What Caused Argentina's Economic Decline in the Early 20th Century?

The answer to that question is very short to pronounce and very complex to understand: "Peron".Even though Peron was not the first Argentinean president to introduce "Populism" in the country, the approach he took was the most "effective". There's a lot of literature on the subject. A very good (and short) book about the decline of Argentina (and the comparison with the Australia experience) is:

Por que Argentina no fue Australia?

Por que Argentina no fue Australia? (Coleccion Minima) (Spanish Edition): Pablo Gerchunoff: 9789871220441: Amazon.com: Books

A good article to read is:

A century of decline (Economist magazine)

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What did Jimi Hendrix think of Led Zeppelin's music?

Theres not much recorded about Jimis views on Zeppelin, and what little there is has been covered by others in this thread. One thing to keep in mind though is that Jimi died before Led Zeppelin III came out, and even led Zeppelin II came out at a time when Jimi was moving away from heavy pop/rock/blues and moving into a more jazz-oriented style. Electric Ladyland came out before Led Zeppelin I, and even by then Jimi had a more experimental style with less emphasis on distortion and heavy blues. So there really isnt a lot of overlap, and we can only guess what Jimi would have thought of Led Zeppelin in their prime in the mid 70s


How much does Trump have in common with the biblical antichrist?

Nothing. The biblical antichrist(s), yes also in the plural form are second century preachers who teach that Jesus was not fully human. That Jesus had a fake body. They could not envisage that Jesus was ever subjected to human activities like peeing and pooping. For more information about biblical antichrists read the letters 1 John and 2 John. When you have read these letters you have seen all the words 'antichrist' that are present in the bible. The word does not appear in the gospels, the Pauline letters, the other letters and not in Revelation.In fiction books about the End Times you might find other descriptions of an antichrist but these fiction writers do not follow the bible with regard to the word antichrist. They invented their own.


How big is 42 inch TV?

42 inches measured diagonally. If you want to work out the kind of footprint that represents, it's actually pretty simple.If we take the height (y) and the width (x) if the tv and use the diagonal measurement to form a triangle, we have a right triangle with a hypotenuse of 42″. The square of the hypotenuse for a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the two sides. So:42^2x^2y^2A standard television has a set aspect ratio of 16x9. That lets us further refine our equation like so:x16zy9z42^2 (16z)^2 (9z)^2Now all we need to do is solve for z.1764256z^281z^2337z^21764/337z^2z 2.

287886 (rounded.

)So the tv screen is roughly 36.

6″ wide and 20.

6″ tall.


Why do you think that the abolition of private property is so central to Marx's understanding of revolution?

Because private property ownership is central to who calls the shots in society,those that own the means of production( land , factories ,machinery, technology , fuel , transportation) can in effect lord it over those that dont , this for Marx had to change , to a society where the means of production are owned in common . Its how we produce our means of existence that determines our social relations , today a minority owns the means to existence for billions of people , so for Marx private property relations have to be abolished and the only way to do that is to abolish private property Private Property and Class Possession regards Ian


What is the maximum TV size allowed on flights to India from Dubai?

TV has no exemption on customs. So you can bring of any size, but need to pay customs tax on it.Additionally the warranty will not be valid in India. Also do not forget you have to pay the cost in flight as it is counted a single luggage.

Rules have changed in 2013 or 2012 by upa govt when rupee was depreciating against dollar. Previously electronics items Upton 40k was exempt from customs. Also manufacturers like Samsung used to provide global warranty. Now Samsung and other companies only give local warranty except Apple which provides International warranty.So my advice avoid bringing it as all the cost advantage is negated by above factors


How will evolution alter human beings in the future?

In one millennium? No difference whatsoever (other than a more severely destroyed Earth). Same in several hundred millennia. After a thousand millennia or so one million years or more maybe there will have been a few minor differences, for better or for worse compared to the present state of affairs (if the species survive that long Thats a big if!).Speculating what those differences if any would or could be, is rather pointless (and in any case Im in no way qualified to venture even a wild guess).

Personally, Im dreaming of (hoping for?) the eventual emergence of Homo sapiens pacificus, but thats in the realm of wishful thinking, no anchorage in evolutionary reality!


What are some real world examples of exponential growth?

Originally Answered: How can exponential functions be used in Real life.Radio active decay is exponential.If you monitor the amount of a specific radiation from a know source it will reduce in an exponential relationship - that is the idea of a half life.Image a gram of radioactive material with a half life of 10 days.

on day 1 you have one gram of materialon day 10 - 1/2 of all the atoms of that material have decayed to something else, and therefor 1/2 is still left.on day 20 - only 1/4 is lefton day 30 - only 1/8 is lefton day 40 - only 1/16 is leftThe radiation emitted by the material is directly related to the amount of material decaying per second - so you can see the radiation will reduce exponentially too


Were the founding fathers of the U.S. smarter than today's politicians?

