What If White Star Line Switched RMS Olympic into RMS Titanic Before Its Tragic End?

Only one minor, yet possibly crucial difference: the lookouts of the Olympic wouldve had access to binoculars, which might have helped...might have. Given how pitch black and calm it was that night, with only starlight as a light source (and the ship itself of course) it might not have made much a difference, but it's a great what if.Otherwise, not much difference would've happened. Both ships were still under equipped with lifeboats and would likely have been travelling fast thru ice filled waters, made with the same steel, and able to stay afloat with the same amount of watertight doors.What if white star line switched RMS Olympic into RMS Titanic before its tragic end?

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What's this animated Titanic movie? closed

Titanic: The Legend Goes On originally Titanic: La leggenda continua in Italian.From wikipedia page of the film: Titanic: The Legend Goes On (Italian: Titanic, mille e una storia or Titanic: La leggenda continua) is a 2000 Italian animated feature film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic, written and directed by Camillo Teti.This movie begins on a White Star Line chartered boat train, boarding passengers to the RMS Titanic. A poor girl named Angelica, treated as a servant by her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters, dreams of finding both love and her missing mother, with only a blue locket as a clue to the mother's identity.There are many talking animal characters in the film. So it matches the description you gave.Below is the poster of the movie


How long could someone survive trapped inside the RMS Titanic during its descent to the ocean floor?

The bow section which broke off and sank was completely flooded as it went down. It had flooded evenly and slowly in the two and half hours it took to sink. That's why it was found intact on the ocean floor, without any evidence of implosions. The stern section was pretty torn up, suggesting that there was a lot of air trapped inside as it submerged and which was released explosively as the structure was crushed. Passengers from lifeboats reported hearing explosions as it went under. We know this wasn't from the boilers as they were found intact, still in place, on the wreck. At the same time machinery and loose items (including people) would have come crashing down. Anyone unfortunate enough to have been trapped inside would likely have died of trauma in the first few seconds.How long could someone survive trapped inside the RMS Titanic during its descent to the ocean floor?.


Can Megalodon have the strength to sink the Titanic? closed

Megalalodon grew to around 20 meters long and weighed around 100 metric tons. That's a lot of fish!However Titanic was 166 meters long and the hull was made from rolled steel from 2.5cm to 3.5cm thick.If it did a serious ramming attack on titanic it's entirely plausible that Megaladon would rupture the hull plates and cause a significant leak. However it would also do considerable injury to itself. Ramming your nose into solid steel hurts!Because of the Titanic's design a single hole would not suffice, there were multiple compartments in the ship and you would need to breach 5 of them. You would also need to breach them all strongly enough to overwhelm the pumps trying to take the water out.

It's not realistic that even something as big as Megalodon could achieve that without first seriously injuring itself, especially since it would not know where the compartments were or even that it needed to breach them


There was or there were closed

There has always been this misunderstanding in the minds of people when they are constructing a sentence whether to use was or were in a particular sentence.

Now, the answer to it is pretty simple and you have to keep this small thing in your mind that-"In a particular sentence, what are you referring to?"If you are referring to a singular entity then you have to use was in it, but if you are referring to multiple/ plural entities then you have to use were in it.Let's take an example which will help you to understand more clearly:Q.) How many people attended the meeting?Ans 1: It was just Sam who was present at the meeting.

(In this sentence, sam is a single entity so we use was.)Ans 2: There were all the team members who attended the meeting.

(In this sentence, all team members are plural entity so we use was.)


What happened to the RMS Titanic last 2 lifeboats?

Collapsible B floated off the ship upside down and was used as a makeshift raft by survivors, as the other answer here indicated. 1st Officer Murdoch and 6th Officer Moody were in the process of launching Collapsible A when the ship quite literally sank out from under them. They had managed to hook it to the falls of a lifeboat davit, but had yet to load it or raise the collapsible canvas sides. The boat floated off, half-swamped, and like Collapsible B was a refuge for a small number of survivors. Those that lived through the night were transferred to other lifeboats before being picked up by Carpathia in the morning. Like the other three collapsible lifeboats, Collapsible A was left behind to drift after the survivors were picked up, with the bodies of three people who didn't make it through the night still inside. The bodies were recovered by RMS Oceanic, another White Star liner, over a month later.What happened to the RMS Titanic last 2 lifeboats?


What if the Californian struck iceberg instead of RMS Titanic?

