Strobe Light Bulbs in Turn Signals of a Vehicle?

Strobes are to bright for a car. They blind other drivers

1. What is a good beginner strobe light kit?

Totally agree with Perki. I would guess that lighting kits are probably one of the most rip off items being sold today. There are tons and tons of pure garbage on the market at a low price that really looks appealing to the unknowing. But it is junk that will not hold up, and even when new has limitations that will hinder your progress. Do yourself a big favor and buy quality lighting in the beginning. If you do not , you just will be later, and then you are out the cost of the initial junk plus the new lighting. The Alien Bees are a very good quality to cost item, and you have plenty of support for them right here in the US, (Nashville, Tn to be exact). As for the green screen, you will soon grow very weary of having to spend hour upon hour in computer software trying to replace backgrounds in green screen portraits. It is ok to use once in a while, but not as your only background source. You need REAL backgrounds. Get good with your lighting and produce photos that are good to go right out of the camera. You will thank yourself for doing it the proper way. steve


Security can stop you leaving the area if they suspect you are doing something illegal. That is well within their rights

3. Why is it that when I use my strobe light with my digital camera my photos come out grainy?

It sounds under exposed. Are you shooting in manual? Have you metered or gray carded and white balanced. I taught a lighting/modeling seminar this week and there were a few D70's there with no problem, so I suspect it must be something you are doing. Edited to add - avg shutter speed 60 - 125

4. Class One Officer for New Jersey, Installing red/blue strobe lights in car?

Even if you are a cop, it's illegal in some states, legal in others, and in others (possibly including NJ) you would need a permit. Obviously the best thing to do is ask your supervisor. If you are not too eager to do that, then obviously you already must realize that this is not the greatest idea! I do not see the need: Lights are needed when responding to and dealing with emergencies. But 99.9% of the time, a police officer only does that when they are on duty. And when an officer's on duty, they are already in a vehicle equipped with lights, sirens, etc. It may also be illegal for an off-duty police officer to use lights in their own vehicle when there is not an emergency. So overall, it seems like it would be pointless because you would hardly ever need them.

5. Does the Pelican 7060 LED have a strobe feature?

No, it only has a high and low mode for brightness. I would look around as you can find a brighter light with a strobe feature for equal or slightly more money. Search Candlepowerforums for your flashlight questions. Also, look up Fenix flashlights, as they are the company that comes to mind for a flashlight similar but with strobe. If the dual button config is important to you, look at streamlight, as they have a light with dual buttons and multiple brightness modes and a strobe mode (max lumens 225). Cannot remember what it was called though.

6. Softbox Strobe Bard Doors?

Barn doors are designed to be used on the strobe head itself, as is the softbox. They are not designed to be used at the same time. Even if you could jury rig it together, the light will spread as soon as it passes the edge of the doors and the softbox will diffuse it, rendering the barndoors pointless. If you need to flag off the softbox get some black fabric, duvatine is best, and lay it over the areas you do not want light to pass

7. What's wrong with me and strobe lights?

Nothing is wrong with you. Happens to quite a few people

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