They had more common sense except for there belief of the superiority of the white race . Even enlightened men like Washington and Jefferson considered native Americans and considering they were slave owners considered Africans vastly inferior . When Jefferson wrote All men are created equal he only meant caucasians . Even Lincoln whos Emancipation Proclumation gave slaves within the union there freedom considered blacks inferior but didnt think it was morally right to enslave them. My understanding is Washington and Jefferson were very humane to there slaves compared to southern slave owners . Slaves were much more valuable in the south because of the large agricultural infrastructure compared to the north , and were treated more like animals or livestock .


Why is The Big Bang Theory widely accepted? How solid is the evidence for it?

BBT is an illusion, accepted by those men of science which aint in contact with their own inner reason. One can argue, debate any idea or concept but only a mind with wisdom and true cosmic insight will discover the truth.BB never happened..but the limit mind conceptions of many people want a theoretical beginning so if it aint there they invent it.

Time and space rotates within a universe reality of an infinite eternity.Time and space cant exist without eternity , just as a number cant exist within the mathematical sequence separated from what is in front and behind. the number is related to its higher and lower neighbour just as time and space is related to eternity before and after.


Is Led Zeppelin a psychedelic rock?

They are certainly a psychedelic rock band in that they are a rock band whose music was clearly inspired by psychedelic experiences. In fact, the founders of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page and Chris Dreja, were members of one of the first psychedelic rock bands, the Yardbirds.Now, as for whether the specific genre psychedelic rock is a good label for Led Zeppelins music, I would say that it is for only a few songs they have done. I will link these below.

Houses of the Holy - The Rain SongHouses of the Holy - No QuarterLed Zeppelin - Dazed and ConfusedAnd of course, who could forget:


Do you think that people that believe in science cannot believe in religion at the same time?

Belief is not a very proper fit for either subject, for very different reasons.Nevertheless, the answer is a firm no. I know for a fact that it is possible to believe in science and in religion at the same time, although I advise against both beliefs.Religion can be learned, practiced, transmitted and studied, and if it is good enough, it should be. If it is healthy enough, it has no reason to oppose science, either.Science, meanwhile, does not have a lot of use for belief, which is somewhat against the grain of its methods. In a sense it needs to be doubted and tested in order to grown and, when necessary, revise itself.


What will happen to Tesla once all the huge automakers catch up to fully electric cars at a more reasonable price?

Given Ford failed failed to do it, I don't think anyone else will either.Ford came close, but the Mach-e is still 5-10% worse than the Model Y. A little slower to 60, a little less range, a little slower to recharge, worse autopilot, a little more expensive (with the federal tax credit, it's a little less), and way less places to charge at.

Though the water proof frunk, with a drain is a nice touch. You can put all your dirty things up front and rinse it out with a hose. That is something Tesla does not have. Ford also has more places to service. So they should be able to sell some, but they won't really hurt Tesla.


What are the contradictions in Saudi Arabia?

There are many. Here are just a few.

It is Muslims' Holy Land yet every corruption under the sky takes place in it.

The land is the craddle of Islam yet Wahhabism is the official religion (the teachings of Wahhabism are totally alien to Islamic values)

The country's wealth is incalculable (natural resources, Hajj, Umra, investments) yet the biggest gap in wealth exists amongst its population.

The ruling gang claim they are enemies of Israel and friends of Palestine but their policies are pro Israel.Edit:

Al Saud claim to be the guardians of the holy places, yet they spend millions to destroy the Islamic heritage in them.


What was WW2 called during WW2?

Considering the fact that Wars don't get named until after they have finished and been documented, you'd have to look at the treaties/actions that started the war. Ribbentrop/Molotov non-aggression pact. The Geneva code that does not let a country wage war without cause. Germany essentially slipped through the cracks. Invading countries without shots fired(mass moving Germans to those lands) claiming that on those lands German citizens needed and wanted to rejoin the country and change borders. Having SS dress up as Polish Soldiers and kill a German Radio Operator in Gdansk to wage war with cause (revenge for their actions) etcetera etcetera. So there most likely is not an answer to your question.


What are some negative qualities you have? How did you manage to turn them into your strength?

Hurt my ego and I would rise above everything to prove you wrong.The worst quality of mine is that I'm Egoistic.When I was in 11th standard we had a physics teacher.

He always said, "Study, or you won't succeed in your life."That was against my belief. I always believed that education is not compulsory to get successful in life.At a point in my life I decided that I would do anything but study.

Unconsciously I started hating studies. And, few other incidents led me to quit studies.Today, I don't hate that sir or studies.But, I have proved that studies are not necessary to get successful.It's your attitude that matters.That ego led me to this life.A life I'm in love with


Why don't all the world governments copy the Scandinavian model to their countries so that all people throughout the world live in prosperity and peace?

Why don't all the world governments copy the Scandinavian model to their countries so that all people throughout the world live in prosperity and peace?Its not just a model. Its an institution, starting with a national ethos of work ethics, honesty, trust and a sense of communal duty.You need to copy that ethos first, and its easier said than done. If you mistrust your government, if you think tax is theft or that tax is for stupid people, if you fear corruption in the judiciary or police the Scandinavian model wont work.Thanks for the A2A

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