What Video Game Myth Were You Scared Of?

You all remember when sitting too close to the TV was supposed to make us go blind ?but probably much like me and the kid in the picture you still sat about here relative to the TV anyway ? Yeah I just knew I was gonna go blind by the time i hit my 20u2019su2026.

but I do wear glasses u2026. so maybe u2026. lol

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How is a dog a mammal?

I was going to answer this in the same way as the other answers you received but I decided not to.I don't understand why it seemed a better option to ask this question here, even before google we had dictionaries and it is something taught very early on in schools.If you would care to elaborate on you question if there is more to it I would be happy to try to help.


Is it true that in order for an individual to have wisdom, they must have suffered greatly at some point in their life?

The nature of this reality's lessons implies that a difficulty must be overcomed in order for the lesson to be learned. Therefore, broadly speaking, there couldn't be wisdom born out of 'easy' situations.

There needed to be challenge.Going forward, it needs not be the case. It's possible to experience, ultimately, an easy yet fullfilling existence.

Still, I would be hard pressed to find an evolved Soul, any evolved Soul, whose wisdom had not come from great challenges in its past


What are the benefits of having Narendra Modi as PM?

Manipulating his rise through Goas CM and BJP, RSS anti Advani groups. He is silently following Indiras footsteps in letter and spirit.

She sidelined old stalwarts, pushed out Shastri, emergency etc etc. Only what is left is emergency, out of frustration he can introduce, as he is foul mouthed, revengeful and attitude is dictatorial, its what we see in 4.6 years, and show cases flambious style of living.

Its either of inferiority complex or fear!.


How did the British get to drive cars so gently?

Your name implies that youre from Asia. Its not the British that drive gently, its you driving recklessly.All of Europe drives like the British people do.

We just obey traffic laws, thats all. It doesnt have anything to do with being polite though. Its about safety and keeping the traffic in flow.

We just follow two simple rules:nobody likes to get hurt, avoid accidents by giving others room and wayslow is fast giving others way when necessary keeps the traffic in flow


Is it realistic to pursue personal projects while working full time as a software engineer?

Youre welcome to do what you want once you leave your employer. But most arent interested in coding all day, then when they get off work, all night.

And on the weekends & their time off.You dont get to work on personal project while at work. These belong to your employer.

Anything you do on his time, and while hes paying you belongs to them


Who was the better general, Ulysses S. Grant or Robert E. Lee?

This is a classic debate, but one that will never be won by either side. The two great generals are impossible to compare to each other in any kind of fair way. Their styles were different, they had different strengths and weaknesses, and they did not have comparable subordinate officers.

Lee had the advantage of fighting against one inept general after the other until Grant was promoted. Lee also had the advantage of having Jackson, Longstreet, A.S.

J. & other very capable generals under him


Should Roger Stone serve 7 to 9 years in prison as the DOJ suggested?

He posted a picture of the presiding judge of his trial on the net with crosshairs behind her headwhile he was under a gag order.

He threatened to kill a witness for refusing to lie on his behalf and he confounded an important Federal investigation with repeated lies to investigators and to Congress. These are not traffic tickets. He should serve the entire sentence and be thankful he did not get more time.

There were seven felony charges on which he was found guilty of all seven


What is the saddest country in Europe?

2 users of Quora had, before the afternoon of 21 April 2020 North American Eastern Time (UTC-04:00), answered this very question. It is hard to pick a top 10 list or so of saddest countries and territories in Europe, although Ukraine and some within the Balkans would make good candidates because many of those countries have a ways to catch up economically to Western Europe and thus have high rates of emigration


Why hasn't Donald Trump been impeached yet?

Because Republicans in Congress dont think he has damaged their Party enough yet. There is no doubt they could find crimes to charge him with. His hotel in DC would be enough, legally.

But it takes a majority in the House (30 some Republicans and all the Democrats) to impeach him, and 2/3 of the Senate (about 18 Republicans and all the Democrats) to convict him in the Senate. Hes got a ways to go before they decide to dump him


Is creationism a conspiracy theory?


Its a religious doctrine. Some people who believe in creationism spin conspiracy theories about how scientists are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public to deceive them, and turn them from the truth.And thats what you look for with a conspiracy theory: a conspiracy.

The idea that God created the world doesnt directly involve any conspiracy.


How many refugees have been taken in by Saudi Arabia?

Not nearly enough.

The Muslim world, especially the wealthier Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Malaysia and Iran, should take the initiative to start taking care of their own people. That way, the non-Muslim world wouldnt be on the hook to foot the bill for Muslim refugees from places like Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Muslim areas of Israel, many of whom evolve into jihadists


Why is Warhammer 40k called Warhammer?

Games Workshop initially published a set of rules of fantasy wargames and roleplaying, called Warhammer.

This was the cover:Later, they published rules for fantasy in space with essentially the same playable factions - a human empire, orcs, elves, dwarves and chaos. It has expanded form there and 40K became the more popular and bigger seller of the two. But it has its origins in a set of fantasy rules


When are roundabouts (rotaries/traffic circles) better than junctions that have timed traffic lights?

