What Should I Offer on This Mobile Home?

what should i offer on this mobile home?

What Should I Offer on This Mobile Home? 1

I would think free since it is so old and you can not get financing for old ones or move them. People give them away so they can put new on for themselves. What do you plan to do with it when you want to move? Banks wo not finance old mobiles or do loans that small so you might give it away to get out of your lot lease. Make sure you can lease the land they may not offer you the same price or might be about to develop the land into something else and evict the trailers.

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what is the value of my mobile home?

it depends on what condition it's in. like an old car. i sold a 1981 parkwood 14 by 70 with a 7x20 tipout in the living room 5 yrs ago for 17,000. Everyone who saw it wanted it and did not try to talk me down on the price. i've seen other ones the same make and year as mine that were not worth 10,000. It varies depending on condition. hope this helps.

What Should I Offer on This Mobile Home? 2

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is adding onto a mobile home doable?

sure it's doable. Call the metal building people in your area; they can do it in a day, maybe cost you a few grand

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What is the best type of mobile home skirting?

The best is block wall. It costs more but is permanent

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Mobile home (disambiguation)

A Mobile home is a prefabricated structure, often used as homes. It can also refer to: Mobile Home (album), a 1999 album by Longpigs Mobile Home (2012 film), a 2012 Belgian film Mobile Homes (2017 film), a 2017 Canadian film

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Weight of a 14X70 mobile home?

I knew someone once who managed to move a slightly smaller one with a 1/2 ton flatbed Ford. (back roads where there was not much chance of meeting a state trooper) Obviously this is not a good idea but I do not believe the weight will be a big issue. I would be more concerned about how difficult it will be to get off the current lot and onto the new lot and what legal issues you might encounter. Most of the information I have seen puts house trailer axles around 6000 lbs capacity. If this is correct for your axles that would mean the most your trailer should weigh is 18,000lbs.

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A single wide trailer Vs. an apartment?

If you have somewhere to put the trailer,why ask the question. get the trailer. you will and can make money with that. the apartment will be money thrown in the toilet. utilities will be a little higher so what put a window unit in the window at night where you sleep and shut off the rest of the house. you cannot loose on that. washing and drying your clothes- go to your moms if they have gas. there is only two of you so it wont be too high. in the winter run a little 1500w floor unit and again shut the door. heat up the house when you go to work and right before you go to sleep. make sure the mobile home has all plywood floors only. no overlay or particle board. make sure roof is sealed if its an all medal roof. mobile home is the better choice. You can always sell it. yes.make sure you do not over pay for a mobile home. remember if you buy it brand new you will loose about 60% of the value. keep it cheap. spend max 20,000.00. you can get a really nice one for that.

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Are there mobile home parks in the UK like in the US and do you call them trailer parks, mobile home parks or?

Yes there are Ones licensed and run correctly are called Mobile home sites

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Would it effect my reputation if i lived in a mobile home?

Well..very often some people will treat you different because they think it is sort of trashy to live in a mobile home. But if you live your life worried about what people will think...that is a sorry way to live. Do not by a car or rent a house or buy a tv just to impress people. Do not pick a church just because it is the politaclly savy place to attend. You will be stressed out and miserable your whole life...and poor from trying to keep up with other foolish people that are worried about the same stuff. Live there for a while and move when you get the chance.

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