Uncover the 3D Function of HD Image Display Controller

Today's consumer electronics users usually want the user interface of LCD screen to contain 3D elements. Since the initial launch of 3D interfaces, consumers have been used to seeing objects with depth and rotation, as well as menus that can act on the screen to display more options. IPad, iTouch and Android devices are the best examples. Thousands of LCD driven consumer devices use user interface technology with 3D function as the core.

The reason why 3D is better than 2D is obvious. In terms of resolution, a 2D image is like a photo, with only width and height and no depth. The 2D image of a car can be rotated and zoomed, and two-dimensional ('x 'and' y ') action (conversion) can be done on the screen. 3D images can be rotated, scaled and converted in three dimensions ('x ',' y 'and' Z '). 3D objects have depth and are full view. This is based on people's cognition of space and objects. 3D can make people get a more intuitive and interactive experience. Effective 3D images enable consumers to enjoy a visual feast, help define the style and value of products, and convey a lot of information.

Generating 3D images requires a sophisticated image display controller (GDC), which in turn requires a geometric unit and a structure processing unit. Integrating these elements into one image engine provides the best performance, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: image SOC integration.

As a leader in this technology, Fujitsu has been active in the embedded image market for more than 10 years, and has been involved in the image field for nearly 20 years. It designs, develops and helps customers integrate leading 2D and 3D image display controllers. So let's review the fundamentals of these powerful and innovative components.

At present, many of the best image controllers can control 2D and 3D images. However, in many cases, system designers do not make full use of the existing 3D function, which can bring many benefits to end users. For example, in automotive applications, drivers want to know about flat tires or lights. The application of 2D technology requires many preset images to highlight all possible angles and situations. In addition, when the door or trunk is ajar, hundreds of GB of preset 2D images are required (Figure 2).

Figure 2: 2D image showing rotation (hundreds of images are needed to show the complete rotation action).

With 3D technology, all these and more requirements can be easily solved with less than 1GB of image and geometric data.

Uncover the 3D Function of HD Image Display Controller 1

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