Had it been the other way around and it was Californian that struck an iceberg sustaining enough damage that it was considered a certainty that the ship would founder at sea, they would have been in luck because unlike the Californian, Titanic's Marconi Radio Operators ran a 24-7 wireless operation and would have likely read the first distress message to be sent out. Without question Titanic would have halted it's charted course for New York City and would have come to the aid of the sinking vessel. Given that Titanic sailed with approximately 1,535 vacant berths due to a coal strike that had hit South Hampton, Liverpool, and most British port facilities, the ship's maiden voyage was far from the full capacity affair that usually marked a superliner's maiden, inaugural voyage. Therefore Californian's passengers and crew would have seen majorly improved accommodations compared with those available aboard the Leyland Liner they were rescued from.What if the Californian struck iceberg instead of RMS Titanic?


What if the RMS Titanic completed its maiden voyage (say it successfully dodged the iceberg)? How would maritime navigation and safety be affected today?

In no particular way,the large circle navigation that was used by early 1900s oceanliners,and actually is still used by cargo ships for transatlantic routes,was developed by the first Norsemen that sailed to Iceland,Greenland and Newfoundland about 1000 years ago.The RMS Titanic was actually a standard oceanliner of its day,the RMS Olympic was actually almost identical. Soo,the entire hype around the Titanic is created by the accident,if the ship had not hit the iceberg,it would have been scrapped and forgotten during the 1930s,when most of the old coal-burning oceanliners where replaced with better ships or aircrafts. What if the RMS Titanic completed its maiden voyage (say it successfully dodged the iceberg)? How would maritime navigation and safety be affected today?


How would you envision an RMS Titanic Mark 2 if it ever got built?

A ship designed like the Titanic couldn't be profitable. Passenger air travel completely destroyed the way the Titanic was profitable.We have cargo and cruise ships now bigger than the Titanic, but they have a completely different duty. The Titanic wouldn't be good as a modern cruise ship, not even close to enough general entertainment for all the passengers.Every role the Titanic had when it was made has been replaced with Aircraft far faster and a lower cost to do that role than the Titanic.A modernized Titanic could be faster and armed, and might work as a fast military transport ship that way. How would you envision an RMS Titanic Mark 2 if it ever got built?


What is the saddest artifact found at the final resting place of the RMS Titanic wreck on the sea floor?

The saddest artifact will be the one that you consider to be the saddest. It's a personal, subjective response.I think the whole wreck site is sad.At the time, I had mixed feelings when Ballard found it. While I appreciated the science and effort that went into it, along with the additional information we've learned about the sinking since analyzing the wreck, an element of mystique was lost once the wreckage was located. There was something profound and strangely appropriate about the hubris of the largest man-made moving object disappearing without a trace...I think the commercialization of the tragedy is possibly the saddest aspect of it.What is the saddest artifact found at the final resting place of the RMS Titanic wreck on the sea floor?.


Why isn't there more photographic evidence of the RMS Titanic?

Well back when the photograph was still something of a novelty and not the cheapest thing to produce, White Star Line invested most of its PR money in photographing RMS Olympic. Olympic was of course Titanic's sister ship and was among the first of 3 ships of that class of ship (Olympic Class). The extensive photographs taken of Olympic when she was brand new were the ones White Star Line would use for everything from advertising to everything else. In fact most of the pictures and stock footage that we see today of Titanic are actually pictures that were taken of Olympic that came from that first, initial batch of photographs that were taken and paid for by White Star Line. Virtually all existing pictures of Titanic (especially the interiors) were taken from non-company persons that happened to get a chance to tour the ship before disembarkation, etc.Why isn't there more photographic evidence of the RMS Titanic?.


Was it Chief Officer Wilde who committed suicide on the RMS Titanic, and not First Officer Murdoch?

That is a good question. It has been suggested that he was among the crewmen attempting to free collapsibles A and B from the roof of the officer's quarters as the ship began to plunge. Lightoller, who was with that group, however stated he saw Wilde on the bridge and that Wilde waved goodbye to him as the bow dipped under. Another witness also placed him on the bridge smoking a cigarette. No one who could identify Wilde saw him shoot himself. Additionally several survivors who managed to climb aboard overturned collapsible B saw an officer, who might have been Wilde, manage to get aboard only to lose consciousness and die shortly afterwards.In any event, his body was never recover, or at least not identified. Like the case of Murdoch, the book remains open on this question.Was it Chief Officer Wilde who committed suicide on the RMS Titanic, and not First Officer Murdoch?


Plot a course for Cutthroat Supercluster closed

What could be the political motivation which could help fund such a noble mission which aims to better our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in?I have highlighted it for you. That is the motivation. It is so blatantly obvious that you cannot ignore it. What do you need to make it happen? What tools do you need to bridge the gap between the powers in play?Well even when caught up in bitter rivalry, sometimes to the point of being at arms against each other, humanity has found it wise to put aside the conflict for altruistic goals. For instance.

.....for the benefit of all humanity. So even in the harshest of times, civility and diplomacy have their places. And this is exactly where you find the tools to make it happen

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