Roundabouts facilitates continuous movement of vehicles that are desiring to occupy same space at same time. Where as traffic signals make 2 to 3 streams of traffic to stop. In urban areas roundabouts are preferred and provided mostly based on economic criteria.

construction and maintenance of roundabouts is expensive than that of a signal. Hence, I think, roundabouts are provided when it benefits (considering factors like economy, comfort, reliability, convenient and economic sustainability) more than a traffic signal considering factors


What are Canada and the USAu2019s traditional relationships?

Traditional relationships:families with members living on either side of the border,military co-operation,commercial relations u2014 each otheru2019s largest trading partner (largest buyer, largest seller)investment relations u2014 each others largest source of investment and destination for investment,law enforcement co-operation,border co-operation,adoption of common standards, (automotive, electronics, etc.

)common communications infrastructure,intelligence sharing,taxation information sharing,energy supply,management of border waters including the St. Lawrence River, the Great Lakes, the Columbia River,etc.


How did Hitler cause WWII?

Hitler did not cause WWII. His person, his decisions and Nazi Germanys policies under his lead were a decisive factor in the process, but not the sole reason. The peace treaty of Versailles can be blamed just as much as Hitler himself; he probably wouldve never emerged to any significance if it wasnt for Versailles on the first place.

WWII was caused by a global situation with many players involved, and Hitler was just one, yet indeed an important one.


How did conservatives react when they lost their slaves after the Civil War?

Those were White skinned Southern Democrats who were racists.

Now what color are the Democrats today! Surely you are intelligent enough to know the difference between Democrats then and the Democrats we have now or are you satiated by trying to make a meaningless out of context name association, ignoring that which is glaringly obvious, there is a pointed difference between southern black Democrats that we have today and Southern white democrats that were the Good ole Boys and confederacy sympathisers of yesteryear?


How much money did The Witcher 3 make?

OK, lets see the bacon that CD Projekt Red brought in with their (arguably) best game yet.So, a Google and some quick Maths tells me that the company netted a total of $215.7 million since 2015, with $96.

2 million in profits.That is a substantial amount, but still nowhere near any record breaker games, such as GTA V which brought in a whopping $1 Billion within the first 3 days of Release. Damn!

Have a Good One!.


Can the story of the novel "The Martian" by Andy Weir happen in reality?

It's probably the most realistic Mars exploration disaster novel I've read, except possibly "First Landing" by Robert Zubrin. There's a few minor technical gaffes, but nothing that really impacts the plot. The story hinges on a rather excessive mission architecture which is not being seriously pursued by any agency or group, though it would make more sense for one-way trips.

It captured the dynamic of NASA rather well


Why is the USA constantly at war? Theyu2019ve existed for 240 years and have been at war for 220 of those.

Humans are war like.

This is perhaps the oldest murder known, about 430 Thousand years old: link:Investigating the Case of the Earliest Known Murder VictimI believe it correct to assume that America is full of humans, mostly, and has been since 1776.I admit that America will defend itself quite vigorously if attacked, so don't do it: Humans may be war like, but those of us who avoid Fox News are not stupid--there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.


Is septa Mordane responsible for Sansa's perception, or the lack of, in life?

Not wholly. Sansa was influenced also by stories, her parents, her siblings, Old Nan, to one degree or another. You know who else had the same influences?

Arya. And I'm not sure how poor Sansa's perception is. She was 12 or 13 when she arrived at King's Landing, not unusual to have a bit of a rosy perception on things at that age, coming from the safe confines of Winterfell.

Either way, she certainly gets sharper as she matures in the books. Sansa is becoming a player.


As an American driver, if I wanted to drive in the UK, would I need to take classes?

If you are planning on getting a license then legally no, practically yes. The US driving test is a joke in comparison to that in the UK and most US drivers will be intimidated by the narrow streets and confused by roundabouts. There are hardly any stops signs in the UK and you should get into the habit of using your turn signals (they are call indicators in the UK) and use them before you slow down for the turn not as you turn.


To what extent was the American Civil War fought over the issue of slavery?

This question goes around and around in circles. Like which was first - the chicken or the egg?

Lets say the federal government tells Nevada they cant have gambling. Nevada secedes, saying the federal government, right or wrong, doesnt have the right to tell them that. Did Nevada secede because of gambling, or because of federal government overreach (i.

e. states rights)?


What exactly does Jared Kushner do for the Trump administration?

What has he accomplished so far?

As far as his job, I see him there to advance his own and Trump's business aspirations. I also see him as the ultimate fall-guy.

Once all of the lower heads are knocked out of the totem pole, there's Kushner at the top, ready to shoulder all of the blame dished out by Trump. Then Donald can cut him out of the picture and marry Ivanka.


Is Canada a better version of the US?

Not really. Canada developed over different historical, governmental, social and resource-based influences.While noting, and often following influences from below the border, Canadas origins close to British influence tempered by having to exist with its French reality and a more cooperative society made a vast difference in outcomes.

The two countries came up with quite different versions of the North American experience. I would say they are different versions of a divergent experience. I prefer Canadas version, but that is a personal decision


Why can't Canada be a superpower like the USA?

While Canada's territory is comparable to the US territory by area, its population is about ten times smaller. The US ranks #3 in population (after China and India), but Canada ranks #37 (after Sudan and Iraq). Canada ranks in top ten by economy size (largely thanks to its abundant natural resources), but its diplomatic weight and the strength of its military are not quite at the superpower level.

In many parts of the world, Canada is perceived as being overshadowed by the US

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