Why Aren't There Any Variants of the AK Featuring Lighter and More Compact Receivers and Carrier Gro

the ak is famous for its reliability and low cost that is achieved through its loose tolerances. you could spend a whole lot of money redesigning it to build a compact race gun but it would cost more than other firearms that do the same thing. AK are simple and if kept that way they work well start trying to make it perform better and it becomes unreliable and a unreliable gun is just a fancy toy to show off at the range nothing wrong with that but its not what your looking for when you buy an ak.

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Where do you buy ready-made CAM data for wooden products for CNC machines?

If you want to go through the expense of a CNC and all it's fixin's (like dust removal, vacuum table, etc) why would you want to buy ready-made programs that maybe hundreds or thousands of people already have? CNC is really intended for being able to make lots of copies of stuff with precision, not to make "one-off" things.

There are MANY wood products that are more easily and more quickly made by hand with traditional machines. for example, I can pop out a guitar neck and solid body with a bandsaw, spindle sander, and router in about 2 or 3 hours. a multiple spindle CNC can cut out multiple parts faster but using it to cut just one would take much longer when including programming time.


What are bar base cabinets?

The best cabinets are a combination of automated machinery and hand made. Automation I.

e. A CNC machine can cut and drill for adjustable holes and hinges along with the dado groove for the backer. Yet again it all depends on your style of Constrution.

This will help tremendously for accuracy and time. The assembly part definitely by hand. The doors and fronts still by hand with the assistance of machines: planers, shapers, drum sanders, etc.

I love having my parts run through the CNC the. I build them. This is based for custom manufacturing of course.

But furniture style cabinets I still stick by hand!


Are there sliding, spring loaded drawer hinges available to push up/close a 3kg vertical door of a machine? The door needs to automatically close.

Hi MichaelAfter reading your question, I am not sure that I am fully qualified to answer.I am a fortunate fella, just around the corner from my workshop is one one of the UKu2019s best kept secrets, an u201cAladinu2019s Caveu201d of furniture and joinery fittings. So, if I have an old hinge, with a specific bolt missing, they have it, you will be extremely hard pressed to catch them out.

My advice, find yourself a specialist, u201cAchitectural Ironmongeru201d, they will have exactly what you are looking for whether you know it or not.If that option is not available to you, find something similar to what you need on Ebay, contact the seller, ask them whether or not they can advise you. Most decent sellers will be able to assist you.

My recent project, I contacted a CNC specialist for my components, he was really helpful, and I didnu2019t over spend on my budget. (See video below)I hope that is helpful for youAll the bestMatt


How much does a CNC router cost?

Here are some of the factors that will influence where youll fall within that price range.

1) Size of the machine (most commonly measured in X/Y/Z travel)2) Weight of the machine (heavier frame more rigid machine)3) Speed (RPM, max rapid mode travels, tool change times)4) Power (size of the servo motors, spindle torque)5) Country of manufacture (Korea, China, Taiwan vs Japan, Germany)6) Options (coolant pressure, automatic tool changer, tool/part probing, chip conveyor, pallet pool, robotic part loader, bar feeder, etc)7) Machine configuration (3 axis mill or 2 axis lathe vs 5 axis mill or 9 axis lathe)Out of all of those factors, size of the machine, configuration, options, and where its made will generally make the most difference to the bottom line.Jinan FORSUN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

, one of the best CNC Router manufacturers and suppliers in China, they have a professional team. For questions about cnc prices, you can also search Forsun CNC directly on Google to consult them online


Which is tougher to learn, woodcarving or coding/programming, and which pays more as a profession?

Hey JuniorAre you talking about CNC programming for wood products?

My buddy bought a CNC machine, secondhand, cost in excess of u00a330,000, not a huge amount for CNC machines, but not cheap either.Still, it is in full time employment, day in day out operation. That CNC machine requires programming, someone who understands the furniture product and how to draw each component.

There is a huge amount of work behind the scenes.In my estimation, the skill level to learn CNC operation is very high.You can do very well learning this skill set.

Carving, I consider to be a lost art. There are some people with a reasonable carving skill set, but compared to the carvings from previous times. I see nothing admirable.

I think carving, can only be a hobby, you may make some money from it, but at best, it would be a u201clifestyle businessu201d.Carving is no longer a profession.All the bestMatt(The video below, CNC components, Birch faced ply, Polyurethane finish).


Are electric guitars costing over 2 grand worth it?

