Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen SolutionsTransparent screen is a forward step innovation version of LED strip screen. Transparent screen solution has features of intelligent control, high transparency, high refresh rate, and DIY installation.With many years of experience in LED, we led display solution supplier have engaged in the research and development of multiple large LED stage projects, implementation of the project, as well as on-site command in China and abroad. Over the years we have been insisting the product development and design of the LED display market, accumulating a lot of valuable experience in product development and field applications. Through cooperation and communication with a number of domestic excellent LED manufacturers and equipment providers, our products are successfully used in the Olympic Games, World Expo and broadcast live on large-scale projects and so on. With stable products, excellent service and excellent positioning, we receive a high degree of recognition from customers. YDEA is committed to providing customers with the best led display control for the professional companies


Best video output for my 1080p led screen and best sound mode dts or dolby d?

An ordinary LCD overseas uses 50 Hz. An ordinary LCD over here uses 60 Hz. A 120 Hz or greater LCD allows both 60 Hz and 24 Hz. Almost all films on DVD and blu-ray are 24p by the very nature of the way film is shot and transferred to disc. Ordinarily, the 24 Hz framerate is converted inside the player by a process called "pull-down" to make it mesh with traditional near-30 Hz tube TVs and 60 Hz LCD screens. If you own one of the nicer LCD TV's with "120 Hz" or greater listed framerate, that TV will accept either 60 Hz or pure 24p without any conversion or flickering whatsoever. This is because 120 is evenly divisible by both 24 and 60. There should be an option to allow 24p for disc playback. (Whether it actually switches to 24p is determined by the disc itself. Classic non-HD TV shows originally shot on analog videotape will still appear as 60p.) There should be another option to set the general video output to 60p. This increases the framerate for the unit's main menu animations and browsing experience, giving an overall more lively response to the menu buttons, rollovers, etc. It also allows the display of 30 fps web videos without unnecessarily reducing them to 24 fps.

my son rolled over on his laptop and crushed the led screen?

you can go on e-bay and buy the broken parts for a good price and diy (do it yourself) trust me the company you called only charge that much because most ppl have no choice whats so ever, since they have no time or are just to lazy! you will be amazed at how much you can do for so little money!

Can someone help me figure out the LED screen on my new Canon 500d?

check your manual for LIVE VIEW settings Anyway, why the heck are you using LIve view with a slr......huge waste of time. Start learning how to take pictures like a professional. This camera has a viewfinder that you look through with your EYE......that's your Live VIEW I know what you mean, and this camera DOES have what you want...a LIVE view ability...but do yourself a favor and move beyong gimmicks reserved for the amateur snap shot shooters.

How common are dead pixels on an LED screen? Does size matter?

Pixel problems are RARE nowadays....it is wise to get the warranty if the cost is reasonable

HP dv6 2009 model?? LED SCREEN CRACK?

I ought to trust the individuals above. Dell is rubbish. fantastically the studio laptops. They have been releashed with finished know-how of a layout illness that made the laptop over warmth and injury the motherboard. Dell continually has been rubbish and could continually use cheap areas to make cheap desktops. Hp is marginally greater beneficial. lower back they use cheap areas for greater value-effective desktops. once you purchase a greater high priced laptop from the two of those agencies your actually getting a similar laptop as their cheap fashions with greater beneficial ram and a miles better cpu. The Motherboards were not designed to look after those quicker (for this reason warmer) cpus and the existence of the laptop is extensively decrease. it somewhat is why Dell and Hp laptops have an commonplace of 0. 5 the existence of Sonys, Toshibas, and Gateways. Acer suits in with Hp and Dell. in the journey that your basically using it around the residing house your greater beneficial off paying for a pc. human beings continually desire laptops yet finally end up by no potential shifting it from the table. With a pc you get a lot greater bang for the dollar, double the lifespan, 0.5 the cost of upkeep, and a miles better journey

HP dv6 2009 model?? LED SCREEN CRACK?

Generally people like larger monitors so why the hell not?

Can somebody explain briefly to me how a LED screen works?

Wicca is not about casting spells. it really is a polytheistic faith, and the customary purpose of following it really is to extra positive understand and commune with even with deities to whom we are dedicated. Wicca contains "magic," even even though it really is honestly not synonymous with casting spells. ability is manipulated for ritual applications alongside with the casting of a circle or helping in own replace. some Wiccans do artwork spells, yet its not required, and many, many non-Wiccans also artwork spells. the point of "myth" in those beliefs variety broadly. If someone thinks they could fly or make a million money or get all As in college purely because the lit a candle and chanted over it for a jiffy, they are obviously not grounded actually, and something else people pick little to do with such people. If the Wiccans you've met are performing like "loons", you've purely met unfavorable examples of Wiccans. regrettably, there are lots of accessible, really at the same time as they are youthful. childrens flock to Wicca wondering it is going to provide all of them kinds of issues with out any artwork, and then they accelerate and go away because authentic Wicc actually takes attempt. The "loons" are many times not those with the "solid deal of education" in my adventure

