Theres a Hairy Man with a Stick Running Towards You Waving a Stick. Or Was It a Dinosaur?What Do You

Blast it with my Phaser! Beam me up Scottie!

Theres a Hairy Man with a Stick Running Towards You Waving a Stick. Or Was It a Dinosaur?What Do You 1

1. Why were dinosaur fossils only recently discovered in human history?

Modern science is only a few hundred years old, so it's likely that if a person found a fossil throughout most of history, they would have had no understanding of what it was and no interest in it. Plus, they were not actively looking for fossils. Fossils are not normally just laying on the surface, but are buried.

2. Can you shoot a dinosaur with a heat seeking missle?

It depends. Reptiles warm themselves up by basking. The heat they absorb will be stored in them for a while, so if their environment becomes cooler than them it could be possible in my opinion.

Theres a Hairy Man with a Stick Running Towards You Waving a Stick. Or Was It a Dinosaur?What Do You 2

3. Why didn't the discovery of dinosaur fossils completely disprove the Bible?

Because there were too many centuries between one class of dinosaur and the next. Which science could not explain, and the differences, between the earlier fossils and the later fossils could not be explained. The latter ones were much improved Science class.

4. Why do you suppose China is so rich in dinosaur fossils?

This fossil is found under volcanic rock. Volcanism can surprise a large number of animals, killing them, covering, and preserving them before they can be eaten by scavengers. So this one is a lucky find. Dinosaur fossils are found world wide. I am not sure that China is paticularly rich in dinosaur fossils. The Chinese have been digging up fossils and using them as medicine, calling them "dragon bones. " There may simply be more fossil bone hunters in China than elsewhere. When the communist government took over in 1949, Chang Kai Shek and the Nationalists escaped to Taiwan and took with them most of the imperial treasures of China. Since then, the Chinese government has had to dig their own treasures out of the ground. While digging for archaeological finds, they sometimes come up with fossils instead. Recently, quite a few Chinese students have come to the USA for training as paleontologists in US universities. As they return home to study these fossils, they tend to publish their finds in scientific journals in the West, instead of obscure Chinese journals with few subscribers. Many fossils have also been discovered by farmers in China, perhaps because many of them still work their fields with hoes, whereas agriculture have been largely mechanized in the West and in North America. So, it is probably a combination of several factors which have resulted in some remarkable Chinese paleontological discoveries over the past decade

5. Do you think that the Loch ness monster is an ancient dinosaur or the form of satan?

large sea elephant

6. If you were a dinosaur what type would you be?

Either some sort of velociraptor/utahraptor or a parasauralophus

7. Which one of those is your favorite Dinosaur movie out of these list and why?

Jurassic World in my opinion. It's franchise is one of few to have successful continuation. The Lost World is a close second

8. How do you come to know that the dinosaur, whose skeleton you have found, is a carnivore or a herbivore?

A lot of times, skull shape will tell you, and the shape of their teeth. If there are no teeth, it's most likely an Avian Dinosaur of some kind. If there are sharp teeth, most likely a Carnivorous Dinosaur, but of course, scientists have to take bones, skulls, and teeth into the lab to do research, but those are a couple of ways to tell. Another way is bone structure. For example, many Herbivorous Dinosaurs are rather large and thus, have a bigger bone structure than Carnivorous Dinosaurs, but this is not true for all Herbivorous Dinosaurs. Bones and skulls are the best way for an amateur to tell, but an expert scientist will conduct months, if not years of research on one bone or skull. Very great question. It was my honor answering it for you

9. Ancient IE browser on dinosaur running xp 2003 can't connect to the internet

The pc was able to connect to the internet, but internet explorer was not , and this version of windows was set up to update through IE, via a website which does not exist anymore. I had to find sp-2 and sp-3, which are not hosted by microsoft anymore, so that I could install programs which would accomplish my ends (update windows and browse the web). I also installed windows installer 3.1, net framework 2, and windows update downloader (WUD). I have installed dillo and qupzilla light browsers, which work well enough, and I will be installing a driver update utility when WUD finishes installing updates (more framework stuff, security stuff, and IE8)

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