Why Did the Huns Dissapear After Attila? As I Understand It, They Were an Amazing Force of War, and

They didnt go anywhere. Theres a country in Central Europe that is famous for its horse-friendly plains.. a country called HUNgary. One of Hungarys national heroes is Atilla. Those are not coincidences! ;)There are numerous instances all across history of a ferocious warrior people seeming to come out of the blue.

. rampage around beating everybody under some famous leader.. and then receding or even seeming to disappear entirely from (popular, Western) history when that leader dies - but theyre actually still around today. Atillas Huns are one example - this question is exhibit A.

Another that live in a nearby area are the Cimbri, who terrorized Rome and Gaul in the late 2nd Century BC. After their crushing defeat at the hands of Gaius Marius, they disappear from history. In fact, the survivors fled to the southern Dolemite mountains in Italy (locally known as Alpe Cimbra) where many of their descendants still live today around Folgaria.

To me, the similarity across these cases seems to be exceptional leaders like Atilla, Boiorix of the Cimbri (and arguably Tamerlane, Shaka, Gaiseric, and others) who through the force of their own personality transform their society into a military juggernaut that recedes (more or less quickly) when that leader is gone and there is not a leader of similar caliber to replace him. In almost no cases do those societies truly go away. They just go back to normal, so to speak.

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Why is West Bengal called West Bengal?

Because of this manGeorge Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston. or as better-known to most Indians, Lord Curzon, the second Viceroy of British India.This man was one of the several stars of the British Empire in those days, and just like them, lived an illustrious life of a typical British politician.

In the days when he became Viceroy, the largest province of India was Bengal Presidency, which looked like thisBengal Presidency in those days comprised of Bengal, parts of Bihar, Odisha and Assam.Somewhere at that time, under a thought of ease in administration, Curzon decided to crack up the region. While Curzon claimed that he just wanted to divide the Bengalis and not Hindus from Muslims, but the way the divisions happened later led to the Bengali speakers becoming minority since now they were with Odisha and Bihar.

The whole move was supported by the Nawab of Bengal whereas the Hindus opposed it.This later on led to a new struggle against the British, which later led to boycott of British goods and emergence of a religious angle to the freedom struggle.This was the first-ever all-out "Divide and Rule" policy of the British.

The protests were such that the British had to backtrack on the partition plan, however the damage was already done. Identity politics had taken birth, which later on would culminate into separatist politics that ultimately led to partition in 1947 on purely religious grounds.Following partition, the western part of Bengal became West Bengal and eastern part became East Pakistan.

East Pakistan later was the battleground in 1971 war, that ended with formation of Bangladesh.West Bengal thus remained West Bengal.Why is West Bengal called West Bengal when it is in East?


Is it true that Britain promised Jews to give them Israel if they led the U.S. into WW2?

i think you mixed ww1 with ww2 in your question.nso let me put your question correctly by replacing ww2 with ww1nthere was a jew called Benjamin Freedman, born in Germany, and migrated to the US and converted to christianity, i think he was the first one who claimed it, the when Britain were planning and going to surrender to Germany, the zionist went to the Brits and told them not to surrender because the zionists will bring the US to the war to fight besides the brits against germany, But, this help and rescue isnt free of charge, and when brits will win the war by the help of the US they will have the Othman empire land, and give palestine to the zionists.nUS was in that time pro germany and anti brits, and wanted the germans to defeat the brits, so it didnt make any sense to the brits how the zionists will bring the US to war, and warring in the side of the brits against germany.

nbut the zionists manage to keep their word and brought the US into the war warring in the side if brits , and that is the reason for the balfour decleration.this isnt my idea, i personaly rejact it and dont believe it to be true, it is just another antisemitic theory made by a jewish man who converted to christianitynthis jewish antisemitic also said that european jews arent semitic but khazars, and therefore they have no right over palestine.nso believing this man is difficultn


How would you describe a Joe Biden voter?

Its not that complicated. Fundamentally, people like Joe because hes familiar, normal and basically decent. His policies wont set the world on fire with novelty and extreme positions, but they actually might happen, and probably well wind up hating each other a bit less.They know that a Biden administration will let them sleep at night and spend weeks, even months, not worrying about politics. We wont randomly wander into wars, or betray our friends or blow up our alliances. We wont need to sit around worrying that there will be some glitch in the all new, radically different medicine, childcare, tax, employment, or whatever system that will suddenly make our nest eggs disappear or prevent us from getting medical treatment. They know hell hire basically competent, non-insane people and begin building the civil service and courts back up to where they can function properly. They know that he will keep minorities in mind, but not demonize everyone else. They know that Biden can get along with at least some Republicans, but is definitely going to pull things leftwards. He may say some stupid things from time to time (not a new thing, BTW hes been gaffe prone his whole career) but he apologizes and recognizes his mistakes, rather than sharpie-inventing a hurricane threat or insisting that he had all his policies right 30 years ago, so why change now.