Using led screen of a mobile phone on raspberry pi [closed]

Usually, no. As far as I know an LCD panel requires a driver chip or board to convert input signals for display, and many manufacturers/models use a different driver chip. Plus a linux-compatible software driver compiled for the RPi is needed to communicate with it. All this is possible but time-consuming and outside of my knowledge. I have had great success taking apart old portable TVs though (be careful of the high voltage parts) and using the screen driver board on my RPi. If the driver board accepts HDMI input or RCA video then it's just a matter of making up a lead.Alternatively there are small LCD panels and even touchscreens available to buy online, which can interface with the RPi's DSI (Display Serial Interface) ribbon connector or I2C/GPIO pins.

What is TFT led screen and Black gorilla screen?Whats the difference between them?

A display screen made with TFT (thin-film transistor) technology is a liquid crystal display (LCD), common in notebook and laptop computers, that has a transistor for each pixel (that is, for each of the tiny elements that control the illumination of your display). Having a transistor at each pixel means that the current that triggers pixel illumination can be smaller and therefore can be switched on and off more quickly

How can I tell if my xps m1330 has an lcd or led screen?

no person is making LED reflects. each and every of the displays are LCDs. the version is that the cheap displays use a chilly cathode florescent backlight, the costly ones use an array of LEDs. the least puzzling way is going to be to take Dell at their observe and degree the thickness. this would be logical as a PCB with an array of LEDs is going to be lots thinner than a CCFL plus gentle handbook. different than that: Take the panel aside. in case you have 2 instruments evaluate the battery run time. the single with the LEDs will run longer. (change the batteries over and run the try lower back to seize up on various battery characteristics.) in case you have get entry to to a 'scope or a mushy frequency meter, positioned a loop of cord on the brink of the place the CCFL inverter card would be. If it possibilities up a 30 kHz to a hundred kHz pulse, then you definitely've a CCFL, if it doe snot then it particularly is the LEDs (or you are in the incorrect place, or the meter is not mushy sufficient. ).

Pcb with led screen display always on [closed]

You would need to lift pins 12,9,8 and 6 and wire them back in through a four switch dipswitch. Alternatively, if you can figure out what is driving those four pins, there may be a way to disable it. Otherwise, perhaps you can add circuitry in between that is more "automatic".

can i use a led screen on a dell inspiron 1545 laptop to replace this screen because i dropped it and it broke?

I have a spare screen for the inspiron E1505 but idk what yours is. And go with amazon, not ebay. Heck www.everbuying might have it(wholesale market) email me at for more info

Can you fit the old macbook with the led screen?

It is an entirely different screen and wo not even mount. It also does not connect the same

Fish tank heater led screen keeps blinking..do i need a new one?

andrew did some research for you, I am not going to duplicate the effort, try to get their phone number and call them..... it could mean the tank is over the set temperature even though the heater is not running. Do you have a thermometer.???/ what is the tank temp.???

Iam having iphone4 now recently I have seen Samsung note II with led screen HD definition now which is the bes?

Samsung, android is more versatile than apple, on Android u can install apps for free and apple crap wo not let u do anything with its safari crap., Here install this on u'r new Samsung 4shared downloader or 4 sync and sign up with them and type APK. Now all of those apps are free to download just type the name of the app u looking for and I guarantee u, u will find it for free, also try blackmart alpha.

Pcb with led screen display always on [closed]

This can be done. Whether or not you can do this, depends on your skills with soldering, reverse-engineering and design etc.The LED display in your photo has part number HS420361K-32. Searching for that suggests it is a red, common-cathode 0. 36" display. The common-cathode connections (one per digit) are likely not connected to each other, as the display is probably multiplexed and the on-board MCU switches power to each digit independently (probably though a BJT or MOSFET driver transistor per digit - 4 in total) while it is driving the display. You need to reverse-engineer that board to discover those design details.Assuming there are 4 driver transistors then, being low-side switches, they will probably have a common connection to the board's 0V rail. If you can get access to that part of the PCB, you could cut the common track between those 4 transistors and the 0V rail. That gives you control over the power supply to all 4 LED digits in one place.Then you can add a switch, relay, or an N-channel MOSFET etc. which you can control in whatever way you choose, limited by how much time / money etc. you want to spend on features like variable "display on-time" etc

What does it mean when my Dell led screen (for desktop) is flickering and doesn't turn on all the way?

It sounds like the monitor has an internal electronic failure. You have a couple of choices, 1 - take it to a repair shop and have it repaired, or 2- replace the monitor with a new one. There's not much you could do to prevent it, unless it was affected by a power surge, which a good surger protector or UPS would help prevent damage. Best of luck.

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