What Video Game Was Very Popular, but then Everyone Realised It Was Bad and Left?

An mmo called blade & soulNow, I want to start off by saying the game isn't essentially bad as per say, it just has a lot of issue.The mmo has been out for around 8 years and it was an mmo of its own kind, action mmo in the form of martial arts and magic. The mmo also has an anime and probably my favourite story in any mmo, a lot of mmo stories are very bland in my opinion, but this one just kept drawing me in.

The game also has captivating music and really memorable characters throughout.Now 8 years later, the developers are essentially working on an update to fix the performance of the game, it has been an issue for almost the whole time and it's like the developers just looked the other way, people like great smooth gameplay no matter the game, it's important to us as gamers.The unreal engine 4 update claims to improve the game graphically and smooth out gameplay, which is fantastic news, but I fear its too late.

From this moment on, there are much newer mmos that look more appealing and less outdated such as blue protocol and even a massive classic is getting a western release next month called phantasy star online 2.I hope the best for blade and soul and I met some fantastic people there, but I think I have lost total interest due to how slow the developers fix what really matters in the mmo

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Why has the U.S.

been involved in so many wars?

Take up the White Man's burden Send forth the best ye breed Go bind your sons to exileTo serve your captives' need;To wait in heavy harness,On fluttered folk and wild Your new-caught, sullen peoples,Half-devil and half-child.Take up the White Man's burden In patience to abide,To veil the threat of terrorAnd check the show of pride;By open speech and simple,An hundred times made plainTo seek another's profit,And work another's gain.

Take up the White Man's burden The savage wars of peace Fill full the mouth of FamineAnd bid the sickness cease;And when your goal is nearestThe end for others sought,Watch sloth and heathen FollyBring all your hopes to nought. Take up the White Man's burden No tawdry rule of kings,But toil of serf and sweeper The tale of common things.The ports ye shall not enter,The roads ye shall not tread,Go make them with your living,And mark them with your dead.

Take up the White Man's burden And reap his old reward:The blame of those ye better,The hate of those ye guard The cry of hosts ye humour(Ah, slowly!) toward the light: "Why brought he us from bondage,Our loved Egyptian night?"Take up the White Man's burden Ye dare not stoop to less Nor call too loud on FreedomTo cloak your weariness;By all ye cry or whisper,By all ye leave or do,The silent, sullen peoplesShall weigh your gods and you.

Take up the White Man's burden Have done with childish days The lightly profferred laurel,The easy, ungrudged praise.Comes now, to search your manhoodThrough all the thankless yearsCold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,The judgement of our peersRudyard Kipling


What is something that almost nobody knows about traffic laws?

Here are the two worst ones too many people are oblivious to.

When in a turning lane, you are only allowed to enter the intersection if you can successfully make the turn. In Canada, you can get fined if youu2019re not the first vehicle in the turning lane trying to turn when the lights turn yellow or red. In that case you should not have entered the intersection at all if you can see that you canu2019t make the turn before the lights change to yellow or red.

And if youu2019re behind the while line waiting to turn, and then enter the intersection when the light turns yellow or red to turn, youu2019re not only at fault if an accident occurs, youu2019ll also get a ticket for entering it in the first place.2. On any area of the road marked with diagonal solid yellow lines encased with solid yellow lines around them, you are not allowed to enter or use that area.

Some areas called them a Painted Island as as Valley Driving SchoolSteve Wallace: Do you really know your road markings? A broken line allows crossing. Most solid lines allow crossing.

A crosshatched area may designate a u201cdo not driveu201d area. A crosshatched area with solid lines on all sides would indicate a u201cdo not cross or drive inu201d area. With dashes across, it likely indicates u201cgive extra careu201d to make it clear that cyclists proceeding straight have the right of way over your turn.

But Iu2019ve not seen the exact marking I think you are describing


Which band deserves to be the best band of all time, "Led Zeppelin or The Beatles"?

I love both; theyre both very different to each other, but I must give the edge to The Beatles because I discovered them first.The Beatles revolutionized music in so many ways.

They played and sang and wrote all their own songs (yes, I know they started with covers but everyone has to start somewhere). At the height of Beatlemania, they ditched touring (thought to be professional suicide) to focus on creating in the studio. They had a magnificent ally in George Martin who helped bring life to their visions.

They were master storytellers and lyrics ran the gamut from sweet/innocent, to introspective, to whimsical, to rockers, to spiritual, and more. They challenged the idea of what a pop/rock group could/should be. Their 50th anniversary re-mastering of Abbey Road went to #1 again, after all these years!