It really depends upon the guitar.PRS main line, built in America are definitely worth it.

The better built Gibsons are worth it (reissues and signature, not so much).The higher end Fenders are sort of worth it. The Master built by so and so, wellI guess.

But with the Strat and Tele, youre not really going to improve on the design, fit, finish and all that and be worth four grand. Some signature models that hover around 23 grand max are worth it. Otherswell, it depends.

Some acoustics are worth it, but once you pass beyond 4 grand, youre paying more for the name and some esoteric stuffnot the wood or construction.Overall, used market guitars that cost over 2 grand new can be had for less than 2 grand easy.And if Im going to pay four grand, Im going for a vintage guitar, period.

May as well get something that is actually going to go UP in value. But even then, you have to be careful and know the market


How do you change the tools out of a CNC machine?

The tool change process of CNC machine is more complicated.

First, install all the tools that need to be used in the machining process on the standard tool holders.After pre-adjusting the dimensions outside the machine, place them in the tool magazine in a certain way. The tool is selected in the tool magazine, and the tool is removed from the tool magazine and the spindle by the tool changer.

After the tool exchange, load the new tool into the spindle and put the old tool back into the tool magazine. The tool magazine for storing the tools has a large capacity. It can be installed on the side or above the headstock, or it can be installed outside the CNC machine tool as a separate part.

When installing or removing the tool, make sure that the CNC system is stopped and the spindle is stationary. First adjust the headstock or worktable to a position that is convenient for operation, wipe the contact part of the tool and the spindle clean, and then operate.


How does industrial design look like and what is the future of it ?

Is industrial design linked to engineering or science at least a bit? Does it have much common with computer technologies now?

Industrial design is a creative profession which does all types of physical product design, from vehicles to furniture to mass produced products to aircraft interiors, and so on.

Itu2019s a distinct degree program at many universities and design schools, covering both technical and creative topics. It will have a future as long as society has a need for new and better products. Itu2019s related to engineering, but more practical and concerned with aesthetics and ergonomics rather than just the technical aspect.

Engineers and industrial designers often work together to resolve details and get a product into production. It uses computers to help create designs and make prototypes, with CAD software, 3D printers and CNC machining.


Is it cheaper to build or buy furniture?

I am assuming you do not have the skills to build furniture. Otherwise you would not be asking this question.A skilled craftsman can take the raw materials and build an exquisite piece of furniture.

And if that person does not pay themselves for time spent then most likely the final bill will be less than buying the same piece at a high end furniture store. But then add in the hours spent building this fine piece of furniture plus years spent learning the skills, then no, it is not cheaper to build your own furniture.On the other hand can a skilled craftsman build a piece of furniture cheaper than a discount furniture store like Ashley or Rooms To Go.

The answer is a resounding no. Then you may ask yourself why would a woodworker even bother spending the time to build a piece themselves? The joy of taking raw materials and shaping it into a thing of beauty gives the builder pride that far outweighs the savings of buying that same piece at a furniture store


How did Bangalore become home for IT migrants?

When the first IT companies were trying to get a foot hold in India,Karnatakas then Chief Minister S M Krishna had an intutive feeling that perhaps this was a great buisness opportunity to exploit for the state.Multi National IT companies like Texas Instruments were knocking on the doors of the state Govt.All other states were not keen on setting up IT majors in their own state so Karnataka took a giant leap forward.

it is said that when the IT major Texas Instruments came to Bangalore ,they were even welcomed at the airport .They were in fact the first IT majors to set foot in India and create jobs.Other multi national IT companies followed suit .

People from all over migrated to Bangalore and the rest is history.From a sleepy small town Bangalore became the bustling city what it is today.Hope this answers your query


Who or what inspired you to become a computer programmer?

Nothing. When I first learned about programming, in qbasic, it felt natural to explore furher and try to build stuff using that tool. At that time I was genuinely interested in carpentry and created a few pieces of furniture that we still use at home.

Programming was like - okay, I can apply some math and abstractions here and I dont lack variety of tools and supplies so - great, a new toy. If I had access to microcontrollers and some basic electronics, like legobot, Iu2019d probably end up programming machines (cnc or whatever), but ended up on software, as an affordable option. Too bad, I always enjoyed u2018inventingu2019 machines, weapons, tools, processes on how to build something out of wood.

Programming is quite similar mentally but lacks physical product. So, to conclude - nobody and nothing. It just happened naturally.

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