is to sit back and get lazy, wanting more and becoming more ruthless. The above factors come into play much quicker when greed is a factor.Fatigue- The constant use and abuse of your military can leave you in short supply. Your veterans will be tired of doing your dirty work, your towns will be tired of giving you their young men, your army ( depending on losses) will become filled with less and less trained and experienced soldiers. Your munitions, the cost to your treasury, and the in-attention to civic life will tire your officials and planners.That's my take on it anyway. In conclusion I would say the most common factor is that it is a combination of factors. When you don't learn from history and you don't recognize the signs of trouble your empire is doomed. Every factor on its own can be managed and dealt with. When they are let to slip or ignored they turn into the death of a thousand cuts.


What are your religious beliefs?

What are your religious beliefs?AWe need a shorter list of reasons to oppress, marginalize, or to hurt people. If we can cross religious dogma off that list through educationIm all for it!Religious beliefs do not exist in a vacuum. Religious people dont keep it private behind the walls of their home. They generally dont tend to respect those outside their religious sphere.Religion and its related dogma arent harmless, its not invisible, its certainly not something that deserves to be ignored.Because far too often hard-core beliefs turn into actionseven beliefs based in superstition. Behaviors that interrupt the well-being of societies, cultures, families, & people. Outrageous behaviors that fly in the face of common sense, common decency, and common well-being. Behaviors that harm people around the world.

Behaviors like:being a bigot to your neighbors because they don't share the same supernatural fantasiesdenial of basic human rights to certain demographics, then voting to make it a lawlobbying to put their favorite brand of magic into public schoolspretending that magic is real and spreading superstitionpower grabs based on their perceived superiorityhomophobiaspreading fear based on non-existent punishmentsthe raping of innocent childrenpromising of non-existent rewardsspreading of outright lies & the distortion of factssubjugation of womenexpectations of privilege because their favorite brand of magic is better than those other brands of magicinsisting that superstition be inserted into government & educationmurdering non-believers in several countriesmutilation of people with aciddisowning children because >gasp

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