What Is the Development Path of 5g

5g revolution is not a smooth road, but the prospect is promising.

On this road to the future, an "endurance race" between leading manufacturers is slowly opened, in which the competition is the fundamentals of the enterprise, including technology, R & D strength, supply chain, talents and culture. Undoubtedly, more balanced enterprises will have more advantages.

From "5g is coming!" to "5g is here!", similar slogans and slogans have entered the vision of the whole people early through media channels such as network, television and radio.

For both mobile, China Unicom, telecom and other communication manufacturers, or mobile phone manufacturers such as huami ov, or Internet companies such as bat, 5g seems to have become a bit old-fashioned online hot word. It doesn't attract much attention. It doesn't seem that it's not fashion enough.

Under the intensive bombardment of the media and enterprises, 5g is now in a weak position and seems to have reached a bottleneck. But the more shocking fact is that it has only been more than 100 days since the 5g license was issued on June 6, but the discussion on 5g technology, equipment and vision makes people feel that it has been a millennium.

In the first 100 days, 5g successfully ignited the public's passion; After 100 days, with great expectations, where will 5g go?

After 5g commercial gunfire

"Of course, I don't want to fall behind. No country or company wants to fall behind, but this is really the first time," said Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm, when asked by Yahoo Finance reporters about the development speed of 5g in China.

Steve molenkov, CEO of Qualcomm

Like Qualcomm, Chinese consumers are also perceived. Due to the experience accumulated in the 4G era and forward-looking layout, a large number of Chinese enterprises began to develop 5g technology early, and finally became one of the first people to pick 5g fruits. According to the report of patent data company iplytics, as of April 2019, nearly 40% of the global 5g patents came from China.

Among them, Huawei, which originally started communications, has cut into 5g from the bottom chip to network equipment. From the voting event to the subsequent series of disturbances, Huawei has been pushed to the forefront. In terms of products, many 5g products such as mate 20 x and mate 30 series have also made the public "boiling" again and again.

Oppo, a special green factory among domestic manufacturers, obviously launched the 5g commercial mobile phone reno5g version in Europe in April this year. However, reno2 and iPhone 11 are the only new phones released intensively recently without 5g function.

Apple in Cook's era has lacked innovation power, coupled with twists and turns with Qualcomm, it is not surprising that 5g was missed. However, since 2015, oppo has established a 5g team, submitted 2600 technical papers to 3GPP, and the global patent application volume has exceeded 38000. Isn't all these efforts to make a big splash on 5g?

Wu Qiang, vice president of oppo, who has just adjusted his position, recently announced at tianwingspan that all mobile phones above 3000 yuan will support 5g next year. He immediately forwarded this report after a long time of silence on his microblog, and stressed that "in promoting 5g commercial landing, we should not only sprint for the Olympic champion, but also popularize national fitness".

On the surface, this sentence refers to oppo's own 5g strategy, but in fact, it is also for the whole industry.

When the 5g era came, China's communication industry was seen by the world. Under the leadership of one manufacturer after another, it formulated standards and launched new machines, making China the "Olympic champion" on the 5g field. But the Olympic champion has made us a big sports country, but because of the lack of universal fitness, we are not a sports power so far. No amount of gold medals can change the sports literacy of the whole people. The Chinese people have already understood the truth in sports, but they still don't seem to think clearly in 5g.

From "Olympic champion" to "national fitness"

Admittedly, not everyone can be a champion.

Previously, in order to prove their 5g terminal strength, many manufacturers configured Qualcomm's first 5g solution Xiaolong X50 for their products. However, due to technical limitations, Xiaolong X50 adopts 28nm process single-mode design, which has high power consumption, prominent heating, and is not compatible with SA. Its reputation is not ideal, and even partially frustrates users' enthusiasm for 5g.

Fundamentally, some manufacturers want to taste the taste of "champion", which makes 5g a gimmick to announce brand image and technical ability, making this market a lot of flashy behind the excitement.

But behind the championship competition, what is left is a chicken feather on the consumer's side. For 5g, the reflection on the champion is even more important than the technical breakthrough.

