What Is an "at Close Order in the Stock Market?

What is an "at close order” in the stock market?

Investopedia defines it in the following way:

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What are some good blogs, websites for gaining knowledge on stock markets?

Moneycontrol.comInvesting.comInvestopediaNseBseEquitymasterEconomictimes.comBusiness-standard.comCnbcWhat are some good blogs, websites for gaining knowledge on stock markets?

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is this a good time to start in the stock market?

If your young and can look away from the quotes constantly, then yes. I have a scottrade acct. it's okay. not that great. i get a lot of partial filled orders. They charge me two commissions to buy one order basically. I would go with a smaller commission base to start off with. look into sharebuilder, interactive brokers, or possibly zecco. Whixh has been a junk service to me. jmo

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Is investing in the stock market really a SCAM?

the thing with stocks is you need to KNOW what your doing to invest/trade the market, there is NO true rate of return. while some people make 100% per year, others lose money constantly. its all about what are doing to invest. many people are told to buy hold (and pray), that prices go up, this would probably be where the so called 1.5% returns come from, but this is also taking into account the dips and losses. this is something the pros dont experience as they wouldnt leave their money in like the average joe is told to do. i dont know if that 1.5% rate is right or not, i dont aggree that bonds would be better, Longterm growth without much effort is still probably best with mutual/managed funds. as far as i know.

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trading options in stock market question?

In conception, it's possible. Absolutely. In follow, however, it is not so effortless. To make the meaning you have to equipment up and that raises your danger. The excellent approach to earn cash (and keep it) is slowly slowly catchee monkee. Additionally choice buying and selling is only partially about maths. Afriend of mine ha d a degree in mathematical trading (with honours) and he was a professional accountant. Year 1 (2006/7)he made round £200k, yr 2 (2007/8) he made around £200k, year three (2008/9) i suppose he misplaced the lot. If he had put his flat up as collateral he would have made a killing. Two things: One is to determine the collateral requirement if things go incorrect (and treble/quadruple it). And that might not be ample. Two read The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness and Dynamic Hedging; Managing Vanilla & unique choices. Oh, and three: not ever say in no way (as in 'that may on no account happen'

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How can stock markets rally during economic contractions?

The stock market rallied because people could not spend their stimulus and unemployment checks fast enough. Many companies, that are not adversely affected by the virus, are doing very well

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Is the Indian stock market correction over?

No, Markets are expected to be the same till Elections in 2019.. Till then enter will only 25% of your capital

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Stock market crash implifications to the economy?

I watched an expert talking about this on the TV today. He said that stock market fluctuations are a barometer of sentiment amongst investors. If confidence is low then stocks go lower so the implications for the economy in that case are that investment in businesses will tail off and economic growth will therefore slow down.

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Factors affectors affecting stock market?

News Earnings releases Institutional support New products Getting rid of a bad CEO Mergers and Acquisitions World events ///

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Learning investing and the stock market [closed]

I would recommend getting a used set of Chartered Financial Analyst books. The series is a great broad introduction to the most important aspects of investing and the markets. Combining both day-to-day knowledge and fundamental theory. CFA materials include in depth discussions of:After you have a strong base then stop by quant.stackexchange and ask about more specialized books or anything else that interests you. Have fun with your journey

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What are the basic for Stock Market Trade?

"Getting Started in Stocks" is the first-rate ebook I discovered for novices. It has a ton of understanding and is handy to recognize. I might propose studying that earlier than whatever else.

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Is Obama Plans on fixing our Banking System Helping or Hurting the Worlds Stock Markets?

What would anyone expect when we now have the most inexperienced President we have ever had. The market tanked because the bill is noting more than pay back for years for the democrats. And the best part, the dems own this. How did ole dumbo ears put it "We won" they sure did. and the American people are the losers, thanks to the dems. And lets remember the markets really started dropping when obama was elected. So this is no surprise.

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