Why Did My Heat Stop Blowing?

Look for a fuse first, then if not it's probably under warranty

1. i broke my dad's laptop how to fix? please come quick?

Your Dell Inspiron is built like crap, which would explain your touchpad's mouse keys not be working correctly. However, it will take anywhere from 5 days to 3 months for them to fix your laptop. Considering you bought a cheap laptop from them, look for it to take a bit longer (cheap purchases are less important for them to repair). However, you are not going to get it repaired "along the way" to anywhere. Dell laptop trackpads have to be replaced by Dell professionals, and of the ones that you might find, they will charge you a good bit, AND probably wo not have the part in stock. In short, you are not getting it fixed "on the way" anywhere unless you are walking somewhere and it takes two weeks. If it's under warranty, it should be free. I would however take great care in writing down or photographing IN DETAIL your laptop before you send it in to Dell. They are notorious for lying about damage done to the laptop and refusing to fix the problem. The fact you opened up the laptop actually likely voided your warranty, however small the work done actually was

2. Is this covered by the apple warranty?

try dfu mode Step 1. Turn off your iPhone. Step 2. Hold down the power and home button. Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down. Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that its in restore mode. Then when its done that, restore it. Otherwise, bring it to your nearest apple retail store. it should be covered by the warranty. My ipod keeps rebooting. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. the screen cracked and it can not be replaced for free. 87. but now its looping apple screen, white screen off, apple screen etc.

3. Should they be obligated to repair their bad repairs?!?

Should they be obligated by the law? I doubt it. I am sure there was a warranty on the repair (90 days??). What does your receipt say? Will they fix it? Maybe. Times are getting tough, and if you go in and talk with them professionally they may fix it, or maybe do it for cost. I doubt you would win in court if it's out of warranty.

4. my water heater pilot won't stay lit?

is your water heater an older style ? if so, a thermocouple can be the issue, try replacing it and assure the falme is hitting the tip properly to ensure heat detection. if this doesnt do it, the control valve needs replacing. if you have a newer style, with a sealed burner, then it can involve not enough combustion air thru the screen located o the bottom or sides of the water heater. worst case, a bad control valve, thermolink, fusible link on the thermocoupole itself. if so, try calling the 1-800 number on the tank for if its within warranty, you can get shipped the required parts at no-cost to you

5. If I don't put salt in my dishwasher, will it damage the dishwasher?

I am with everyone else on this one, 'what is with the salt'. Ring the dishwasher company, for a repairer to come out. It is under warranty

6. Alfine 8 gear crunch

The crunchiness appears to be a well-known failure mode of the Shimano internal geared hubs. If your hub is under warranty, I would not hesitate to return it and get a new one. The warranty is a Shimano warranty, so any bike shop that handles Shimano should be able to process it for you.

7. How much should it cost to remodel my kitchen?

I got my kitchen remodled and it was for $25,000 from Home Depot including the installation fee and granite countertop. Home Depot has a fair installation fee, I do not remember how much I paid but it was about $1000, try to get your kitchen remodled from a large company like Home Depot and Lowes, that way if anything goes wrong they can fix it under warranty and their quality is really good, some of the smaller companies cabinet quality is pretty low and their cabinets break really easily

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