These are just a few examples.Led Zeppelin revolutionized music also. Others had tried rock/blues or psychedelic/rock/blues, or similar combinations but Led Zeppelin grabbed the bull and blazed a successful trail.

Their sound radiated strength and power, it exuded sexual tension and sensuality, yet could also be sweetly sublime and hypnotic. They created sonic landscapes that were almost palpable in emotion. Under the management of Peter Grant, they were the first artists who commanded - and got - a 90/10 split with promoters.

Besides being a phenomenal guitarist, Jimmy Pages production techniques and sound are still discussed. Again, these are just a few examples.In all, I believe The Beatles had to be those, specific 4 people just as Led Zeppelin had to be those, specific 4 people, each in their respective times.

Each was a master of his craft and bringing them together created for each a musical alchemy that is impossible to ignore.


If Saudi Arabia goes to war with India, which side will Indian Muslims support?

It depends on the context, because why should Indians or Saudi Arabians even be involved and support a belligerent at the first place.

Because there can be a a case that Saudi Arabia has faults and their people may not support the military, and same for India. I am not Indian, however if I were I would support India if India went to war with Saudi Arabia for a noble cause, like freeing its people from the oppressive government. I would not support Saudi Arabia just because its a Muslim's country, I do not like Saudi Arabian government and so doesn't the Muslims of India and other nations due to their oppressive government.

So in this case, nation comes first. Religion cannot matter in war because we are talking about Islam, Islam claims to be a peaceful religion that wants to stop war right? So if I support Saudi Arabia just because its Islamic for any cause, I am supporting war over peace, which is Islam's cause, so I am being a hypocrite.

By supporting India I am showing nationalism and respect towards my religions at the same time by not supporting a tyrannical force. In a different situation where India is not going to war for a rational reason, then I would be neutral, I will would strive to find a different way to get what India would want instead of wasting lives for not reason, in this situation I am still showing nationalism and respect towards my religion, I am helping India and respecting my religion by doing whats best for people


Why can't Hillary Clinton supporters admit that she lost because she was a terrible candidate?

Because she wasnt a bad candidateon paper.

Ive never seen an election more shaped by stereotypes than this one. Muslims are terrorists, illegal Mexicans are rapists, and Hillary Clinton well she has spent years of hard work, and put up with immense amounts of bullshit to enact her evil plan to. Well, actually, thats the one thing Ive never heard, but dont worry, shes corrupt.

Just look at her, oh, wait, shes been cleared, but what about, dangit, cleared again. Well catch her eventually.Hillary Clinton was only a bad candidate because she didnt connect with people in a way that made them able to trust that the stuff she was accused of wasnt true.

The truth actually doesnt matter as much as how people feel about it. Im a very honest person. Im honest on the level that it bothers me to go in the wrong door at Walmart, but a fair amount of people spend time suspicious of me for random stuff.

Its not because I do suspicious things. I just dont really connect with a lot of people, and I dont really do small talk, and so when something goes wrong they always look at the girl that they dont go to the bar with. Hillary Clinton failed the beer test.

If they had wanted to have a beer with her, then they would have known that it was a bunch of Trumped up bullshit. She didnt fail to be a good presidential candidate. She would make a very good president.

She failed to be someone that they liked on a personal level.


How is Roger Stoneu2019s arrest connected to President Trump?

Trump has known Roger Stone for 30 years.

As a self-touted u201cdirty tricksteru201d who has been involved in political hijinks since the Nixon days, Stone clings to those in the news and in power. Heu2019s a dandy who loves to see himself in the news and hear himself speak. He most recently glommed onto Trump in 2015 as a political adviser.

In Roger-speak, this is doing dirty political deeds to advance someoneu2019s power, thus gaining money and power for himself. A good brief read of this history is here: Roger Stone: A Trump ally known for dirty tricksRemember two important points:Stone used to be in business w/Manafort and recommended him to Trump. Manafort is convicted and looking at 20 years in jail, part of which is his relationship and information sharing w/Konstantin Kilimnik, a known Russian intelligence agent, also indicted but in Russia.

Stone is indicted under a related case number to the Russian GRU spying/hacking indictment US v. Netyksho et al Case 1:18-cr-00215-ABJ of last year. His communications with Russians and Wikileaks has been proven via the SCOu2019s investigation and discovery as of yesterday, 2/15/19.

So what we have here are two guys who have done dirty tricks for politicians for years, even to the point of fronting for dictators. They were both heavily involved with the Russian influence and hacking during the 2016 election. They both knew and worked for Donald Trump.

Is Trump named in the current Stone indictment? No.n(Watch for a superseding indictment)Is it reasonable to infer that Trump knew what he was doing?

Yes.Document: Indictment of Roger StoneThanks for the A2A.

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