What Is Your Honest Opinion of Taehyung Juuling? It Was Suspected Earlier This Year but now That Jim

honestly?he's a grown man and he is old enough to make his own decisions. i can not say anything about it because we do not know the reasons behind him vaping.is it due to stress?anxiety?depression?other mental disorders?or just for fun?i am just worried. i am not an army, never will be, but it still worries me. the idol life is harsh. as we've seen from the rough year we've had, idols to through a lot. and they do not talk about it most of the time. if it's for fun, well, then it's his own decision. and i respect it, even though there's so many dangers

1. Why isn't Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?

First of all, the whole generalization that it is Deepika Padukone's video is insane. She is a puppet who is reading out a script behind the scenes in a black and white, slow-motion clip that has an amazing background music.Now, coming to the point.nThe censor board does not work that way. Let me point out:nAIB Roast: Undoubtedly, I have my own stand against government taking that video down. But, the ban was uplifted because the Roast was carried out in an open place and then broadcast on a social networking site. The ban was not because they uploaded the video, it was because the roast happened in full fledged presence of an audience in a roofless place.Beef Ban: I have no idea why is it put here and I wonder how does it have any relevance to banning this video. BBC Documentary: I do not understand the whole point here, a foreigner comes to a country and starts criticizing it in open public. They interviews a rapist, what is he going to say? "I am a culprit?" No! Obviously he is going to blame the short-skirts and late-night culture. I saw the first four minutes of the video and I do not understand why is a foreigner's take on an independent country any important?'My Choice': Apparently, it is Government who would say, "My Choice" to your question. Jokes apart, the video was partly nonsense! There are surely some demeaning points in it. But the number of positive and meaningful cliches in the video are way more than those we have been creating a hoopla about. The video is supposed to be taken very seriously in regards to some points, which were wonderfully depicted in the video. There were some which had no purpose whatsoever, but still they can be ignored by a matured girl.nI was extremely surprised with the response given by various ladies on Quora on the video, in an answer to the question: What is your opinion on the video "My Choice", directed by Homi Adajania for Vogue Empower, which stars Deepika Padukone? And the responses made by Zehra Alvi, Anangsha Alammyan, Bhuvi Jain, Priscilla Sam (And several others')'s answer have been changing my perspective about Feminism.My advice to those asking for a ban on this video: "Concentrate on the positive side of the video and the intent with which it was produced, rather than focusing on the immature cliches which have been hyped unnecessarily. If you cannot differentiate between the two, you are too young to watch that video."Why is not Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?Why Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' is not banned yet?

2. Dell S-Video Cable too loose?

I am going to guess the problem is with your cheap K-Mart cable. IMHO, S-Video connectors are poorly designed. They are more likely to fall out than most any other type of connector. But if you spend a little more, you can get a cable with a tighter metal surround which will hold the plug in place better

3. Can I upgrade my PC's video card? Which one?

nvidia geforce GT220 i latterly offered it and prefer it. i am now working my demonstrate screen on great extreme determination in complete HD. takes seconds to place in and in basic terms costs around 50. would totally advise it btw I even have the 1GB reminiscence one not the 512MB

4. connect computer to a tv using S - Video Cable?

You need to be carefull how you waste your money on this. A high definition wide screen laptop into an old TV? Think about it and then then forget about it. There was a similar help question here a day or two ago. It can at best be not very good. The dedicated electronics needed to convert video format from HD wide to whatever ...525 or 625 NTSC or pal would probably cost more than replacing the TV set. The laptop has HDMI out because that is what it is, you need a HD TV.

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