Virtuallink Standard: Let the next Generation VR Hardware Connect to the PC by Allowing VR Head Disp

Abstract: NVIDIA announced three new Quadro GTX graphics cards at siggraph conference in 2018

Although most of the recent rumors and speculation about NVIDIA are about its upcoming new series of geforce consumer graphics cards, the company has announced the launch of a new series of Quadro RTX Series graphics cards.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX series cards are designed by designers, artists, animators and other creative professionals who may be engaged in computer animation or video game design.

Bob pette, vice president of NVIDIA professional visualization, said that the new Quadro GTX graphics card will be the first commercial graphics card with real-time ray tracing function.

At a briefing on the new GPU production line, pette said: "when I joined the business 20 years ago, real-time ray tracing was the sacred place of computer graphics. With these cards, this was achieved.

Three new cards have been announced: quartx8000, 600 and 5000. All of these run on the new Turing architecture, the successor of NVIDIA's existing Pascal architecture. The turning structure supports artificial intelligence capability, has a dedicated ray tracing core, and a new creative tool powered by neural network. The graphics card ram is provided by the new Samsung gdr6 ram, which provides high bandwidth capability.

Quadro GTX card also has built-in hardware support for the recently announced virtuallink standard. This standard was recently disclosed by a consortium composed of NVIDIA and other companies. Its purpose is to simply connect the next generation virtual reality (VR) hardware by allowing VR head display to connect to PC using a single large capacity usb-c interface.

NVIDIA also announced a new reference design called Quadro RTX server, a GPU dedicated to data centers and server farms.

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