Basically, the country feels like it got into an Uber with an insane driver and has been white knuckling it continuously for 3 years. We finally have the opportunity to get the hell off.Biden wasnt my first choice, but I happily pulled the lever for him against Bernie, and will do so again against Trump.


Does a narcissist ever have a mental breakdown?

I am no professional at this matter. I can only tell you what I know from my experience.have known the person I was with for forty years. We grew up together as kids.in this time she has been in and out of my life.

so I can't say she has had a mental breakdown. But only recently have realize she had NPD and was living multiple lives. And only has been I guess you would say constantly in my life the past several years.

have seen times where she seemed quiet and subdued.like she even seem to be coming unglued.but then she could shake this like it was a common cold,and she was back at her old nasty behavior.with this being said. I do know if you stay with this type of person,you will be the one more likely to have a mental breakdown.

they can I always justify their actions to their self.as you sit and try to understand what is happening to you.they have already moved on looking for better supply,are anything to feed their self-esteem. I myself lost thirty pounds in a month over this parasite.and do believe I was on my way to a breakdown myself.but friends and family helped me back to my feet.

while she never skipped a beat.

I would have to say at this piont I don't care if they can are can't have a mental breakdown.but if you don't get away from this toxic person, you more than likely will!!!


Even though Led Zeppelin had as lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, could Robert Plant become the rhythm guitarist instead of just being lead vocalist of the group? You know, it's boring to not play any instruments.

Led Zeppelin did not have a lead guitarist. It had a guitarist. Jimmy Page played the whole spectrum from strumbolina chords (on Thats the Way, Led Zeppelin III) through to some of the most searing solos ever recorded. He did riffs, he did fills, he did instrumentals, he did finger picking, slide playing, open tunings, and anything else the band needed.

The sound of Zeppelin was completed by John Bonham on drums, typically recorded with just two overheads and a kick mic (the technique was invented for him by Glyn Johns ) John Paul Jones on Bass and keyboards, and Robert Plant on vocals, with occasional harmonica or tambourine.If you watch videos of Robert Plant while Jimmy Page was soloing, he was not standing around doing nothing. Like Freddie Mercury, he was a complete showman and kept the audience visually engaged.

When you first play in a band, everyone wants to be doing something the whole time, and everyone has to work hard to fill out the sound, which otherwise sounds weak and distant. As musicians develop skills, and their bands develop cohesion, it becomes less and less important for everyone to look busy and to fill the sound, and more important to empty the sound and give the various musicians space to play. Sonically speaking, Bonham could fill the entire sound spectrum on his own. Part of the still-contemporary sound of Zeppelin is that they didnt need to add pads onto their recordings to make it sound comfortable. The sound was big enough without it


Has history ever been written by the losers?

Yes. The Spanish civil war. Almost all of our sources for the Spanish civil war came fought on the Republican side, such as Orwell, Hemingway, Auden, and most enduringly by Picasso through his painting of Guernica. It is notable that these people arent historians, but rather writers, poets and painters, so while other areas of history are written mostly by historians, in the case of the Spanish civil war it is the artistic community which shapes our perception. It is interesting that the Comintern, the international communist association in the 1930s, spent a huge amount of money on funding artists who shared their beliefs as part of Marxs idea, echoed by 1930s Marxists such as Gramsci, that communism could only work if it established a proletarian intellectual base.

So, because of this literary and artistic dominance by the Republicans, in the popular imagination the Spanish civil war is seen as a fight between brave idealistic republicans and fascists supported by Hitler, ignoring the atrocities committed by Republicans, who were dominated by Stalinists, and who killed around 50,000 people who were deemed counterrevolutionary. Indeed, the tyranny that sometimes existed in the Republican zone was such that even committed communists like John Dos Passos and Orwell were disgusted, with Orwells experiences influencing 1984 and to a lesser extent animal farm (of youre interested read Homage to Catalonia: sometimes its a bit boring but as a source for the Spanish civil war it is fascinating)

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