For a long time, mobile phone manufacturers have been trying to shape themselves into champions, as if they could do anything. But if we trace the source, "champion" is only one of the "people". If we leave other partners in the industrial chain, "champion" is actually nothing.

According to the data of information and Communication Research Institute, as of August 2019, the domestic sales volume of 5g mobile phones was only 291000, accounting for only 0.12% of the overall market shipments. This result is obviously far from the publicity of "4G changes life and 5g changes society".

There are many obstacles. 5g needs higher network speed, new scenes and the ecology of interconnection of all things. However, these are still far from mature. Yang Hua, Secretary General of TD industry alliance, said that as of July this year, 38000 5g base stations had been built nationwide, and most of them were concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions; At the same time, 5g has not yet appeared differentiated content services and lacks killer applications, which eventually turns enthusiastic users into spectators holding money for purchase.

It can be seen that the maturity of 5g ecology must rely on the cooperation of the whole communication industry chain. On the basis of consolidating the whole ecological strength such as network, industrial chain and Internet services, China can grow from a 5g power to a 5g power. After becoming the "Olympic champion", we should also consider how to expand network coverage, how to reduce terminal prices and charges, and how to enrich application capacity - with the "Olympic champion", it has also become a "national fitness" movement that requires the participation of all staff.

According to media reports, by the end of 2019, the three major operators will build 80000-100000 base stations and further reduce 5g charges, and more than 40 cities across the country will open 5g commercial services; MediaTek and Ziguang zhanrui and other upstream enterprises have completed technical research. Recently, it is reported that MediaTek expects to ship 60 million 5g chips in 2020; Internet manufacturers are also capturing 5g network characteristics and customizing exclusive services.

This campaign has begun. After the "national fitness", it will usher in a more powerful "Sports" power. GSMA predicts that the penetration rate of 5g users in the Chinese market will reach 30% in 2022 and exceed 60% in 2025.

Value regression

Mastering 5g technology is equivalent to finding the key to the future. However, getting the key is only the first pass passed by the manufacturer, and there are still many follow-up tests.

"If the biggest highlight of 5g network is high-speed Internet access, 5g is bound to become a chicken rib." many people in the industry said frankly. In addition to pursuing a higher "peak rate", the greater use of 5g is to create a new user use scenario, give birth to more diversified and complex needs, and create conditions for the "interconnection" of all things and even "Zhilian".

The premise of realizing "interconnection of all things" lies in the popularity of 5g devices, and the most critical one of 5g devices is mobile phones. At present, the price has become one of the main factors hindering the popularity of 5g mobile phones. Therefore, another key of "national fitness" is to make 5g mobile phones available to ordinary people.

With the continuous introduction of new 5g products by manufacturers, the price of 5g mobile phones has been reduced from 10000 yuan to less than 4000 yuan. Not long ago, Qualcomm announced the release of a new series of 5g dual-mode chips, and oppo immediately said it would launch globally. Combined with Wu Qiang's statement that "all mobile phones above 3000 yuan support 5g", it can be predicted that a bloody battle between the head giants is coming - for consumers, a cheap 5g mobile phone is far more meaningful than a mobile phone that just grabs the title of "champion" for manufacturers.


5g revolution is not a smooth road, but the prospect is promising.

Changes in application scenarios are bound to lead to changes in smart devices. However, no matter how the outside world adjusts, users' basic demand for mobile phones will not be easily shaken. According to the industry, "5g is not 4G 1g. The key to" fast "lies in more content, and the hard needs of the user base can not be ignored." in the future, smart phones will still be the core platform for users to access the mobile Internet. Users will not compromise the underlying basic functions such as photography, performance and endurance because of upgrading the 5g network.

For individual users, their needs have not changed. They always need better cameras to record images, clearer screens to observe the world, longer battery life and a better experience.

In the process of change and invariance, 5g channel is gradually opening, and the shape of the future is becoming clearer and clearer.

On this road to the future, an "endurance race" between leading manufacturers is slowly opened, in which the competition is the fundamentals of the enterprise, including technology, R & D strength, supply chain, talents and culture. Undoubtedly, more balanced enterprises will have more advantages.

Source: a little Finance

What Is the Development Path of 5g 1

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