Tell If a Locket Has Been Opened?

Fill it with sand if you can. If the sand is gone, she obviously opened it. She would not be expecting it to be full of sand, so when she opens it the sand would fall everywhere and she could not put it back in. Colored sand would make it harder to replicate. Or just talk through your trust issues.

1. Prologues with no protagonist - How can they work?

The thing to do with any writing rule is to consider its functional utility. One good reason to start with the protagonist is that otherwise the reader may become invested in the the initial characters and narrative and may resist transferring that interest to the main protagonist and storyline. For me, both Salman Rushdie's Enchantress of Florence and Samuel Delaney's Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand committed this mistake by following up a captivating prologue with a much duller main narrative and protagonist. I would advise that if you take this route, you keep it brief, and make sure that what you give the reader serves to prepare them for the introduction of your protagonist. In the Harry Potter example, the prologue offers a great deal of important context about Harry, and frames him as a significant figure. If it had just been (for example) a random day in the life of Dumbledore, the effect might have been quite different.

2. How to Ride Your Dirt Bike Smoothly in Sand?

Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as it seems. It would help if you practised for a long time for you to be perfect on the road. A professional biker will also tell you that every time you are on a dirt bike, you should prepare to face a challenge. It is because sometimes the two-wheelers tend to put you in a situation where you need wits for you to come out successfully. For instance, riding your bike in the sand is very different from riding it on other surfaces. Here you are dealing with a new obstacle in which any mistake can either leave you stranded or send you flying to the ground. But worry not, here are some of the best ways to ride your dirt bike smoothly in the sand. The first thing they tell you before you get on your dirt bike is to make sure you balance. That is whether you are riding on rocky ground or a flat surface. It is the only way for you to remain on top of the bike throughout the ride. But then, the type of balance you need for you to ride in the sand is way more advanced. You need to make sure you are completely balanced and in control that you can easily withstand a sudden tilt of your drz400 motorcycle. Some of the things you can do to maintain balance include sitting far back on your dirt bike. That is going to ensure you place less pressure on the front tires for easy navigation. You should, however, not go entirely over the bike since that will end up throwing you off balance. You also need to grip your handlebars loosely and use your weight to control the bike. That is how to ride in the sand on a dirt bike without falling off frequently like an armature. Sometimes not even the best dirt bike can keep you from having difficulties while riding in the sand. You thus need to use your brains and figure out the best way to remain afloat. The most common mistake most people do is to stop the bike as soon as they hit a bump. That only puts you in more trouble. You should thus make sure that you keep the engine running at all times. With that, it is easy for you to gain control of the bike and lead it in the right direction. It also keeps the bike light, and that makes it easy for you to take it out of a jam. This is among the essential tips when sand riding. Maintain an optimum speed and keep your eyes on the road. You will find yourself having an easy time riding, and you will also avoid various problems like getting stuck in the sand. Make Better Use of Your Legs Riding in sand cleanly depends on your whole body and, most importantly, your legs. There are many instances where you will have to put both your legs down for you to keep your bike upright.One should also be quick to use a single leg to push the bike from a sudden tilt and prevent it from going flat on the ground. It is also when a motorcycle accessory like the nudge bar comes in handy. It is going to protect both you and the bike. Places where you can not maintain a certain speed, you have to use your legs to push your motorcycle in forward. It is the only way you are going to survive to ride your dirt bike on the sand. Keep in mind that in such a situation, most of the balance comes from your legs, your hands, and your general position on the bike. Failure to use your leg will see you have a hard time getting to your destination. Know How to Get Out of Tough Places The last thing you want is to get stuck in the wild simply because you do not know how to get yourself from tight spots. Some of the tough spots include sand ditches, sand dunes, and even sand storms. That is why whenever you are looking for a dirt bike for sale, you should also have a look at some of the essential motorcycle accessories. In case you find yourself stuck, start moving your body so that your body ends up with less weight. Do not engage the clutch, not now, not ever because that is how people make problems bigger when sand riding. You should also ensure that the throttle is at its minimum. Those are things that are going to see you have an easy time getting you out of tough places. Some instances will require you to get off your bike and push it out of the sand. Once you get to that point, do so to avoid prolonging your stay there. You can be one of the best dirt bike riders, but without practicing for sand riding, you will be only as good as a beginner in this kind of situation. Practice will make you perfect and knowledgeable. You can read all the blogs about tips for sand riding, but without putting yourself in such a tough position, the knowledge wo not be helpful at all. So put the information to practice by identifying areas with sand. Start with less sand density as you advance to sites with more sand. You will notice the difficulty as you move on, and that is how you will learn how to adjust your riding skills. With the above information, you should be able to ride in the sand without any problems. You should, however, remember to practice for you to have an experience of how it feels like. Remember to protect your airbox and filter from the sand, adjust the suspension of the wheels, and use paddle tires if possible on the rear wheel. With those techniques, you will ride off cleanly, and without stopping to get yourself from an impromptu jam. As soon as you gain experience, you will find sand riding to be much more fun.

3. What do you think of my tropical wedding idea?

I absolutely LOVE this! Are you actually getting married on a beach or outdoors? If not,you can not have those tiki torches burning,and most places wo not let you put sand on the floor. If you have no sand,make sure the place has a carpet,because there are NO shoes in a Tiki wedding. As far as ideas go,I think you have everything covered. Are you going to have Tiki figures on the wedding cake? Little mini Tiki heads as keepsakes? That's all I can think of,you seem to have it all thought out. All I can say is,WAY COOL!!! Congratz!

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