The Effective Procurement Platform for Pan India, Regional and Local Delivery of Office Supplies

Procurement is moving towards an efficient approach for small, medium and big sized companies. Before processing a procurement order, organizations undergo a thorough analysis on the consumption pattern of the materials procured internally and also conduct a thorough research on other factors such as the cost, quality, brands, and product substitutes. This is essential because this helps the company understand the best-detailed procurement pattern of the company, and help them strategize a way in wish they can procure and also achieve their desired objective of saving costs.

Kobster understands the importance of thorough procurement planning, and we help businesses settle for the best with the minimum cost spends. We have a stabilized module that helps the procurement team draw thorough procurement analysis, and also we look at delivering the products in the best conditions. Here, we look at three major aspects of procurement delivery (i) Pan India Delivery (ii) Regional Delivery (iii) Local Delivery.

(i) Pan India Delivery: Big and medium-sized businesses who have their sub-offices across the country will look at the centralized procurement of items from one vendor at the same cost, but delivered to their operational locations. Kobster understands the importance of uniformed procurement and offers businesses with Pan India Delivery services. This also helps the Procurement Head to have a close look at the spend and control it throughout.

This also helps in analyzing the procurement vs consumption pattern in every work location and helps the procurement team plan better procurement. Procurement is no more a just buy and use game, it is now an important aspect of every organization to spend effectively and procure quality products. Along with this, the detailed and centralized invoices also eases the procurement planning process for medium and big sized businesses.

(ii) Regional Delivery: Regional Deliveries also work the same way as Pan India delivery. At Kobster, we cater to the businesses who procure materials for their regional offices. Kobster follows the Just-In-Time process, where when a company places an order and when the order is processed, our procurement executives will go and purchase the required items just in time to provide our customers with fresh products.

After procuring, our delivery team will manually inspect the products in order to deliver products with zero damages. Regional procurement works fine for companies who work on regional budgets, and have regional procurement team making the decisions. At Kobster, we manually pick and inspect the products to be delivered in best conditions to the mentioned locations regionally.

(iii) Local Delivery: This works out best for all company types, be it Small, Medium or Big sized companies. The small and medium-sized companies who look at controlling costs in a massive way will look at procurement to be done the easiest way. Rather than having a list of vendors to pick from, businesses will look at one vendor who can offer everything.

Kobster masters this and offers a business with day to day office supplies at the best cost. Also, when it comes to local procurement, Kobster offers the last mile delivery where the Kobster team comes and delivers the order and no third party delivery is involved.Procurement has surpassed the traditional sourcing route, and companies look at choosing the efficient approach where a company can save time, effort, costs, and also have the products delivered in no time.

At Kobster, we pioneer in completing an order within 24–48 hours. Apart from that, we also have a robust system that makes procurement easy with proper approval processes, and orders alignment providing detailed information on the order which can help procurement teams analyze and take better purchase decisions


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